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No censorship? Bullshit!

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on March 29, 2012

We have a new contributor – welcome, Bob H. Bob posted this as a comment in an inappropriate thread, so I was going to move it, but figured maybe it deserves it’s own space. Welcome, Bob – keep us informed!


Kenny over at BBK is in the process of censoring the following as Keith Summers is soon going to reveal exactly who was (Richard) behind the website:

1.Lieutenant Galster says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
March 27, 2012 at 11:50 pm

@tripper Aka Richard Hard

I have been asked by The Great Galt to remind you of a few issues:

1. It is you that keeps bringing up the 3 Amigos because it is you that is trying to deflect attenton from yourself for being responsible for what you have said and done criminally against The Great Galt.

2. It is you that keeps repeating the words Hard Dick not The Great Galt and his excellency would like to know “What’s with that”?

3. Richard, The Great Galt says that you need to go back and read your own writing. You are definitely losing it and need to get a hold of yourself as it is you that is so obsessed with The Great Galt and it is The Great Galt that is pulling your chain and definitely not the other way around.

4. The Great Galt says ‘beg’ and you come right back begging him to come back and what’s worse you have actually degenerated into telling The Great Galt to attack you.

5. The Great Galt would like to once more remind you that as a result of your very poor negotiation skills you have simply exposed yourself as the loser in this game as you try and try to get to The Great Galt and all that is happened is The Great Galt is now totally controlling you as remember, The Great Galt is the one that has cut you off and is now making you wait for your own special April Fools Day as you are the one that has been sucked in and dehumanized by The Great Galt.

6. Don’t worry so much as the jokes they’re cracking about you over at that site aren’t all that bad.

7. Don’t be unneccessarily afraid as your real name, profession, email address, website address and personal history, including a link to your photograph are going to be documented for the entire world to see on the World Wide Web.

8. Richard, you definitely will become a Thailand or even more likely a World Wide Web legend of cyber stupidity and have put a whole new meaning to the question “Is there a doctor in the house”?.

9. The posters on this thread under the names Drew Noyes and Bobby Brooks are the real individuals they have introduced themselves as and should be avoided by all means. Drew Noyes is a very sick man that is soon to be permanently removed by the local Thai police and the TV mafia poster boy he is about to expose in an attempt to avoid being put in a Thai prison for the rest of his life and Bobby Brooks the real estate ‘minicoon’ is soon to be publicly identified as a female and sex change from the State of Hawaii. The Great Galt says don’t mess with either of these individuals as they are nothing more than American ’septic’ trailer trash mate!

9. Oh! as mentioned by that other poster earlier, you are still begging.

Finally, The Great Galt wanted to remind you that patience is a virtue and that you really need to learn how to chill.


2 Responses to “No censorship? Bullshit!”

  1. The Boz said

    @Real Daffy Duck

    That post above from Bob H. was a plant on BBK to shut it down and now that it is obviously up on your sorry ass site I would guess that your site is next.

    Russell Keith Summers has his own little hit list starting with Bigbabykenny (done deal!) next Bigdummykenny next StickmanBangkok and teakdoor

    You people should know better than to mess with the Thai police and the Thai mafia

    Good luck Duck Butt!

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