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Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho!

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 3, 2012

Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho

A lot of you tuned in on April 1st to be greeted by the above page at
Oh no, what could have happened? Did BDK run afoul of Thailand’s draconian censorship rules? Quite a few of you wrote to us with concern.

Well, it turns out that one regular visitor, who claims to *never* visit BDK (well, except when he visits us nearly every day) wasted no time to brag and gloat on his front page about the predicament that might have befallen the site he claims to be a “tribute site” … once again, without spending some time to check the facts, allowing us all to have a good laugh at Kenny’s expense.

Obviously, someone gave Kenny some good tips (he couldn’t have figured it out himself), as 4-5 hours later, Kenny rushed to take down his original gloat article, having realized that he has been, once again, the butt of our jokes.

Enjoy Kenny’s usual journalistic quality (and sockies being made fools of as well) after the break…

In fact, even the sockies got in on the fun, bragging (as usual) about things that never happened. Nice try, Fake NotKeith …
oh, and look, ronru is back, and so is the usual sockie claiming blocking and censorship where none is going on ( is the only place where no posts get deleted, and that we insist on truthful content by our contributors.)

13 Responses to “Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho!”

  1. Rhetorical Question said

    His post and comments are gone. Isn’t Kenny all about no censorship? Never mind. Rhetorical question.

    I see from Kenny’s post that he still considers this a tribute site. Do you think he realizes it’s a tribute to his stupidity?

    I also see he also thinks the Mango is still owned by Michael. He does know that isn’t true, doesn’t he? Never mind. Rhetorical question.

    Ronru is back? Did he ever leave? Isn’t he one of the guys that is behind using all those different screen names?

    • Oh, I find it particularly amusing that, apparently, I am now a brothel owner as well. Nice.

      Unlike Daywalker, I didn’t even have to invest $300,000 for my share in the ownership.

      It’s pretty obvious that there’s one guy over there who’s loathing and hatred knows no end, for another guy who’s good at what he does, gets paid well for it, and lives the dream in SEA. Yeah, Michael Smith hasn’t been involved for a while (in fact, Michael has just taken on a position at Singapore startup – congratulations, Michael Smith) – and the Duke is under new ownership.

      Neither factoids deter Kenny from allowing further and continued slams against them.


      All because they dared remove a post of Kenny’s.

      It wouldn’t because he kept being rebuffed by the waitresses, that were not available for hire, despite Kenny assuming that all women in Thailand are hookers.

      Of course, he also kept being rebuffed by those girls that *were* for hire … in Nana, Cowboy, etc… which is why he ended up trolling various karaoke bars in the hinterlands of Korat, and country-style Thai weddings or wakes…. think about it 😉

  2. Adman said

    I have to ask just how ignorant is Professor Ng?

    Even I understand that when the Thai government blocks a website it is only those who are in Thailand who get blocked and not the entire world.

    Really Professor Ng? Really?

    • BigBlackGulliver said

      CSUN Professor……..real critical thinker. LOL

      Complete lack of self control which makes him bad at his job, his relationships and his poker playing.

      I heard that Anudith Nakornthap next plans to block Google, Twitter and Facebook worldwide.

    • Indeed, adman 😉

      The initial idea was to put up a fake “FBI take-down notice for copyright violations”, but figured it would be far more fun to do a more obvious fake, with a Thai angle, just to see how dumb and gullible Kenny really is.

      Apparently, “very”.

      While I added some authenticity with meta-tags identifying the authoring application as “Microsoft Frontpage” (after all, this is Thailand), there was an extra hint that the author was “Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho” – but since it was in Thai, Kenny didn’t quite figure it out in time 😉

      Of course, any sysAdmin with balls would just fess up to having been “had”, laugh about, and maybe add a fun “Okay, guys, cute – you had me going for a while” article on the front page. Of course, not so with Kenny, who prefers to quickly erase everything, pretend it never happened, while hiding behind silence and his sockies.

      Kinda ironic behavior for a guy who frequently encouraged others to “man up”.

      Seems to be that he’s the only one who never does

      “C’mon guys, cut it out”

    • @ adman – Good one.

  3. me said

    Daffy, You are the man, too fuc$$y funny.

    Keith and Kenny are such tools, although i am not surprised they fell for it, even on April FOOLs day. The only fools are Kenny and Keith…..

    • BigBlackGulliver said

      Impressive Daffy…… having the discipline to release this slowly. The Great Puniser! LMFAO

  4. BigBlackGulliver said

    Wow Little Kenny Ng lost some face by falling for a April fools joke and look at the hate escalate on his blog. Making fun of a dead guy……that’s a new low even for Professor Ng.

    Kenny if you keep this up I may need to fly to SoCal to stuff you in the toilet stall again and feed you some toilet paper.

    “Cmon guys cut it out”

    • Yeah, I saw that earlier on BangkokBuddy’s blog — sad situation. Even sadder that Kenny just allows this kind of hate-mongering on his blog, but it isn’t really any surprise, is it?

      No censorship, after all.

      … unless, you mention BigDummyKenny or the URL – then your blog is “held for moderation”, and the URLs get magically transformed into something else … if the posts even make it out of moderation, ever. No censorship, right?

      … or people find their log-in names altered in posts. No censorship, right?

      … or Kenny quickly takes down an article that ridicules himself, as usual. No censorship, right?

      Kenny, indeed, is a joke. As are his two sycophants. As usual.

  5. BigBlackGulliver said

    When I wake in the morning I think about my career, wife, my sons, my great life here in Asia.

    A sad fact………..

    When Professor Kenneth Ng wakes up in the morning her thinks about The Big Mango Bar and RealDaffyDuck. See the difference!

    Kenny, the more you write and attack others the more we laugh at you. It just proves how bitter you still are about the screwing you took 2 years ago.

    Move on and grow up………………

    • Move on and grow up………………

      Didn’t you mean to say “Man up…!”


    • At this point, it’s not even worth keeping track of Kenny’s sites’ downtime (it’s down again) and crashing, as it happens with such high frequency that you might as well assume his site’s down.

      Maybe I should write a tech pointers article for Prof Gookamonkey…

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