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The Return of Proofwreck!!

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on July 11, 2012

Found him, on Teakdoor, no less.

Name of the thread he started? 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!

OK, I admit – it didn’t take much detective work. 🙂

Google Search : “9/11 was an inside job thailand Bangkok” – the boy doesn’t exactly keep a low profile, and his “tell” is all over his new HansuMan sockpuppet.


21 Responses to “The Return of Proofwreck!!”

  1. BigBlackGulliver said

    That poor bastard! Thailand is truly not a good place to be with mental issues. I fear it will be a slow slide for the old man!

  2. BigBlackGulliver said

    I has just reviewed his work on Teak Door.

    This guy has put HUNDREDS of hours of work into these postings………nut case!

  3. BigBlackGulliver said

    “Others, however, believe that Prufrock is trying to express some deeper philosophical insight or disillusionment with society, but fears rejection, pointing to statements that express a disillusionment with society”


  4. The Ref said




    • … and now I know EXACTLY who you are. Thanks Mr. Big Mouth!

      Yeah, getting kicked off Teakdoor by the always-drunk, coward, old woman of an Admin, dirtydog, can be considered an award of excellence.

  5. The Ref said


    GOAT UP rudeboy – your time has come.


  6. The Ref said

    Who exactly am I then you turd? 🙂

  7. The Ref said

    Actually, getting kicked off Teak Door means you are a really sad kunt, cos anything goes over there – just not retarded angry wrong’ uns.

    Have a nice day you spastic 🙂

    • “retarded angry wrong’ uns” – such excellent diction. Actually, that’s the only kind of user Teakdoor caters to, as you continue to prove.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      I guess or friend The Ref has sobered up, back in his Isaan village, and he’s probably come his senses and realized what a dumb ass he was…

      … Naw, most likely he didn’t. He’s probably off, busy piling more beer bottles on the hood of police cars, getting busted (again) and his kids realizing what a loser he is. His ex-wives are the lucky ones.

      Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho.

      Well, at least I now know exactly where his kind of sycophant comes from.

    • Daffy, how exactly does one get kicked off Teak Door?

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Not that difficult, it seems, if one keeps reminding the SysAdmin (I hesitate to call him that), what a cretin he is, and how technically inept he is, and basically challenge him to “give it your best shot” – which is (oh, I tremble) freezing the account and flagging the user account with the “miserable” plugin, which pretends for the system to have “network problems” (and which, by the way, is rather simple to circumvent).

      The fact that DirtyDog, the admin, is almost continuously drunk, in order to deal with his hookerlicious private life (kinda reminds me of “The Ref”, certainly makes the task of getting oneself kicked off so much easier… That’s why I got a chuckle out of some German alcoholic with South African inclinations to “lecture” me about the nature of getting kicked off Teakdoor… Quite funny, especially since that dude’s just recovering from his most recent arrests…

  8. The Ref said

    You edit quicker than a cheap Ho trying to leave the short time hotel.
    You know who I am? 🙂 lol
    But sure you’re to scared to come and have a pop 🙂 lol
    “Soften your head against a wall”
    Great lyrics, coming soon (or whenever I see you 🙂 )

    • “You edit quicker than a cheap Ho trying to leave the short time hotel.” – little did I know that cheap hookers earned a tidy income as literary editors, on the side.

      He’s the kind of soft-skulled idiot who considers “having a pop” to be a problem solving skill. 😉

  9. Apparently, poofie over on TD is embracing a new “false flag” pet obsession – apparently, according to him, the Colorado movie theatre shooting was a “false flag” operation staged by Obama and the UN.

    Of course it was.

  10. This is in John Roy’s wheelhouse. They purposely staged the shooting to take away your guns with future stricter weapons regulation.

    Run little Prufie! Get yourself some strong coffee, open up Wordpad and bang away baby!

    We are on standby………………….

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