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BBK REPRINT: Dummies Guide to the SWSM Part 3

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on June 20, 2012

[originally published June 7th, 2009]

In Part 1 of the Dummies Guide to the SWSM, I wrote the following:

SWSM girls are a mix between regulars who report everyday for work and might be managed and/or owned by Thai pimps/boyfriends and normal occasional girls searching for some scratch.

The SWSM frequently contains Thai girls who go clubbing at RCA or Rachada and on their way home swing by the SWSM hoping for some cash to get them through the week.

You can separate the regulars from the club girls by keying on their dress and how aggressive and forthright they are when you drive through. The girl in the 60 THB micro mini, 50THB clear plastic stilettos, and 40 THB white skin tight semi transparent tank top with her lace bra clearly visible yelling “hello handsome man” is a regular. The group of girls with hunched shoulders huddled together in the back, dressed conservatively, and giggling while covering their mouths with their hands are the club girls.

I though it would be useful to follow up with a couple of examples.

Consider the picture below from the SWSM and key on the second girl from the right. The one wearing the two piece miniskirt outfit, stilettos, and the long braid of hair down the middle of her back.

Is she a regular, occasional, or club girl?

If you need some help, just think about where in Thailand besides the SWSM can you go dressed like that?

Obviously a regular girl.

Do you want to bang her? It’s up to you but this old post might be helpful.

Now consider this girl in a picture taken Saturday night around 2AM.

Is she a regular, occasional, or club girl?

Looking at her outfit, she is most likely a club girl who has spent the night at one of the RCA or Rachada discos and stopped by the SWSM on the way home looking for some extra scratch.

In Part 2 of The Dummies Guide to the SWSM I wrote:

The occasional and club girls can be fun to take out, hang around with, and add to your rolodex. Most are just typical Bangkok girls (which means many are F-ing hot) grinding away at low paying jobs, without the money to go out much, and without any decent prospects of hooking up with a decent guy with money and achieving a decent middle class lifestyle as devoted wife and mother. They all have a crew of friends who are same same. If you are presentable, nice, and flash a little cash they are always down for just going out to the movies, going to clubs, playing pool, and, of course, Gik action. They will probably be interested in boyfriending you and just hanging around with you (on your dime) will be a significant enhancement to their social life.

The fact that a girl is at the SWSM means they are receptive to a wide variety of banging arrangements and don’t demand even the appearance of monogamy. The SWSM  andthe Muarati shrine both filter the general girl population and sift out girls with different characteristics. When a girl goes to the SWSM or the Muarati Shrine they are involuntarily providing good reliable useful information about what they are up for–what in poker is called a tell.  It is pretty much like  you can read their minds and most of the time they won’t realize you are doing it–sort of like having the super powers of a comic book hero. The locational self selection acts as an effective filter that conserves your time, effort, and money. You don’t have to thrash around in the general girl population aimlessly searching for girls who are into what you are looking for.

This passage applies to the girl in the photo.

This girl obviously has a story.

She probably spends her week grinding away at a low paying going nowhere job with no decent romantic prospects.

She would most likely leap at the prospect of any kind of relationship with a dude with some cash who showed any real interest in her as a person.

She is certainly open to a wide variety of banging arrangements and wouldn’t demand even the appearance of monogamy.

She looks pretty nareek and suphaap to me.

You could find out her story if you banged her, gave her 1500 THB, and while you were enjoying the ride took the time to talk to her and get the 411.

Look interesting?

Finally consider the group of girls in the middle of this picture.

What do you think?

This passage from the Dummies Guide to the SWSM applies to them.

The Gold Standard of SWSM hookups is a pair or troika of Thai club girls swinging by the SWSM together.  When you see this and are interested take my advice and negotiate for the group package. Be polite, introduce yourself, get everyone’s name and don’t try to cut one girl out of the pack and offer her xxxx THB to go home solo. Offer the group xxxxx THB for everyone to come home with you and let them split it however they want. This offer is rarely declined because it is comfortable and safe for friends who view going home with a stranger with trepidation but will be down with it if they go with friends for safety.

From the way they are dressed, they are not regular or occassional girls.

They are dressed “cute sexy” the way most normal Thai girls will dress when they go to a nice club.

Compare their dress to the girl in the first picture and note the difference.

They are huddled together and are sporting defensive body language.

If you read and are heterosexual you know what to do!

I will close with this passage from The Dummies Guide to the SWSM Part 1.

Not everyone can utilize the SWSM for maximum effect. SWSM girls are not prepackaged, attractively presented, pre-selected, guaranteed to succeed, no danger, no downside GoGo girls.

You need some knowledge, some skill, make some good decisions, and get a little lucky. You don’t strike gold every time you swing by but when the stars are in alignment the SWSM yields up sanook you can’t find anywhere else.

The SWSM and places like it are what make The Thailand Girl Scene the bomb.

And why everyone who gets to participate should consider themselves blessed.



5 Responses to “BBK REPRINT: Dummies Guide to the SWSM Part 3”

  1. I see location (GPS, maps), price and negotiation strategies = Sex Tourism

    You go Professor Ken!

  2. Graham said

    WW was in the Mango the other night. I guess Kenny’s ’friend’ is probably being paid to accompany him. I am also guessing has a one syllable name and has dark skin.

    After all, why is it the SINGLE old man is in Thailand, if not for a bit of sex tourism? As promoted in his website.

    He even has his trusted Sat Nav to take him to all those places that he wrote about.

  3. “To be a blogger in Thailand is froth with risks, especially if one’s blog becomes popular. When one posts on a blog, your comments are forever etched into the world’s internet historical record. Even if you delete your blog sometime in the future, search engines, feeds, and archives are still around for perpetual retrieval. What you say and your opinions are not set in stone, but in black and white and 1’s and 0’s. They are open for criticism, scrutiny, evaluation, re-evaluation, and misinterpretation. It can even be used against you in a number of ways”

  4. MEGA said

    Stalks Women (at) Shrines Mostly (SWSM):
    Experienced Mongers Of The Universe and Whore Town Heroes who, through delusional overconfidence, begin to believe that they’ve become attractive to all women in the LOS. Expanding their areas of operation to beyond the borders of the “Reservation” they are often seen hanging around religious shrines ‘sniffing’ about, and rubbing their penises, at the sight of what they refer to as ‘straight pussy.’

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