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BBK REPRINT: Buddha and Babes by BigBabyKenny

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on June 22, 2012

[Posted on April, 26 at 8:04 am – the one that started it all]

This is the post which was censored from TFS2M. The version which was momentarily posted on TFS2M contained some minor edits. The version posted here is in its original form.

Some posters write semi fictional, self glorifying stories masquerading as the truth featuring themselves as heroes with Brad Pitt’s looks, James Bond’s savoir faire, and porn star cocks who leave every girl breathless, sated, and slavering for more—and expect us to believe what they write is 100% the truth.

Others write self-deprecating but still half fictional stories full of mirth and humor that leave you breathless on the floor laughing.

And then there are the stream of consciousness, mis-spelled, no paragraph disasters written with a 9th grade vocabulary, featuring 6th grade grammar and sentence structure by barely high school educated, full of themselves, pint sized pizza delivery boys in The World who are legends only in their own minds, posts, comments or when they are strolling Beach Road, Soi 6, and Sukhumvit after 3AM with 500 THB in their pocket.

I like to run down a different path.

Rather than making up some fictional, self glorifying drivel, I try to provide advice and information that properly handled lets you get banged better, cheaper, and more efficiently.

(see How to Meet Normal Thai Girls by Billy Bangkok for an example of someone using the blog this way)

I hope you appreciate the difference.

Everybody would like to leave The Reservation and mix it up with the 99.9% of the Thai women/girls who aren’t doing P4P with farangs.

Who hasn’t ridden the BTS, scoped the legion of TG Hotties who don’t know the difference between long time and short time, long balling and short balling, a first and fourth down, are a little fuzzy if you can drive between Washington D.C. and Los Angeles in an afternoon, and wonder what it would be like to have access to the prime chicks who lives their lives off The Reservation?

You can sit on the outdoor patio of The Duke of Wellington when businesses close and like a grizzly bear during the annual salmon run admire the never ending stream of beautiful stunning stylish Silom office girls climbing onto the baht bus for their 1+ hour sweaty no aircon, packed like slaves making the middle passage bus ride to their 3000 THB/ month room with no toilet on the outskirts of Bangkok after grinding out 10 hours a day six days a week for barely enough money to pay rent, eat cheap street food, and the monthly treat of KFC and a movie and wish you had a way to scoop a couple of juicy ones out of the stream just like the grizzly paws out some prime salmon for his daily feast.

This post provides some help and practical advice about transforming the fantasy into reality.

A healthy rewarding approach to getting along in Thailand is to acknowledge Thailand is a foreign country and culture with its’ own unique rules and customs, expend some resources and mental energy exploring and trying to understand how and why the place works, and then bend and manipulate the local rules and customs to make Thailand cough up and surrender what it has to offer— easily, cheaply, and efficiently.

Thailand doesn’t work the same way as The World. That is what makes it so much fun and once you learn the ropes it can be really really really amazing how easy it is to get things that, in The World, are out of reach for most of us or where the cost/benefit analysis just makes it too damn much trouble.

Here is an example.

In Christianity it isn’t kosher to pray to Jesus for money, fame, or getting laid frequently and well by multiple young beautiful girls. That’s not the way Christianity works.

Buddhism, the dominant religion in Thailand and large swaths of Asia, is different. Not only is it perfectly OK, to pray to be rich, famous, and handsome, to live in a big house full of fawning servants, married to a young super hottie, with a couple of even younger hotter hotties stashed as mia nois in Silom and Ekkamai luxury condos, with a garage full of Bentleys, Ferraris, and a Maybach, and to be young, healthy, and handsome to boot but if you don’t ask Buddha your fellow Buddhists will consider you a bit eccentric.

The Buddhist priesthood is set up to profit from such requests—acting as sort of a middleman between you and Buddha, and, of course, like all religions collecting a fee for the service. We’ve all read about amulet mania—where Thais bid up the price of certain amulets made of dried mud to diamond like levels. Where do you think all that money ends up?—in the hands of the monks who craft them. More commonly, when a Buddhist wants something they go to the appropriate temple or shrine, make an offering, i.e. give the monks some cash, submit their request, and wait for results.

There is even market segmentation and specialization among the monks/temples. Some temples are general purpose wats where you can ask for anything, e.g. Erewon. Others are known to be extra powerful for certain classes of requests—sort of like visiting Lourdes and drinking the holy water if you are Christian and sick.

So if you are a young suphaak and nareek Thai girl/women stuck in an out of the way office with no chance to advertise her wares, with a worthless no money, girl abusing, no appreciation Thai mini-boyfriend or no boyfriend or decent prospects at all, who sees all the beautiful clothing that she will never wear in her rented copies of foreign fashion mags, reads about the interesting and glamorous lives of rich Thai celebrities, walks through Siam Paragon wearing her cheap Pratunam knock offs and sees the racks of beautiful designer clothing and jewelry expertly and exquisitely crafted to make a girl look stunning and irresistible, who sits on the bus everyday getting raisined by the harsh tropical sun and realizes that in a few short years she will be on closeout sale under the harsh Thai rules of marriage and dating and pine for some action where do you go?

(See Fresh Produce Shopping Part 2B-The World’s Greatest Starbucks and Some Advice About How to Meet and Bang Normal Thai Girls by BigBabyKenny for a discussion of suphaak and nareek and the Thai Girl Hierarchy of Desirability.)

Amazingly enough, the answer is Central World!

Yes–the big shopping mall on the corner of Rama 1 and Rachadamiri across the street from The Big C and SuperRich. The mall with the excellent collection of restaurants on the 6thand 7th floor, a Powerbuy, an Iberry, and two excellent cinemas.

On the northeast corner are two Buddhist shrines.

Here is a pic of the important one—the Pra Tree Muarati shrine (I am sure this is spelled wrong!).

Notice that the crowd of worshippers is almost exclusively younger Thai women.

That is because the Muarati shrine is known as THE SHRINE to make an offering when you are seeking love or need help with affairs of the heart.

Fact is frequently weirder than fiction and nowhere more than in Amazing Thailand. Is it possible that in a desperately poor country, where the genes, diet, and environment produce a plethora of lean low fat super babes, where said super babes have no opportunities for economic advancement and a decent standard of living except marriage but prevailing social beliefs prevent even the babeiest babe from marrying above her class, where 20% of the native men spend their lives wearing a dress, high heels, mascara and saving their money to have their wieners cut off and the mutilated remains fashioned into a faux vagina, and the rest of the men are mainly a bunch of trike sized no money wife beaters who treat their dogs better than their women, that the shrine where said super hotties get down on their knees and pray the local gods for relief would be located smack in the heart of farangdom—-only 4 BTS stops from The Reservation?

Amazing Thailand!!!!!!!

I am pretty sure that most of you can figure out what to do from here but I will soldier on.

Right behind the main offering area shown in the pic, Buddha has thoughtfully provided a nice long comfortable marble bench. This bench is the good girl analog to seats right inside the door at G-Spot, the seats at Big Dogs where you can watch the parade of girls entering and exiting Nana Plaza, and the outdoor patios of Cowboy GoGo’s—the ones with the best view of the girl action.

Any time day or night, buy a cold Coke Zero or a six pack from one of the nearby vendors or the Big C, plop down on the bench and check out the hopeful local girls down on their knees desperately praying to Buddha for a better more fulfilling love/sex life.

Most of us have developed pretty good pole reading skills. In a GoGo, most of us can scope the girls, read their physical appearance, demeanor, grooming and dress (if she is wearing any) and make pretty good deductions about the girl-her background, her life, and what it would be like to bang her.

Without much mental effort, I can take a quick look at gogo girls on the pole and construct an almost always 90% accurate personal history/profile of any girl—which ones are struggling, which are prospering, which have babies, which are on Yabaa, which prefer Japanese guys, how long they have been in the bar, whether they have a Thai boyfriend, how hard they will bargain, whether they are into long time or are looking for a quickie in the short time room, and, most importantly, what type of ride they are going to give you in the bedroom. I don’t think I am unique or have any special skill that most experienced farang don’t possess. GoGo Girl reading is a naturally acquired skill for most farang.

You can exercise similar reading skills at the Murati shrine and select the girls which suit your personal preferences. Uni girls, office girls, college educated girls, fresh from the rice paddy girls, teenage girls, bruised up girls mired in abusive relationships—they all come to pray and make offerings at the Muarati shrine and they get off their knees firm in their faith and rock solid in their belief that a few baht, some cheap incense and roses will convince Buddha to twist fate their way and produce a decent boyfriend, a good husband, some sexual adventure, or relief from their loneliness and/or their current shitty Thai man.

When you see one that strikes your fancy, wait until they have finished praying, follow them a short distance and approach them.

(The other Fresh Produce posts discussed how to present yourself, and what to say when you meet Fresh Produce so I won’t belabor these points here. See the Ramkahaeng andStarbucks Soi Lang Suan posts.)

The simplest thing is to politely ask them if they know where there are any nice places to eat nearby. When they mention a few, act stupid about how to actually find them, and ask them if they would personally show you the way and, offer them some free eats as a token of your gratitude for her help.

The naysayers will say it’s creepy to be hanging around the Muariti Shrine hitting on the emotionally vulnerable girls desperately praying and paying Buddha for a better love life but I beg to differ. Buddha works in mysterious ways.

Although they don’t consciously realize it, the typical farang is exactly what these Thai girls are praying for—a decent guy with some money who takes care of those close to him, who doesn’t look down on them because their parents weren’t born into money and wealth, who doesn’t hold it against them that they don’t have a fancy education, who appreciates and values girls with loving hearts, who take pride in taking care of their man—men who are looking for a fun, loyal, good hearted girl who is also drop dead gorgeous and dynamite in bed.

You want it and they want it—the stars are wonderfully in alignment at the Muarati Shrine!

I am not a Buddhist but when you learn about the Muarati Shrine, where it is located, and what it is purportedly good for, it is hard not to believe that Buddha put the shrine close to The Reservation for a reason and I personally am happy giving Buddha helping hand.

And there is no reason you shouldn’t also.


31 Responses to “BBK REPRINT: Buddha and Babes by BigBabyKenny”

  1. A true classic……Thesis Quality!

  2. WOW said


  3. Not A CSUN Econ Student said

    While reading Professor Kenneth Ng’s post I couldn’t help but think that here he was referring to his own writings

    And then there are the stream of consciousness, mis-spelled, no paragraph disasters written with a 9th grade vocabulary, featuring 6th grade grammar and sentence structure by barely high school educated, full of themselves, pint sized pizza delivery boys in The World who are legends only in their own minds, posts, comments or when they are strolling Beach Road, Soi 6, and Sukhumvit after 3AM with 500 THB in their pocket.

    I noticed he’s still carrying on about the Big Mango on his website. I suppose he won’t get satisfaction until he’s completely ruined his career and lost his job. Only then will he claim victory.

    What a miserable failure. I’m sure California State University Northridge can’t wait to disassociate.itself from him.

    • The process of eliminating him has already started.

      I’m just concerned that once “retired” he’d get vindictive.

      “What?”, I hear you say, “more vindictive?” 😉

  4. That Internet Wayback Machine is a bitch! These ego blogs can always come back to bite you.

    Especially to those who piss off the wrong people and Bangkok is loaded with them.

    That was Professor Numb-nuts biggest mistake….announcing to us his real name, occupation and then going on a global pissing campaign.

    God almighty Kenny…..people know your name, where you work, where you live and your schedule.

    How did you think this would end up?

    • That’s why he seems so proud to toss around the mango Boys’ “real names” so frequently in his libelous comments – it doesn’t even matter that he (or his “advisor”) suck as much at SEO as he sucks at running a website. Kenny is simply continuing to expose himself to a tremendous liability by endorsing and encouraging this kind of baseless libel, but by hosting it on his blog.

      His wannabe lawyer won’t be much help when the shit hits the fan on that one.

      He doesn’t understand that pointing out that he runs a sex tourism blog *is* factual (or, was, until he took down all the materials and articles about picking up hookers), while insinuating that the MangoBoys participate in “human trafficking” or posting under some guys’ real name while claiming various deviant acts, *is* not only libel, but also prosecutable under SB1411, as the local district attorney just confirmed to me.

      It certainly doesn’t help his case that, so far, he has ignored and brushed off 6 amicable settlement offers, and just as many requested mailed to his home address & work address (though that does confirm that he remains a coward).

      Oh well.

    • Daywalker said

      All because of his dumbass ego. Loser.

      Tell me, why is the 50 year old, over weight, single man in Thailand? The same guy who published GPS coordinates where to find underage girls and wrote about negotiating with a hooker to get the better price?

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Does anyone still have that post? It used to be on TFS2M and it certainly was a goodie.

  5. A Fairly Frequent Customer said

    Graham, can you explain why you let Daffney and Gully fight your battles for you?

    Have you ever sent an email to Kenny directly?

    Yea, that’s what I thought!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Hi Kenny,

      I can’t speak for Graham, but I have sent roughly 6 postal mails, and about a dozen e-mails to Kenny – none of which were answered (and I know for a fact that he has deleted the emails I sent, without even reading them).

      Graham stated that he has sent emails to Kenny previously, in hopes of an amicable resolution – I have no doubt that Kenny treated them the same way.

      Maybe Kenny should demonstrate to be open to communications, and he would be in a lot less trouble.

  6. Daywalker said


    Daffy and Gully are not fighting my battles. You need to understand and except that Kenny has pissed off many people. Not just me.

    I have contacted Kenny direct. I have even informed him of his miss-information he has published and UPDATED!

    I even tried to make physical contact with him when I saw him in a bar – but he called the cops. He probably thought I was going to beat the shit out of him for writing all that shit about me / The Big Mango.

    As I have stated… many… many times… if you have a problem with me, come and see me. Don’t hide behind your monitor and act all brave, telling lies.

    I have met Daffy and Gully on a few occasions and find them to be extremely ‘normal’ people. That’s what Kenny and the like don’t understand. They are the weirdos of this world and piss ‘normal’ people off.

    I ask again, what is the overweight, single man of advanced years doing in the Country that he has a website promoting prostitution and publishes underage girls with GPS coordinates. Tell me that’s the behavior of a ‘normal’ person.

  7. Mango Passion Fruit Smoothie said

    I looked all over Kenny’s site. Can anyone direct me to some of the prostitution articles? I can’t find them. After last night I could certainly use some negotiation strategies.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      As Kenny likes to remind everyone “I’m not going to let anyone make me take it down, that’s just a personality thing” – yet he has “taken down” all the articles dealing with how to deal with prostitutes and how to “bang cheaper, better, the BigBabyKenny way”.

      Fortunately, there is an extensive historical archive of BBK materials that can be found elsewhere on the web. Whew!

  8. Thank god………the articles and the pictures were just toooooo good and the world needs to see this art.

    Kenny is a weird cat man……why he leaves that blog open over there I have no idea.

    There is no content (unless you count ripping off Chris in Chiang Mai) and it just opens himself up to all types of abuse.

    I mean just look at the comments over there! No upside whatsoever from a self destructive idiot!

    BTW Kenneth I am not Michael and have enver met the dude!

    • Daywalker said

      BBG – Kenny honestly thinks people like him. He thinks anyone who isn’t sucking him off like that other miss-fit moRonru must be me, Daffy or Michael. He can’t get it into this fat head that he is despised by many people.

      You stated that you were in the Mango the other day. Well Kenny, Michael has not been in the Mango for over 18months.


    • “He thinks anyone who isn’t sucking him off like that other miss-fit moRonru must be me”

      I was going to make a Werewolf reference, but then realized even he distanced himself from Kenny (unless free food is involved).

    • SBDOTKU said

      “weird cat” = mentally deficient douche bag. Must remember that the next time I want to comment about someone.

  9. MEGA said

    An amusing little fantasy world piece of writing which slots right in alongside tales of santa claus, the tooth fairy and the easter bunny. This is the reality: GTG’s (good Thai girls) who are financially well of hardly ever get it on with a farang. Some might but the farang will need to be cashed up and fit. Overweight, balding BBK types don’t get a look in. Sorry, but you don’t. Those GTG, office worker types that are on the skytrain everyday, truth be known, aren’t much different to a BG (bargirl) in terms of looking for someone to be a financial provider; even more so if they’re from the provinces. Non financial GTG’s aren’t going to give it up on the first night either cause they’re thinking long term and are looking for a bit more commitment. If you get involved with one you can rest assured that wedding bells will be in her thought processes which will mean all kinds of other add ons such as Sin Sod and “take care family.” The fact is that, when you are over fifty and looking towards the twilight years of your life, the best, and least stressful, option is short times with BG’s; 2000 baht and they’re out the door.

    • Daywalker said

      At last. Someone who gets it.

      Sick of these fools who talk about their ‘good girls’. I agree. The Thai ‘good’ and middle/upper class wouldn’t spit on an old fat farang if he were on fire. (Good girls don’t spit)

  10. MEGA said

    Yep, there’s no fool like an old fool and there’s plenty of them washing up on these shores convinced that the girl they’ve found, that’s 30 yrs younger than them, is with them because of their devilish good looks. There’s only one thing remotely sexy about them – and it’s not the beer gut hanging over their belts – and that’s the size of their wallets. Before anyone takes offence at what I’ve written, please be advised that I’m 56 and I get it.

    • Agreed! The reason you meet so many assholes over here (me included) is that they have let their egos take control and now actually believe they are some changed man…… fun, interesting, handsome and rich.

      I’m 44 my wife is 28. She is drop dead gorgeous and wouldn’t give me the time of day in the states.

      Rule #1: You are basically the same person you were at home….recognize this and adjust properly!

      Dr. Ng lost the plot and broke Rule #1

  11. James Soh said

    This shits are pure blasphemies…an alien who doesn’t know the local culture and traditional of a country just feel almighty by belittling the locals…finding faults and putting unqualified reasons into other person practices and way of life – just to get a quick fix.
    Firstiy you must be at least an asian preferably a buddhist to make comments like this.
    You are only hero only in your own mind. That much I can say about you.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Ah, if only Kenny could see such comments…

      … but of course, he never reads this site (Hi, Kenny!! Hi, Prufie!!)

    • MongerSEA said

      How does one blaspheme against a philosophical system in which belief in a deity is optional?

  12. Bangers Bill said

    A couple things stand out in my mind about this post when he republished it on his website. One was he never answered a single question where he was challenged on what he wrote. The second was the inaccuracies in his post, which I see Saphan Loy has taken the time to point out on his website

    • Yeah, from the inaccurate spelling of the shrine, to getting wrong that it’s a Hindu, not Buddhist shrine… the list of errors is long…

  13. BigBlackGulliver said

    For some classic entertainment watch the new video on BBK to hear fat boy breathing heavy as he had to walk 10 yards from his car. Mr. Off the Reservation with his “friend” Michael staying in a bamboo hut together. Maybe the rumors from CSUN all those years are true.

    • …. but he said he had a girl with him… oh…. oh, I see what you mean. “Michael”.

    • Graham said

      Speaking of ‘Michael’… when will Kenny accept that Michael and Nick have not been part of the Mango in well over a year?

      They have no interest in the fat cunt at all.


    • Never.

      If he did, his entire “cause célèbre” would fall apart, his house of cards would collapse.

      He would only have you to concentrate on, and seeing as he is terribly afraid of you, he can’t really say or o anything.

      Better, in true coward fashion, concentrate on the two that are no longer in Bangkok and can’t possibly threaten him.

      What did you expect from him? After all, he high-tailed it out of Bangkok as fast as he could and always stays away from Soi 4 as much as he can. Even his “apartment” is as far away from Soi 4 as possible.

      I mean, he ran to Chiang Rai – how much further can he go?

      I wonder if they know about the 20,000 baht reward in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai? Hmmm…..

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