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Day Late Cheesecake

Posted by BigDummyKenny on July 3, 2012

Due to production difficulties we bring you the Cheesecake a day late.


5 Responses to “Day Late Cheesecake”

  1. adman said

    Very nice, however aqt25 looks way too innocent to be part of this group.

  2. Knob Spotter said

    Knob spotted. Last photo.

  3. SBDOTKU said

    What’s with the bloggers getting “ad time” just for liking this post? And I assume at least the chick isn’t really paying attention to what she is “liking” – anything to drive traffic.

    Oh, and I definitely think Knob is correct. That or she has a ben wa ball swimming around in there.

  4. BigBlackGulliver said

    I don’t know why everybody worries about lady boys like……you really haven’t “done” Thailand until you have stared at the ceiling in a short time room and gotten a blowjob from a ladylike!

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