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Server Upgrade (uh huh…)

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on May 15, 2012

Update (May 17, 2012) – still some growing pains, considering *all* of Kenny’s image/photo directories are still, kinda, missing. Yep, server upgrade – not a catastrophic hard drive failure, at all (like all the database failures, regularly happening so far, have been clear indicators of). At least he has finally updated his WordPress engine from the 3 year old one, to the latest…. but he still hasn’t found and eliminated the tracking cookie (hint to Kenny – it ain’t in the pictures directory)


UPDATE (May 16, 2012) – it’s that time of the week again, I guess:

(I’m certain this is all part of his “planned” server upgrade.)

It's just a server upgrade, that's what it is....

Uh huh, yeah, it’s just a server upgrade … that’s all. Right Kenny, that’s what it is 🙂


25 Responses to “Server Upgrade (uh huh…)”

  1. Gary Z said

    From what I read his “server” had the same specs as my old laptop. Not so hi-tech.

  2. BigBlackGulliver said

    Why would you upgrade a server for three people? Why would you host anything for 3 users?

  3. Saphan Loy said

    I noticed those specs too. Did he mean to write 4 TB? It certainly doesn’t sound like an impressive server. My understanding of server migration was that it is a seamless process. Did Ng convince some graduate “assistant” to do this for free?

  4. Saphan Loy said

    I guess he did mean 4 G of RAM memory. My mistake.

  5. Where did you guys see those specs?

  6. Saphan Loy said

    To save you the pain of clicking over there, here is the whole post, warts and all. Incidentally,his 24 hour benchmark has come and gone. (snicker, snicker)

    Server Upgrade

    (viewed by 46 views unique visitors) is migrating to a new server. The old server (with a core 2 duo processor and 4gb of memory) is being replaced by a new server with a more powerful processor, more memory and a bigger hard drives.
    The site should come back up with full functionality within 24 hours.

    • Thanks, SL – to be honest, though, the specs of the “old” server aren’t really that bad, neither the Core 2 Duo or the 4GB of RAM. This is pretty standard fare, especially for a server that only has to server 3-4 regular visitors, tops.

      Heck, all of my servers only run 16+ GB of RAM, because they house virtual servers, and those love RAM, but on their own, most servers do not require more than 4GB.

    • is migrating to a new server. The old server (with a core 2 duo processor and 4gb of memory) is being replaced by a new server with a more powerful processor, more memory and a bigger hard drives.
      The site should come back up with full functionality within 24 hours.
      That’s sure one loooooooooooong 24 hours, don’t you think?

      I guess he’s “optimized” the images in order to speed page-load….

  7. Adman said

    I continue to get a good laugh about his “viewed by xx unique visitors” count, which anyone can verify as being Bullshit by simply clearing out the cookies in their browser cache and reloading the page.


    • You don’t even need to clear out cookies – just hit reload in a separate window, and then reload the main index page to see the “unique visitor count” increase — yeah, “Hahaha-Hehehe-Hohoho”, indeed!

      He just counts page loads (not even page views) – and in the old days, there used to be hundreds of page re-loads originating from the same CSUN IP address, time and time again…. do the math.

  8. notkelth said

    If BBK does manage to come back online our IT team will simply shut him down again.

  9. BigDummyKenny said

    I may be mistaken, but didn’t Kenny claim he was upgrading a month or two ago?

  10. notkeith said

    He is back. Fine with us as long as he keeps Marc out of the conversation.

  11. BigBlackGulliver said

    The best thing that could happen to Ng is losing all his data but he is too fucking stupid and stubborn to realize it. He could save face by blaming Daffy on hacking his site and destroying all his files………

  12. Daywalker said

    I see Kenny is calling himself ‘crack-a-bottle’ now?

    Got it totally wrong as per usual. Big Black Gulliver is Mike?!?! Ha!

    And that the whole Kenny thing would be over if it wasn’t for the Duck!!

    He fails to mention the wrong doing of Kenny (himself) and all the slandering and miss-information he has published.

    Tell me.. once again… who is Graham H Jones that Kenny has plastered on his site? Saying that this guy forces girls to go with customers? Because that certainly isn’t me.

    Oops… I forgot, that dumbass useless idiot can’t see that he is a fucking idiot.

    • You forgot about moron-boy’s allegations that *I* am SaphanLoy and own SL’s website – weird, that. You’d think I would actually be aware of that, don’t you think.

      The funny thing about all of this is that Cali-boy (grin) doesn’t know the first thing about next to anything he is talking about – it’s all about a rather singular obsession, and fortunately moron-boy doesn’t know the first thing about his technology, while denying he does anything under a different alias.

      Bummer he hasn’t figured out that despite Kenny’s “best efforts” (Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho), his visitors’ IPs and traffic patterns continue to be an open book. I give Kenny credit, though – he sure tries, while keeping his nose high up in the air. It’s okay, Kenny, you can put the pictures back on-line… Oh, wait, I guess you really *can’t* do that right now, can you… Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho!!!)

    • Saphan Loy said

      I just noticed traffic coming from BBK. It looks like he listed us (me and Lek) in his post about you. At least the link works and does not redirect to Ng’s favourite Shit Eating site like he normally does. It is quite clear that the Fat Man is sinking. If he has concluded that the Loy is owned by you, what does this say for his purported analytical reasoning that professors are supposed to exhibit? Besides, he already knows the truth. All he would have to do (assuming he knows how) is compare our IP addresses back in the day when either of us actually cared enough to comment there (although I was subsequently banned.)

      At any rate, since the Big Fat Baby Kenny Ng in his infinite wisdom has exposed the ownership structure of Saphan Loy, may I remind you that I am due for a raise?

    • The check is in the mail!

  13. Cal State Northridge Got A Winner With Kenneth Ng said

    CSUN has gotta be real proud of their Associate Professor and former promoter of sex in Thailand – KENNETH NG. Yea, they hooked up with a winner here boys. Now the whole world can see what an idiot he is by the ignorant musings he’s posted on the net. Real smart guy this NG fellow. I read up some of the posts that are archived on the time machine from his old site and not surprised by why he’s keeping after you guys. He got a virtual ass kicking and can never live that down because it’s archived for the whole world to see. Lets not forget all the ratings on the site either.

    Can you imagine how his students must react when they learn about all this? How do they contain their laughing and snickers

  14. BigBlackGulliver said

    OK Daffy I’m calling bullshit here. Are you saying you sat in on one of Kenny’s classes. He didn’t recognize you? You didn’t report on this?

    Fess up!

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