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Happy 2nd Anniversary, Kenny!

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 20, 2012

It seems only yesterday that the Daily News featured Associate (never a full) Professor Kenneth Ng in a page filling, gasp inducing article about his Thai Sex Tourism website, which ultimately resulted in Kenny being forced to take down his sex blog…

In fact, he became he focus of such sites like (“Sex Tourist Professor Scrubs His Site”), (“DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! Professor Kenneth “Big Baby Kenny” Ng And His Thai Hooker Website”) – truly, this is the kind of notoriety a fine school like CSUN could not wait to embrace.

Well, Happy Anniversary, Kenny – maybe the Big Mango will throw you a nice party – after all, they are doing better than they have ever done before!  Good luck with econ-160, and hopefully you will have a fun break after May.


38 Responses to “Happy 2nd Anniversary, Kenny!”

  1. Daywalker said

    Oddly enough, the Big Mango celebrates its 4th anniversary party in a few months. Maybe Kenny would like to come along?
    (oh hang on, didn’t he say it had been sold?)

    Maybe he could also explain the anomalies in the bar advert that HE CLAIMED was the Big Mango. i.e.. missing pool tables, missing TV’s, missing years of being in business and more alarmingly – the missing 5th floor!!

    Of the many (all of what he says) things he talked utter shit on, maybe he can also explain to me that if I am the ‘Graham H Jones’ that worked at Saudi Aramco, how on earth did I manage to get into University at the age of 12? – as Graham H Jones graduated in Petrochemical Engineering in 1991 (when i was 16!)

  2. BigBlackGulliver said

    Wow…..all that over a rejection by a Bangkok Bar Maiden and a silly blog post. I can’t imagine why this guy hasn’t succeeded in his personal life and career! But he lives in his own world where he is the handsome (ever see his picture), know-it-all (associate after 25 years), poker playing (has a losing record online), R1 riding (lied about owning one) swashbuckler living out other guys dreams in SEA (renting a truck and driving to deserted resorts to take pictures).

    Kenny and reality don’t meet very often

  3. BigDummyKenny said

    The BDK CLIT department would like to wish the good Associate Professor all the best on his 2nd Anniversary. Word on the street is that he skipped his SEA trip over spring break because he was told to keep a low profile. However, the rumor mill is buzzing with the news that Kenny’s devoted followers, all 3 of them, and Kenny himself will be celebrating the 2 year anniversary of Kenny successfully removing all content from his original blog at the Big Mango. This celebration will be held to coincide with the Big Mango’s 4 year anniversary.

    Will the men behind the nicknames on BBK finally man up and extend a fig leaf to Graham H. Jones, child genius, oilfield roustabout and former ballet dancer with the Royal Ballet in London (AKA Darcey Bussell)? Will we all finally get to see all the men behind the nicknames bury the hatchet once and for all?

    Prufrock: Fresh off his protest at the Summit of the Americas in Cartegena, Columbia, will the world renowned conspiracy theorist and the self-professed master of the construction world, with the resources and expertise rivaling Syntec Construction Public Co. Ltd finally break out of his post 9-11, “I finally realized nobody’s listening to me” funk and make a long overdue public appearance?.

    Ronru: Devoted Kenny ass-kisser, BBK fan and hater of all things Mango. Word is if you even mention Big Mango to him he breaks out in hives. If there’s any negative news to fabricate or any hate to spread about the Big Mango you can be sure Ronru will be Kenny’s right hand man (disgusting, but who are we to judge).

    Mr. X: The mysterious BBK.COM commentator with more than 1000 nicknames and as many minutes to kill each week, doing his best to keep Kenny’s website alive. If there’s any minutia of boring information that hasn’t been repeated 100 times, he’ll make sure it does in fact get repeated at least 100 times. Any inaccuracy Kenny publishes Mr. X will run with until it has been repeated so many times nobody is sure what is fact or what is fiction.

    • Daywalker said


      That pretty much sums it up!

      However – I am going to stick my neck out here and defend Prufrock. He used Kenny as a vehicle to vent his point. Kenny, I think mistook that for friendship. Prufrock, love him or hate him is no dummy.

      He even showed up at the DW IV birthday party! Top man!

      Pity Kenny never came.

    • Props to you for giving props to Prufrock – though I would disagree about *who* it was that used who, in that scenario. I feel that it was far more obvious that Kenny was using (and in many ways, abusing) Prufrock — particularly considering how Kenny led Prufie on by making him believe that “DaffyDuck” was posting comments, when I hadn’t been, for going on a year…

      .. of course, Prufrock’s own inherent lunacy helped contribute to that, when he deluded himself in seeing a Duck under each and every rock he turned over — including some he never turned over.

      You know what that’s called? Anatidaephobia. Look it up on Google, and click the “pictures” tab. 😉

    • Nevertheless, despite giving kudos to Prufie for showing up to your DW IV, he’s still a nutcase…

      … oh, and…. “Hi, Prufie..! from the blog you *never* ever visit…;-) “

  4. Bangers Bill said

    @Daywalker – Given all the garbage comments about you and the former owners of the Big Mango that Kenny continues to make under aliases I’m sure he’ll do all he can to avoid being anyplace where there’s even a chance that he may run into you. Kenny and the other feeble minded cowards still have it out for the Big Mango and they’ll say anything they can to smear current and former owners. Being responsible and having a civil discussion of the facts has never been something I’ve associated with BBK or his supporters.

    I give you credit for at least attempting to have a civil discussion with Kenny but it is obvious he and the others who regularly bash you are too cowardly to come forward to end all the nonsense.

    • Kenny is the ultimate social misfit, deathly afraid of having to deal with any risk of direct human interaction, unless it comes from behind the Manley of imagined authority.

      Fortunately CSUN is gradually taking steps to cull him, and he’s completely oblivious – and they are being very smart about it (hint: you can’t just fire someone who has tenure. You can lay them if when budget cuts happen, if they haven’t proven their worth – compared to, say, another teacher who des EXACTLY the same course load). Good thing Kenny never reads this site, eh?

  5. adman said

    Regardless of what CSUN Associate Professor Kenneth Ng may say, BBK.COM was never about having an open discussion. I asked him many times about not only his feud with the Big Mango guys, but other things on his website which was inaccurate.

    How did Kenny respond?

    By blocking my screen name.

    Kenny has no future and from most accounts on, he does a terrible job teaching:

    9/6/07 – I had this prof. in 1992. I CANNOT believe he hasn’t changed. It was the worst class I have ever taken. I am a 4.0 student and he was the only C I have ever received in my life. I am now a teacher and know what good teaching is all about. He is one of the worst teachers I have ever experienced!

    Professor Ng makes me think less of CSUN as a whole. If the Econ department lets him keep teaching – how can they possibly be concerned with the quality of their students learning experience? He was NOTHING LESS than OFFENSIVE with comments that degraded women and overweight people. I think he may seriously need help teaching, he just cant do it!

    By far the worst teacher I ever had. AVOID taking his class if you can. He will tell you the first day 75% of you will fail and he’s not joking. What do they say…”those who can’t teach” he’s one of them. He’s a mess and should get a real job. Learn how to teach ECON NG – I got an A when I retook your class with a good teacher. Lose some LBS

    Whatever you do, make sure you don’t get stuck with this guy!!! He is the WORSE professor !!! Very boring, he goes off on topics that are completely irrelevant to what he is teaching, he mumbles when speaking. I did not learn anything in his class and on top of that the exams were extremely hard and made no sense. He should not be teaching.

    BAD TEACHER! STAY AWAY! THAT IS ALL I HAVE TO SAY! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The tests are next to impossible and then extremely curved so that a 50 is an A. I got an A in the class and feel like I learned nothing. Anyone taking his class should be able to pass because of the huge curve. Lectures are vastly irrelevant to economics and at times borderline offensive, like explaining the best way to rob a small asian girl.

    The worst professor EVER. I got an ‘A’ on the cumulative final and he gave me a ‘C’ in the class. Marked off points on the midterm for going too much into detail…?!?!..

    If not for the curve, this semesters passing students would be less than 20,in a 200 student class.The curve ensures anyone who does at least one page of hw can pass, but if you plan to take the next courses (161, 300, etc) you will fail since you wont know the material that you were suppose to learn in 160

    • He loves to claim that these bad comments are all fabricated by Mango Guys – yet the negative comments go back to 2003. Unlikely to be by Mango staff, unless DW has a time machine in addition to his Porsche and Ferrari. 😉

  6. BigBlackGulliver said

    How does a guy have a time machine, Porsche, Ferrari new Honda PCX (recommended by BBG) but yet…………no fucking hair?

    • Daywalker said

      BBG…. It’s due to me being far more desirable than the likes of you. I was feeling guilty so tried to even it up a little.
      – it didn’t work.


  7. BigBlackGulliver said

    When I put on my Chang t-shirt, khakis and 200 Baht flip flops I am the most handsome man in Thailand. It has nothing to do with the 5000 Baht in my pocket. Did you buy a motorbike yet?

  8. Daywalker said

    Still pondering the bike. I’ve moved into a new crib on Sathorn… which I thought would be a 5-10 min ride on a bike.
    – shit… each time I take a taxi/bike there, they take me a different route. Until I know the way, I am using taxi’s.

    I am leaning towards the 250 Ninja at the moment. And a Airblade for the wench.

    Anyone selling theirs? 🙂

  9. BigBlackGulliver said

    2006……..he’s been telling that story for a long time now. Just picture him negotiating that curve……….nimbly shifting his 300 pounds. Man and machine working as one. LMFAO

  10. Daywalker said

    I see Kenny has turned his attention to Mike now.

    Barry Bisquick says:
    April 25, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    “I want to move to Bankgok, get dreadlocks, dump my life savings into a whorehouse in Nana Plaza and lose all my money when the landlord raises the rent and forces me to close just like Michael Francis Smith.”
    * This isn’t quite true… Yes the rent went up, but why pay gogo rents for a small bar? Quit whilst you’re ahead and find another venue.

    “I want to cheat a bunch of “friends” out their money by selling points in the new bar built in a crap location only to have a world wide recession, a takeover of the airport, riots, and civil unrest decimate the tourist industry and lose the money of my “friends” just like Michael Francis Smith. ”
    * Points? I don’t know what this is? And it would only be ‘cheating’ if he were to know there would be a world wide recession, airport closure and riots! – Idiot! There was no ‘cheating’?

    “I want to convince a “friend” to invest his life savings into an English Pub on a street where there are already 3 English pubs and have it close just like the whorehouse just like Michael Francis Smith.”
    * Actually dumbass, I asked to ‘buy-in’. It wasn’t big money (maybe to you) and I didn’t lose it. The Duke was sold. No secret.

    “Then I want to be forced to take a shit 9 to 5 job at Yahoo only to get fired a year later and trash my ex-employers in an online interview just like Michael Francis Smith.”
    * You know nothing. I wish I could have had a job like that – instead of being a dumbass oilfield roustabout. I can only assume you are a teacher of some kind?? Yes?!!

    This Barry Bisquick is obviously someone that knows us. But get this, everyone that we know ‘closely’ – is a nice guy. A lot of people ask for out help in various ways and we spend a lot of time being friendly to them. This means, ‘Barry’ is a low-life scumbag who pretends to be a friend, probably because he has no friends. He is obviously jealous that he doesn’t fit into any communities anywhere and it’s eating away at him. What am I talking about? It must be Kenny!!

    I’ll say this again… If these people claim to know the truth, then why don’t they stand up and be counted? Why do they hide away behind their monitors? Two reasons. 1) They’re pussies. 2) They know they’re talking shit.

    I am an open book. I’ll happily tell people the truth all day. For those of you that I have met and chatted to in the Mango, you’ll all be aware that the Mango is not a business where the aim is to make money. It’s a hobby. It’s fun. It’s not profit driven. That’s why the prices are low, there are no drink quotas for the girls, there are no ‘hard-sell’ tactics and quite often there are parties where beer is sold at a loss to give something back to the punters. Show me another bar that does this?
    The staff are all happy. They are a great bunch of girls.

    The sad fact is that Kenny and his crew can only dream of this kind of life. A life where you can hang in a bar and chat to a whole bunch of different people and have a good time. No ulterior motive other than to have fun. Accept it you fucking losers.

    Come on.. get brave.. come out from behind your monitors… show us your achievements! – Oops, sorry, you’ve not got any.

    • “twoser” – two- bit loser and balloon chaser.

      Just have another party – “Barry” will be there, when there’s free food.

      He’s taken turns with everyone, including taking vain shots at me, hoping for some sort of reaction from any of us (and undoubtedly he’s glued to this thread).

      You’re right, DW, it’s one of the typical kind of super jealous expat losers, stuck in Thailand, and hating anyone more successful than themselves – in essence, a nobody that neither of loses any sleep over 😉

      By the way, that guy is not Kenny. His IP is from Bangkok, from one of the low-cost providers – he’s one of Kenny’s two sycophants.

    • Daywalker said

      I wouldn’t put it past Kenny to write a comment – then send it to his pal in BKK to post it.

    • Oddly enough, notice how I did not dismiss that scenario… Now, *who* would be his pal in BKK, and who is know to enjoy posting under different alias’ because “this is the internet, and it’s fun”.

      How was Prufrock at your party, and did you have a nice chat with him…?

    • BigBlackGulliver said

      I think Prufrock gets off on making comments about a certain bar and then heading over there to grab a free drink. I have a feeling that Twoser was Proofie all along. But at least he has the balls to show up unlike his buddy Kenny.

    • Indeed, he is, and he does.

      Sure, he shows up for free food, but he’s still a coward for being complicit with Kenny, and essentially stabbing courteous and friendly folks like DW in the back.

  11. BigBlackGulliver said

    Who is Kenny and what is a Prufrock? On to more important things

    Nothing is like 18 year old pussy…….NOTHING. And that is exactly what I got today in Pattaya. A nice sweet Buriram girl, six months in the business and had a Farang boyfriend for 2 of the 6 months. Oh what a glorious day to be alive. My knees are still shaking 2 hours later. BTW I met her on
    Brick and Mortar is dead……..virtual shopping is where its at.


  12. BigBlackGulliver said

    Bar girl posing as a “nice” girl looking for a boyfriend to get out of the business. Had a 25 year old guy from Austria pay her 1000 Baht per day for 2 whole months. She got a little spoiled.

    • What’s with those Austrians, damn those bastages!

      (well, he got a good deal, all things considered, although he probably could have negotiated a flat fee/per month)

  13. Daywalker said

    I see Kenny is at it again!

    “Grey Man says:
    May 5, 2012 at 9:03 am

    Last day in Thailand. Went through a couple of gogos in Nana. Didn’t seen anything worth barfining. Went down to the Big Mango bar again. At 10PM there were 4 customers. and 5 girls working. None of the girls looked worth fucking but I bought one a lady drink out of boredom. She was 21 years old from Lampaeng. Her family needs the money so they sent her to be a sex worker in Bangkok. She tries to send 10,000 to her family every month but can;t do it every month. Said there weren’t many customers so it’s hard to make money because her salary gets docked when she doesn’t get enough ladydrinks and not many customers want to fuck her. I asked her if she does anal or bareback and she says she would do it for an extra 500. If she was good looking, I would have barfined her but she was a little chubby and didn’t have much tits. Oh well. Back to reality in the morning.”

    Apparently the other night, there was a rather old decrepit grey haired man in the bar asking about barfining. The girls found him somewhat ‘un handsome’ and told him it was her period. (standard line meaning fuck off!)

    Once and for all, there are no quotas at the Mango.. there are no targets or deductions. When will those fucking halfwits accept that we don’t give a flying fuck about money as much as they do.

    The Mango is a hobby. It’s fun for all those that work and hang out there.

    So ‘Grey Man’ – go back to your old peoples home and come see me next year. – wanker.

    • Daywalker said

      – update… according to the Mango boss, there are no 21yr old girls from Lampaeng! Or any girls from Lampaeng for that matter.
      Was the guy posting as Grey Man even at the Mango?

    • Graham – of course he (not, ‘they’) makes up stuff, but he *does* stop by the Mango to get some details right, and shift the attention onto others.

      Just think *who else* (maybe a regular) was there last night? Hmmmm?

  14. The Enabler said

    Grey Man says

    “Last day in Thailand. Went through a couple of gogos in Nana. Didn’t seen anything worth barfining.”

    Translation: I’d already spent most my money, Being old and ugly, no girls would go with me for less than 5K so I had to find a place where the drinks are cheap.”

    Grey Man says,

    “Went down to the Big Mango bar again. At 10PM there were 4 customers. and 5 girls working. None of the girls looked worth fucking but I bought one a lady drink out of boredom.”

    Translation: Went to the Big Mango because I heard the drinks were cheap. Plenty of people about but nobody would talk to me. Finally found a girl I thought I had a shot at for a freebie so I bought a lady drink.”

    Grey Man says,

    “She was 21 years old from Lampaeng. Her family needs the money so they sent her to be a sex worker in Bangkok. She tries to send 10,000 to her family every month but can;t do it every month. Said there weren’t many customers so it’s hard to make money because her salary gets docked when she doesn’t get enough ladydrinks and not many customers want to fuck her.”

    Translation: I was so pissed off my ass I have no idea what she was saying, but this is my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Grey Man says,

    “I asked her if she does anal or bareback and she says she would do it for an extra 500. If she was good looking, I would have barfined her but she was a little chubby and didn’t have much tits. Oh well. Back to reality in the morning.”

    Translation: I started talking about sex. Anal, barebacking, sex with farm animals in Isarn. Hoping the dirty talk would turn her on. She wasn’t interested and I was down to my last 500 baht note. Knowing I needed some baht to get to the airport in the morning, I paid my check and left.

    Oh well. Back to my shit life in the morning.”

  15. BigBlackGulliver said

    “Oh well. Back to my shit life in the morning”

    Translation: Teaching Economics at CSUN to those who couldn’t get into USC or UCLA.

  16. Daywalker said

    Haha! You guys kill me. We have just modified the bar to make it longer so there are more seats for the punters!!

    If you guys ever fancy a night of free drinking at the Mango lets organize something. Topic of the night will be taking the piss out of Kenny!

    • That sounds like as good a reason to have a party as any – the BigBabyWhining party!!!

      Free food? Free drinks? Why, Werewolf will be there, then!

  17. SBDOTKU said

    OK, I admit it, I just don’t understand how empty a life must be to spend so much freakin’ free time being a negative douche bag. Life is too short, go have some fun. I mean shit, he discovered Thailand – the definition of FUN for an adult male.

    • Maybe that’s the cause of his bitterness – he can no longer go there to enjoy himself freely, as CSUN keep a watchful eye on him, and if anyone spots him in Thailand (the 20,000 Baht reward for pictures is still “on”), you know they would get back to his superiors…

    • BigBlackGulliver said

      If he shut the blog down completely he lost (in his mind)

      If he keeps it on and takes the occasional shot he thinks he is still fighting the good fight.

      Rock on Professor Ng! Rock on!

  18. Daywalker said

    Uncle Dave says:
    May 9, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    When did the Mango get sold?

    I see Graham in there all the time.

    I assumed they still owned it.

    – Uncle Dave, if you find out, let me know. I can stop paying rent then.

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