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    RealDaffyDuck on New Kenny Avatar!
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Posted by RealDaffyDuck on June 14, 2012

To recap from the prior post:

My bet, if I were a bettin’ man, is that he will instead dress it up in a new theme (not susceptible to this plugin and the error) instead of actually fixing the problem.It’d be the only way how he can pretend to save face, claim he’s doing an “upgrade” and not suffer the humiliation of having to admit that he had to follow my instructions.

You’re welcome, Kenny – glad you’re so good at following directions. 🙂

Except, of course, now that I’ve provided him with these new instructions, even that’s no longer a face-saving option.

Seeing as how “Operation Saving Face” failed so spectacularly for you, Kenny, how about doing something that is unheard of, for you – GIVING CREDIT and SAYING “THANK YOU”.

How about it?


11 Responses to “YOU’RE WELCOME, KENNY!!”

  1. Nice call! I gave him too much credit and thought he could get it done 10 days.

    It looks like Lil Ronru has his panties in wad over there!

    BTW Who would fly halfway around the world to order clam chowder and salad.

  2. SBDOTKU said

    You realize that will never happen? You are asking for thanks from someone who has provided plentiful proof of being both a narcissist and suffering from massive insecurities, being generous or admitting to any deficiency is physiologically impossible. But I like the “can-do” spirit RDD, don’t give up!

  3. Agreed, Daffy you are showing good faith by giving him the opportunity. But his blog is dead. He lost. End of Story!

    This blog is everything BBK could have been if Kenny wasn’t a wanker.

    Please add it to the Amazing Thailand list.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Oh wow, that is indeed an awesome site – but most importantly it has something Kenny always lacked – personality and likability.

      I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until Kenny declares that I own as well….

  4. personality, likability and credibility. Did anyon ever believe Kennys stories. Even before they saw his picture……..all theory and no execution.

  5. Graham said

    Where is Kenny? I was hoping he’d attend the 4th yr anniversary of the bar that he said was forsale last year some time?

  6. This site is also broken……

    but you see which one is his priority.

    Hmmmm should I fix my Thai Hooker blog or my work blog first. The mind of Kenny Ng on display for all to see. Even Nancy!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Yeah, but if he’s been fired from CSUN, there really is no reason for him to fix his “work” blog, is there?

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