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The Fix for Kenny…

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on June 1, 2012

Well, the audience has spoken, and an overwhelming number of contributors voted for “Yes, because he won’t act on it either way”. I would like to take this occasion to specifically thank the voters from the Northridge, CA region (two of them), and our friend ronru/notkeith/keith from the Bangkok, Thailand region.

This article will detail not only how Kenny can fix his broken blog, but in fact also illustrate how incredibly easy the fix would have been, and by corollary how incredibly incompetent Kenny really is… but, enough patronizing – Let’s get started.

Those of you visiting Kenny’s blog will have noticed how all the pictures that used to grace the front-page have, somehow, gone missing:

This also applies to Kenny’s CSUNECON.COM website, which is housed on the same server (almost worth a double-LOL), which CSUN keeps reimbursing Kenny for (so it could be argued that Kenny is still using CSUN resources for his hooker blog, but that’s a debate for another day):

At first, it appears as if the images that should be there, are gone — eradicated from or “lost” from Kenny’s server. In fact, I’ve repeatedly pointed that out to Kenny, deliberately sending him chasing down the proverbial primrose path, if he actually were investigating this (of course, he wasn’t).

In fact, the images are all still there, in the respective directories, where any self-respecting blog would expect them to be. Taking the “Thailand Never Changes” article as an example, the image expected is right here:

I found this by extracting the actual image path from the gobble-dee-gook of the actual link, which is this:

This link, actually, contains all the information that could have helped Kenny track down this error, but by just forcing a display of the image into a new window, like so:

The problem, and subsequent solution, becomes glaringly obvious to anyone competent enough to run a website/blog – this results in a page that does not show the expected image, but a screenful of error messages. In fact, all the same error message:

With the relevant and most important message being – I’ll highlight the item that matters:

“/var/www/vhosts/” on line “152”, dumping error message as text:**

Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 152

with the bottom of the error message displaying the name and version number of the script causing the error:

phpThumb() v1.7.9-200805132119

So, what do we know so far:

– the broken images are caused by a failing script, not by missing images.

– the script causing the error is called phpThumb.php (let’s guess it’s a script creating thumbnails)

– the error is caused because his new and shiny server is running a new version of the php scripting language, and his script is outdated and thus breaks.

– the script is part of the theme he is using, called “comfy-plus”, which a quick check of his theme directory reveals to be running at version 2.1.

Theme Name: ComFy Magazine Plus
Theme URI:
Version: 2.1
Author: Ahmad Fouad
Author URI:

Since there is no newer version of the theme existing, the solution is blatantly easy – upgrade phpThumb.php

As his site reveals far too easily, he is still running version 1.79 of phpTumb.php, dating back to 2005.

The current and correct version of the phpThumb.php is 3.0 (from 2009, so yeah, those fixes had been available for over 2 years). Download it from here and copy it on Kenny’s site to here:


or, alternatively, to here (same location):

(oh, and yes, there’s a specific way to copy the files, but I’m not going to go as far so as to hold Kenny’s hand all the way – either figure it out, or hire me to fix it for you).

Thus, in summary:

  • – His installation told him what the error was.
  • – it requires updating a single script to a newer version.
  • – alternatively, install a new theme that is actually supported by its author.
  • – Kenny’s as incompetent of a “webmaster” as he is a blog autheur, or an econ teacher.
  • – Oh, and fake NotKeith is full of crap, with their claims of elaborate “hacking” of Kenny’s site – as usual.

What remains to be seen, now is:

  • how long will it take Kenny to follow these simple directions
  • will he acknowledge who saved his bacon? Again.
  • will he get a clue?

Let’s all get ready for a hearty HaHaHa HeHeHe HoHoHo!!!


36 Responses to “The Fix for Kenny…”

  1. 10 days…………..

    • You think that fast?

      My money’s on him having nothing done by month’s end.

    • Kenny’s a real idiot – he changed all the links to, but as usually missed the fact that the wording of the comments anticipated it – thus the “Find out what Kenny’s made of” link now properly links to “RateMyPoo” – brilliant..

      It also now verifies that Kenny continues to read the comments and manually edit everything. So, we now know that he has read this article about how to fix his blog — and do nothing about it.

      … Oh except for having ronru/notKeith/fakeKeith post a claim that the pictures in fact aren’t broken. Classic dumbass.

  2. I think Kenny is done…… he should be.

    They have posted a part-time position to cover his classes for Fall 2012/Spring 2013

    Kenny used CSUN equipment to host a Thailand whore blog. He did it on company time and everybody knows it.

    End of story. Its fucking up there.

    • Even sadder to see is that they are so desperate to get Kenny gone they will hire someone with a Masters degree to get his fat ass down the road.

    • Smartly played, by CSUN management. This was a smart long-term strategy to get him outta there.

      Yep, this covers all of his classes – and bear in mind, they already hired Kenny’s full-time replacement, teaching the same classes – thus, students have a choice. Have you seen the enrollment numbers? New guy’s classes are packed. Kenny’s are largely being avoided. 😉

  3. moRonru said

    I’d like to thank CSUN for their good judgment because this will allow Kenny the free time he needs to once again write about the THAILAND GIRL SCENE – YEA! (you know, stories on where to find and how to deal with whores).

    Fire up that rented pickup truck and GPS Kenny. You’ll be tipping the ton and listening to Bob Seeger (sic) all the way to Esan in no time.

  4. Cal State Is Hiring said

    Kenneth Ng embodies the definition of a classless (figuratively and soon literally) teacher. On a website that displays the headline banner “No Censorship No Bullshit”, what type of person changes the links in comments he doesn’t like to display photos of someone’s crap in a toilet?

    CSUN should have gotten rid of Big Stupid Baby Kenny long ago before he started BBK.COM for the simple fact that he’s a crappy teacher, at least according to the comments on the website.

    Some time back on the Saphan Loy webiste I read a post about the decline of ethics and morality of teachers in the US higher education system and Saphan Loy asked some very good questions concerning the quality of education students receive in colleges and universities. In the case Kenneth Ng, it is repugnant to simple logic for anyone to say students in his class who get less than 50% on a test and are given an “A” have learned anything.

    It’s understandable why there are no photos of Kenny, he’s just a crappy person that people would prefer to forget about sooner rather than later.

  5. Nicely said.

  6. Adman said

    Speaking of photos of Kenny.

    How about a story on the money that will be awarded for a photo of him with a hooker.

    I’ll be Thailand in 2 days and want to know the amount, photo criteria, where to collect, etc.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      I think the current pot is at 25,000 Baht, to be collected at the Big Mango. It’s being contributed by Gulliver, myself and I’m sure Graham will toss in some grilled onions.. 😉

  7. Graham said

    Adman…. if you find the little runt… give me a call, as I’d like to have a little chat with my pal Kenny.
    I’ll cover your expenses. 😉

  8. Ronru said

    Nobody cares about you guys. Kenny’s site is working fine.

    The only thing that’s important is the man child crush I have for Kenny.

  9. Big Dippy said

    BigBabyKenny’s in town!!!

    BigBabyKenny’s in town!!!

  10. RealDaffyDuck said

    Going on 3 days, and no change at – this is hilarious.

  11. Wow! Good write-up on Stickman this week about The Big Mango Bar.

    Cheap Beer and Gogo Girls…………NICE!

    Kenny how are your projects going? Anything on the radar career-wise? No?

    Yea, I didn’t think so…………

    Keep working on those pictures buddy!

    – BBG

  12. […] news from the blogosphere, there are rumours circulating that Big Baby Kenny is now in Bangkok (see here and here), and it is our hope that he enjoys his sex holiday. Teacher Tim Torkildson the Clown has […]

  13. RealDaffyDuck said

    Looks like someone figured out BigBabyKenny’s Identity….

  14. RealDaffyDuck said

    3 days. No fix.

  15. Wicked Witch of BBK.COM said

    Curses, curses! Somebody always helps that Duck. Shoes or no shoes. I’m still great enough to conquer him and anyone supporting the Big Mango. And woe to those who try to stop me!

    I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!

  16. BigBlackGulliver said

    Kenny, could you please explain to the class why you are not on the Fall, 2012 schedule?

    Inquiring minds want to know?

  17. Clay said

    Did he manage to fix his website yet? I would check, but I refuse to visit because I believe his web management skills open his site to trojans and viruses.

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