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Cheesecake for Butt Men

Posted by BigDummyKenny on March 19, 2012


10 Responses to “Cheesecake for Butt Men”

  1. Quite lovely – I don’t even know where to start…

  2. JustinCider said

    Best Cheesecake yet! I’d eat the corn right out of their ……

  3. Raider said

    bt5… definitely bt5

  4. CSUNsextourist said

    When i think about going asia this is what i think about.

  5. BigBlackGulliver said

    CSUN Sex Tourist……there are lots of hot Asian girls at CSUN.

  6. CSUNsextourist said

    Not true! If there were then why would Kenneth “BigBabyKenny” Ng felt the need to go to Thailand tofind some muff to scratch?

    • Read the comments about Kenny on, and you’d know why the professor of porn lacks any decent game. It’s not his appearance (after all, he wears quality fabrics), it’s his personality that leaves him no option than to head out to far flung villages in BFI (Bum Duck Isaan) since he’s just as much the laughing stock in Bangkok, or Pattaya – heck, he’s even last his trusty wingman Werewolf, best as we can tell.

  7. BigBlackGulliver said

    Interesting take on this………there are no hot Asian girls at CSUN so Professor Kenneth Ng needs to go Thailand to find them.

    Could it be there are lots of hot Asian women at or around CSUN of all ages but…….he can’t get any of them he needs Thailand for the P4P Scene (Thai Girl Scene)

    I mean you’ve seen Kenny right?

  8. CSUNsextourist said

    Yes, I have seen the jelly roll and…..Doh! I just had a Homer Simpson moment.

    So what you’re saying is there’s no reason for anyone to go to Asia unless you’re totally hopeless in socializing with the Asian girls on the CSUN campus?

  9. BigBlackGulliver said

    I’d say Thailand not Asia and all women not just Asians.

    But that pretty much sums up 80% of the single men who visit Thailand.

    Ng being the perfect example.

    But hey……what the fuck do I know. I’m here for the food and the temples.

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