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In Search of MangoSauce!

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on July 8, 2012


I always enjoyed reading Dave’s and was quite dismayed when it disappeared and was retired… I figured it might be fun to reminiscence  about some of the classic MangoSauce stories and articles….


Do you remember any of them?


10 Responses to “In Search of MangoSauce!”

  1. I recall one particular article and story that dealt with the nicknames we undoubtedly give to various dancer in the various venues – and in one Dave recounted a dancer he called “Lizard Girl”, describing her oddness in such accuracy that I immediately knew who he was talking about, and that I myself have actually “known” her 🙂

    This was followed by a fun exchange confirming this and having a good laugh.

    I miss MangoSauce – undoubtedly, one of the best-written and most entertaining Thai blogs of its time.

  2. BigBlackGulliver said

    Thai Friendly is soooo much more fun.

    For example:

    ^^PUKKY A GOOD WOMAN^^ HIIIIIIIII DARLINGGGGGGGGGG Myname is CHAYADA nickname PUKKY ,pukky half Chinese, half thai and half mron. And I feel pretty and cute, sweet and perverse romance. My little sexy. I have. Ready to cook and a good housekeeper. pukky ready to get married. And a good wife. To stay and take care of you forever…(pukky not speak English) email:^..^

  3. David at MangoSauce provided the first widely-read forum for me to first insult Dean Barrett directly, which I still fondly recall, when I wrote that Dean Barrett “couldn’t write his way out of a paper bag” prompting an insulted response from the man himself. And this was at a time (2005 or 2006?) when Big Baby Kenny was still playing illegal poker games online and visiting the Chinese rub and tugs in Los Angeles, not knowing the difference between Thailand and Taiwan. Or better yet, not knowing Thailand from his big fat ass.

    • Funny! Would you happen to recall Mr. Barrett’s rant?

      Personally, I have a couple of books from him (mostly photographic one) and they didn’t bother me.

      His website is another story altogether. FAIL!

    • Just looked at it again – Jayzus Kryst, that disaster hasn’t changed since 1996, has it?

  4. Fake NotKeith Ronru posting as Fake John Galt said

    I renamed Davids site Mango Squash, after I crushed him and ran him out of town.

    • This, of course is patently untrue.

      Not only are you not “John Galt”, NotKeith/Ronru/Marc/etc… but David was neither crushed nor driven to take his site down.

  5. John GaIt said

    Let’s not cloud the issue.
    I ran David out of town about the same time I had the Great Stickman fired.
    I also wrecked Wades business and destroyed Marc.

  6. Raider said

    that was fun… reminiscing like that.

  7. Raul Villegas said

    This was a fun thread, I wish there were more like this. In my country of Panama a thread like this would be beaten down like a stray dog. People would take a large metal bar, which we call a ‘mangera’ in Panama and hit it so hard it would bleed like a menstruating woman.

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