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“I’m not going to let anyone make me take it down, that’s just a personality thing.”

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on March 1, 2012

Following on the heels of the demise of, “frequent visitors” to were greeted by this screen:

(I think it’s become clear why Kenny has started commenting on here…)

(hat tip to SaphanLoy for his Requiem for the Fat Man)


56 Responses to ““I’m not going to let anyone make me take it down, that’s just a personality thing.””

  1. BigBabyKenny said, in order to accommodate the enormous influx of dedicated readers is being upgraded, renovated and improved.

    Soon the New and Improved will return to dominate the Thai blogosphere.


  2. Kenny and Keith…….a lot in common.

    Alienated, disgraced, boring and lonely.



  3. adman said

    RealDaffyDuck, if Kenny is being replaced at CSUN by another professor he may be going back to his V1.0 themed website.

    That would tie into his claim that it’s “being upgraded, renovated and improved”. However, any change would be an improvement at this point.

    Unless he can to provide screenshots of the daily site stats for the last 30 days, I’m calling bullshit on his claim that he has an enormous influx of dedicated readers.

  4. Nice eulogy from SaphanLoy for Kenny …. 😉

    You make a good point, BBG – whatever will happen to Keith Summers, now? Will he be knocking on our door, soon?

    Doubtful, seeing as how Summers never actually posted on BBK’s thread from hell (albeit he did stupidly contribute to the original article).

    The other prevailing theory is that either somebody served his hosting provider with a CA SB1411 violation for their client, and the provider acted accordingly – or this could also very well be a blow-back from the Keith Summers thread, and that, equally likely, one of the gentlemen frequently libeled in that thread pressed forth with a CA SB 1411 violation notice.

    …. or Kenny was just dumb enough to let the domain expire 😉

    • James said

      Was Marc Holt [personal information redacted] behind it?

      [editor’s note: nice try sockie, but we don’t play that game here]

  5. Garth Adeleman said

    We’ll never know the real reason for the blog removal. Too bad.

  6. aนี่คือที่ไม่ระบุชื่อประเทศไทย Anonymous Thailand said


    เราได้ hacked และทำลายเว็บไซต์
    มันเป็นไปอย่างถาวร ให้นี้เป็นบทเรียนสำหรับอึเช่น Kenny อึ้งและคี ธ ฤดูร้อนให้ระวัง
    Weare เพื่อคุณและเราจะนำคุณลงเช่นเดียวกับที่เราทำเว็บไซต์
    หลังจากที่เรานำคุณลง (Kenny เว็บไซต์และฤดูร้อนคี ธ ไปอยู่ในคุก) เราจะไปหลังจากที่ PaulOwen Stickman
    Weare ที่ไม่ระบุชื่อ ~

    Farang Translation:

    This is anonymous Thailand

    We have hacked and destroyed the website
    It is gone forever. Let this be a lesson for shit like Kenny Ng and Keith Summers to beware.
    Weare on to you and we are going to take you down just as we did the website.
    After we take you down (Kenny’s site and next Keith Summers in prison) we are going after PaulOwen The Stickman.
    Eric the Dirty Dog at Taek Door also beware.
    Weare anonymous~

  7. aนี่คือที่ไม่ระบุชื่อประเทศไทย Anonymous Thailand said

    โพสต์ข้างต้นจากเจมส์เป็นบล็อกคี ธ Summers จากเซี่ยงไฮ้ประเทศจีน
    ความพยายามของเขาที่จะก้านและทำลาย Marc Holt จะน่าสงสารและไม่ประสบความสำเร็จมาก
    Keith Summers, วันของคุณมีเลข
    เราจะต่อต้านคุณแล้วคุณจำคุกสำหรับ fucks ชนรายวันสำหรับส่วนที่เหลือของชีวิตของคุณ
    เราเป็นผู้ไม่ประสงค์ออก ~

    Farang Translation:

    This is anonymous Thailand

    The above post from JAMES is Keith Summers blogging from Shianghai China.
    He is desperate and has very few person he can successfully attack left on line.
    His attempts to stalk and destroy Marc Holt are pathetic and very unsuccessful.
    Keith Summers, your days are numbered.
    We will neutralize you and then imprison you for daily butt fucks for the rest of your life.
    We are anonymous~

  8. aนี่คือที่ไม่ระบุชื่อประเทศไทย Anonymous Thailand said

    @Daffy Duck


    เราเข้าใจวิถีชีวิตทางเลือกของคุณและเป็นผลจะมีการจัดระเบียบทุกคืนโดยเซสชั่น buttfucking กับคี ธ ฤดูร้อนและ Kenny Eng ในคืนสุดท้ายของพวกเขาของเสรีภาพส่วนบุคคล

    คี ธ จะไปคุกและเคนนี่กำลังจะถูกโจมตีหฤโหดในมหาวิทยาลัยโดยแก๊งปีกขวาของเลสเบี้ยนเอเชียที่รู้จักกันเป็น affectionatly เอเชีย Girlz

    เราเป็นผู้ไม่ประสงค์ออก ~

    Farang Translation:

    This is anonymous Thailand

    We’re good people and wish to do good for mankind.
    We understand your alternative lifestyle and as a result are organizing an all night buttfucking session with Keith Summers and Kenny Eng on thier last nights of personal freedom.

    Keith is going to prison and Kenny is going to be attacked viciously on campus by a right wing gang of Asian lesbians known affectionatly as the Asian Girlz

    We are anonymous~

  9. RealDaffyDuck said

    Hi There, Allegedly Anonymous Thailand – just for your edification, but Keith Summers doesn’t post here, nor would he be allowed to.

    No one here is interested in this website becoming the same heap of refuse that BBK’s became in the last segment of its existence. I will leave your posts up for a couple of extra hours, so our regulars can get a good laugh, after which they will join good old Von Hoogstraaten’s work in the trash can…

  10. RealDaffyDuck said

    Oh, thank goodness Kenny’s site is back up – so we’re spared the sock puppets.

  11. Marc HoIt said

    I want it made perfectly clear that I was not involved with the notkeith website.

  12. @ Mark HoIt (yes BBK trolls, we caught that it’s an upper case “i”) – We understand your desire to comment here since your favorite website was razed, but in case you haven’t noticed your home is back online so you can continue with your games there.

    Have fun back at your new and improved (snicker) home and have comfort in knowing that the current version of the BBK.COM website has become a bigger parody of itself than BDK.COM ever was.

  13. LMFAO……

    If you want to know why Kenny will be let go take a look at this video.

    Just jump to 2:22 and listen to the quote. Econ 308 is one of only 4 core courses they let Kenny teaches. Econ 308 Fall, 2011 open seats……ummm
    basically everywhere.

    They did make one mistake at 3:52 and should have included sex tourism guide.


  14. Gookamonkey Revenge said

    I told kenny if he kept up with his crsp it would come back ti him. Did kenny ever listen? Hell no. Bet you wished you’d listen now, don’t ya?

    Karma can be a bitch.

  15. N0T MARC said

  16. Bob H. said

    @Daffy Duck and Big Black Gulliver

    Serious and sincere question, what is the point of this website blogspace?

    Who are Kenny and Keith?

    Take a leap of faith and assume my questions are simply to become better informed here.


  17. I’ve been a good boy lately (with the occasional slip) so not much to write about.

    Taking a girl to a short time room in Patts doesn’t make for a good read. That said…I passed a young man calling out a girls name in the hallway at Lisa Bar Sunday afternoon.

    He had what looked like a nice lunch in his hands for his girlfriend who just happened to have the same name as the girl still in the short time room with a load of my cum in her hair and eyebrows.

    What a twisted world. I hope he at least took her out to a nice dinner with my 1000 baht later that evening

    I’ll be heading down on Wednesday afternoon if anything out of the ordinary happens you guys will be the first to know.

    – BBG

  18. Adman, that story of Ng locked in the toilet was 100% true.

    I know it was quite disturbing for Prufrock and for that I am sorry.

    “Cmon guys cut it out” was the quote as wet toilet paper landed on his head.

  19. Dirty Bastard said

    Yes, this is ‘a’ Keith Summers hate site.

    Not just this site, but wherever two or more are gathered!

    • How is a thread about Prufrock’s mental problems a “Keith Summers Hate Site” ?

      I guess we’ll get to discuss the abandoned and homeless sockies’ mental problems, next.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ Dirty Bastard – We certainly aren’t “the” Summers hate site, however as you point out, it seems that most websites where you get more than a couple people discussing the subject it becomes a hate site. This could be seen in all it’s glory on until it’s untimely demise (RIP).

      I can’t imagine a University Professor being so derelict in the management of his website that he let the domain expire and the entire website deleted. THE ULTIMATE FORM OF CENSORSHIP!!

  20. Dirty Bastard said

    Gee Wiz BigCummyDenny – I think you’re mistaken as I just witnessed Keith Summers and some Paul Owen gang member duking it out in cyberspace just over the BigBabyKenny blogspace.

    Do not let Keith Summers on this site please.

    What a freak of nature.

  21. Valentino Rossi said

    I think Kenny should have taken down the site after Keith outed Marc as the owner. That was too funny for words.
    A perv like Marc stalking Keith Summers.

    • Even though this should have been obvious, I am going to say this, and I’m going to say this just once:

      Any further efforts to drag the commenting trainwreck from Kenny’s trainwreck of a site over here, will be dealt with harshly — in other words, any such comments will be promptly deleted and flagged as spam.

      For an object lesson in what happens when a blog administrator abandons all responsibility for managing comments refer to the BigBabyKenny blog.

      Comments here are expected to contribute to constructive discussion, and to be polite and civil. (credit:mundane bangkok)

  22. Valentino Rossi said

    Fair enough but we need to determine once and for all who is behind the Keith slander site.

  23. Valentino Rossi said

    Has there been any confirmed sightings of Keith since his death was announced?

  24. Valentino Rossi said

    Just asking. This is the BBK thread, no?
    Jeeezus you are uptight.

  25. The Boz said

    These are just observations, but Real Daffy Duck, you ran that Dirty Bastard off the forum accusing them of being rude and asking him “Why are you insulting other posters? when all he said is one silly comment to a single poster who obviously didn’t take offence.

    Now you are in the process of running off Valentino Rossi simply because he is asking questions about a dreadfully insane cyber personality that unfortunately for you draws more interest than you do.

    As an observer, it only begs the question Are these posters asking about Keith Summers because he is a lot more interesting than you are?

    Seriously, you might try to be a little more polite and respectful yourself as I am sure neither of those two posters meant any harm.

    Sincerely, what are your thoughts about my comments?

    • Doesn’t look to me like Dirty Boztard or Valentino were driven away – I mean, here you are, posting away ….

      I understand that being rendered cyber homeless, and being deprived of your little sandbox because of Kenny’s irresponsibility and incompetence must be quite a quandary – but I’ve made the policy quite clear, that you won’t be allowed to turn this site into the same kind of crap-box. Changing login, pretending to be someone else, and “asking questions” geared towards the same disruption won’t change that.

      Gee, it’s almost as if you had nothing else going on in your life… Or maybe you don’t.

  26. Look Boz, just for you:

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