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The birth of BigDummyKeith!

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on March 11, 2012

Everyone felt so bad when Kenny’s incompetence suddenly condemned his sockies to a homeless existence, unable to talk about their favorite subject, Keith Summers and his allegedly evil ways.

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to right this terrible wrong, and create  a new home for those crazy kids!

BigDummyKeith is configured to allow *anyone* (with a account) to comment, or even start a new thread – no restrictions, so, enjoy your new home. Heck, I even sent Keith an invite, so if you’re lucky, maybe the real Keith will participate, instead of sockPuppet Keith over on Kenny’s site.

Enjoy it, kids!



12 Responses to “The birth of BigDummyKeith!”

  1. adman said

    This is huge. Now a site dedicated to Keith that is run by someone competent who neutral instead of a bungling fool who can’t keep his web site online (BBK).

    Should be interesting.

    • ROTFLOL about the “this is huge” remark… 🙂

    • I betcha there’s confusion galore in the sockie camp right now…

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      As predicted – MASSIVE, and I mean MASSIVE panic among the Kenny sockies on the resurrected, including the usual make-believe FUD.

      All the while a true open and uncensored environment is being provided over at the BDKeith site. Yeah, I can see how that’d worry the heck outta Kenny and Poofie.

  2. John Galt said

    The Galt has been made aware of this development, and as my readers might be curious, did the Galt learn how to use the spellt checker or are others desirous to take on the Galt persona?

    Ain’t the questions in life just are a bitch…

    People, I’m still too swamped with things to do here in China – business wise – to waste my time commenting on some has-been websight like the kenny’s. In fact, I was surprised to lern that I was having a lively commenting war over there, when my involvement ended with providing that photo to prof. kenny. That was long ago, and indeed lomng ago that was.

    Anyhow — people… We’ll get through the tough times and we’ll bounce back and be better for it. Thank you mr daffy for providing this forum to set things straight. Wouldn’t want the usual detractors and haters to win, would we?


  3. Marc HoIt said

    Thank you Daffy. All my future posts about the Keith Summers saga will be over at BDK(eith)
    There was allot said about me over at BBK that needs to be defended. This will be the ideal place.
    I’ve been falsely accused of tax evasion, writing about pedophilia, fraud, running slander ads in Shanghai etc..
    BigDummyKeith is the new place to post.
    Please censor or delete any posts that mention me or I will shut you down like I did Kenny.

  4. The Boz said

    What’s the differencve between Keith Summers and the Real Daffy Duck?

    Not one fucking thing!

    You know where to go:

  5. The Boz said

    Both Keith and Daffy crave attention in the dark halls of cyberspace and they both get it…..and then?

    You know where to go:

  6. The Boz said

    Everyone ends up on BigDummyKenny including Keith Summers and Kenny and the Real Daffy Duck wins! Viola!

    You know where to go:

  7. Marc HoIt said

    Thank you RealDaffyDuck for moving my post to the appropriate forum.

    Everybody stay tuned to follow my denials.

    You know where to go:

  8. expat #1 said

    Great move Real Daffy Duck. You are doing a fine public service and should be congratulated.
    Now, we can hold a serious discussion about BigDummyKenny without the ‘noise’ of BigDummyKeith or BigDummyNotKeith.

    You know where to go:

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