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Posted by RealDaffyDuck on March 10, 2012

While we wait for to return to the airwaves, here’s some themed entertainment provided by the CSUN performing arts efforts.





14 Responses to “Intermission”

  1. Saphan Loy said

    These students ought to be rounded up by the headmaster and flogged soundly. Especially the female ones, whom I suspect are actually enjoying the whole thing. This is what happens when drama students from a mediocre uni in California attempt to write something on their own initiative and without adult supervision. It neither makes sense, nor is it particularly poignant. The boy sounds like he is going to hurt himself screaming the same lines over and over at the top of his lungs.

  2. SBDOTKU said

    Bet that kid ends up visiting Thailand for “research”…and more “research”… and more… and more…

    • adman said

      How could it be worse SBDOTKU? That kid ends up going to Thailand as a teaching assistant to former CSUN Professor Kenneth Ng.

  3. Purple Memories said

    forgot the email adress i was using…

    i’ll be back in thailand for a couple of years, in november…

    hope everything is fine for you folks

    i came back in montreal to work, to accumulate capital. i did all right.

  4. Purple Memories said

    pregnant girl (she ain’t anymore, obvly) came with me…

    i made about $100k, working and trading the republican primaries…

    when the november election will be over, i’m going back in thailand 😀

  5. Purple Memories said

    i’ll need to train a lot to get back in shape

    got a bit fatter and a bit tired, slaving for a canadian mediatic empire, and teaching undergrad classes in political theory

    i’m thinking of stopping in india first, for a couple of month, for a radical detox, plenty of yoga, and salty air

    i know a good spot on the Arabic sea, in Karnataka

    Or maybe we should just find a beach in thailand, i dunno

    • RealDaffyDuck said


      Awesome, you’re still alive. How nice that you married the girl (grinning)

      So, thats a choice? India or Thailand???

      Just stay at a nice beach in Koh Chang for a while – infinitely better!!

  6. BigDummyKenny said

    @ Purple Memories (AKA Purple Spy) – Sorry to hear you had to go back to work for the Man in Canada. Glad to hear you made some of the $$$ back and then some on the elections and are getting to head back to Thailand.

    Send me an e-mail if you want the old e-mail addresses you used to post/comment with way back when.

    Good to hear from you.


  7. purple memories said

    We’re not married. Yet everything is fine in the village. I mean, folks invite us to dinner and to parties and waterfall expeditions, etc. I play in the village soccer team, and many times villagers linger by our place. With a Swedish guy, I’ve set up an internet den. Free for folks. So we’re not outcast!

    I came back in March. A friend had a job for me. Babyboy and her joined me in July.

    We’re living in the basement of my parents house. I’m here to accumulated

  8. purple memories said

    My plan is to go back with 150k. I’ll have to bet on the right guy to win in November though

    Im buying and stocking rice in isan.

    I’m pretty positive I’ll be able to generate 20k per year. Trading on I’m also studying the mining industry. To invest in silver mining.

    I feel a bit like an outsider in Montreal.

  9. purple memories said

    I’m closer to her than to any of my friends.

    And since I’ve reached 100k my motivation to work is nearing 0.

    After my detox on a beach we plan to settle back in issan

    And from then I will probably rent a room in Bangkok . To have access to a gym and to the night life!

  10. purple memories said

    Center of my life has become Thailand.

    If you guys have any investment idea in Thailand, like a 7/11 or something, please don’t be shy to share it.

    Only thing I do is financing rice farmers. They’re paying back in rice. It’s a way for me to bet on its price to raise. I began this before the last election.

  11. purple memories said

    I’m writing from my phone, so please forgive the naked format of my posts.

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