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BBK REPRINT: Dummies Guide to the SWSM Part 2

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on June 19, 2012

Continued from Part 1

[originally published on May 28th, 2009]

The SWSM is not as user friendly as girl venues on The Reservation.

GoGos, Bierbars, and Farang bars on The Reservation service farang clientele. The management gets paid when the bar is easy to use and welcoming to white guys. By and large Reservation management does a good job.  There are no squat toilets, you don’t have to worry about the availability of toilet paper, and diet soda is available on The Reservation.

The same logic applies to every Hi-So entertainment venue in Bangkok. Once price crosses a crucial threshold, the clientele has to include a plurality of white guys. In impoverished Thailand, that is where the money is.

So before you become a SWSM regular, it is best to keep a few things in mind.

Most SWSM girls have limited English. You can scrape by without speaking Thai. I did for a long time but  basic Thai proficiency opens a lot of doors.

You can meet a lot of cool girls at the SWSM but without basic Thai proficiency you can’t really do much more than take them home and bang them. If that is all you do, you are missing out on a lot of fun.

The occasional and club girls can be fun to take out, hang around with, and add to your rolodex. Most are just typical Bangkok girls (which means many are F-ing hot) grinding away at low paying jobs, without the money to go out much, and without any decent prospects of hooking up with a decent guy with money and achieving a decent middle class lifestyle as devoted wife and mother. They all have a crew of friends who are same same. If you are presentable, nice, and flash a little cash they are always down for just going out to the movies, going to clubs, playing pool, and, of course, Gik action. They will probably be interested in boyfriending you and just hanging around with you (on your dime) will be a significant enhancement to their social life.

The fact that a girl is at the SWSM means they are receptive to a wide variety of banging arrangements and don’t demand even the appearance of monogamy. The SWSM  and the Muarati shrine both filter the general girl population and sift out girls with different characteristics. When a girl goes to the SWSM or the Muarati Shrine they are involuntarily providing good reliable useful information about what they are up for–what in poker is called a tell.  It is pretty much like  you can read their minds and most of the time they won’t realize you are doing it–sort of like having the super powers of a comic book hero. The locational self selection acts as an effective filter that conserves your time, effort, and money. You don’t have to thrash around in the general girl population aimlessly searching for girls who are into what you are looking for.

The regular everyday SWSM girls can  be  hard core. All the caveats about getting involved with bar/GoGo girls apply to the regular SWSM girls.

In addition, there are a contingent of regular SWSM girls who are owned by Thai guys. Either their Thai boyfriend pimps them out for money or they are owned by the Thai/Cambodian mafia. If all you are doing is short time banging these girls are acceptable but they are not good for much else—– and the banging is pretty pedestrian. They have no incentive to foster repeat business and probably aren’t even keeping the cash they generate.

Using the SWSM is easier if you have a car.

With a car, you can drive up, get in line, crawl along the line of girls, talk to the ones you are interested in and easily transport the chosen ones back to your condo/house/hotel.

If you don’t have a car, I suggest you take a taxi, get out, and walk around. Even if  you do have a car it is usually better to park and get out.

The problem with just driving through is that you don’t take a long hard look before making a decision and buyer’s remorse always lurks in the shadows. This used to happen to me frequently at the Beergarden Soi7. A girl who looks good sitting at the bar when the deal is made, wouldn’t looks so great after she stood up and I got a look at the total package. There have been times at the Beergarden where I seriously considered telling the taxi driver to turn around so I could shed the girl after getting a better closer look—and ex post wished I had the balls to do so.

The best way of swinging through the SWSM is to park or get out of the taxi and walk down the street.

There is an infrastructure of food and drink carts and even a salon on the little side soi behind the street for the girls to get their hair and makeup retouched. The drink carts have chairs where you can sit down. You should get out, get a cold brewski, and take a nice relaxing middle of the night stroll.

Unfortunately, the SWSM has its own version of mamasans–either Thai dudes or old women who try to act as intermediary between you and the girls. They probably extort money from the girls for their non-services. Ignore them just like you would in a GoGo. They will cost you money and provide no tangible benefits. They are 100 % blood suckers.

Although exiting your vehicle is your best move, it is unusual to park, get out, and actually talk to SWSM girls. Most of the SWSM action is Thai dudes searching for an attractive receptacle to leave a donation and most of them do it at short time hotels. The vast majority of Thai guys don’t have a home setup where they can bring a girl back for banging. If there is family or friend around their pad, bringing a SWSM girl home for a quickie is sure to illicit unwanted gossip. The GFE is something that has not migrated over from The Reservation.

When you walk down the street some of the girls will look at you curiously but don’t be shy. If you walk up and start a conversation most of the girls are friendly and open. Collecting sufficient data to feed into your selection program to solve the problem of which girl to take home is elementary.

So what about price?

There is no short time and long time at the SWSM. These are farang concepts which also haven’t migrated over.

The standard price is 1500 THB for farang and 1000 THB for Asians. These are asking prices and you can try to negotiate. I usually don’t because there doesn’t seem much point in trying to save 500THB when the price is already so low and the girls really need the money. I don’t begrudge them a little extra scratch. Frankly, most of them need it pretty bad.

There is some tacit price fixing that goes on. If you ask what the price is at the beginning of the street turn down the first group and move on to the next, the first rejected group will frequently yell down to the next group what the quoted price is.

This is another reason to shed the mamasans trying to attach themselves to you. If you don’t they follow you down the street telling the girls in Thai what price to charge—even when you have clued them into the fact you understand Thai. Like I said before —100% blood suckers.

I try to defeat this move by speaking in broken Thai to disguise that I am a farang. Once the girl(s) are in the car and on the way home it is too late for them to try to up the price.

I drove through last week with Werewolf, and with a big ugly white dude in the car, the quoted price was immediately pegged at 1500 THB. No yelling or collusion necessary.

The girls expect to go home after you finish and don’t expect taxi fare or a tip. This is Thai style banging and Thai customs rule the day.

The SWSM is only good from about midnight to 4AM.

The prime hours are between 1AM and 3AM–right about the time the clubs at RCA and Rachada close.

On weekends, there is frequently a crowd of 50 to 100+ girls milling around during prime hours and there is a long line of cars crawling through.

On weeknights, there is less action but there is usually still a functionally large enough crowd of girls.

Outside of prime hours don’t expect much. It can frequently be a waste of time with only the hardcore everyday girls and the girls being pimped out by the mafia or their boyfriends (not sure there is much difference) available.

You get to the SWSM  by heading north on Asok from Soi Cowboy, turning right on Petchaburi and then taking a left after about 200 meters. The girls are visible from Petchaburi if you look down the side soi. It is about 60THB by taxi.

The coordinates are (13.7489729848617, 100.5685043334961). Enter the coordinates in Google Maps ( and you can locate it on the map.

If you are a cheap charlie use the MTS and get off on the Petchaburi station and walk east on Petchaburi Rd.

Continued in Part 3.


P.S. if you have any personal stories about SWSM girls or visting the SWSM please send them in. They will be graciously and gratefully posted.

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  1. was never a site about or promoting “sex tourism.”


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