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Saphan Loy Analyzes The Works of Associate Professor Kenneth Ng

Posted by BigDummyKenny on August 8, 2012

Saphan Loy and his assistant Lek provide the ins and outs of what Kenny has contributed to the world of economics during his professional career.

Although not an exhausting task in itself, a hat tip to Saphan Loy and Lek for the effort. You can read the results of Saphan Loy’s research here.


22 Responses to “Saphan Loy Analyzes The Works of Associate Professor Kenneth Ng”

  1. Bill Wade said

    For what it is worth the number of papers written by Professor Ng, greatly exceeds the number of papers written by the total readership of this blog. And that assumes that anyone in fact reads this blog.

    • Adman said

      Given the history of Associate Professor Kenneth Ng to provide misleading and inaccurate information and passing off his opinion as fact, what is the worth of your comment?

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Hmmm… Good question. Let’s ask Kenny….

      …. oh, you just did…. Doh!

  2. Bill Wade said


    Welcome to the internet. There is quite a difference between the ‘bigdummykenny’ wordpress page, and even ‘bigbabykenny’ wordpress page and a paper published in a scholarly journal.

    Further, the information that you call ‘misleading and inaccurate’ may not be the same case with Kenny. Maybe he had a good meal at some place and reported on it, as it seems is his content mainstay. Then you eat at the same place and don’t like it, does that make Kenny’s observations misleading. He liked the place and he looks to be a guy that likes to eat.

    Mind you, I have no great love for Kenny. I see his website as a complete disaster, yet at the same time he has a Phd. and he has published papers in scholarly journals, which, as a person who value education, is something to be admired, not mocked.

    Finally, lets look at this webpage, it too is a complete disaster. Daffy Duck was an annoying poster on Kenny’s webpage and has not changed his tune now that he moved here. I can’t comment on any others and they are just as forgettable, and less prolific as Daffy Duck, to escape remembrance.

    Bill Wade

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      There is quite a difference between the ‘bigdummykenny’ wordpress page, and even ‘bigbabykenny’ wordpress page and a paper published in a scholarly journal.


      Mind you, I have no great love for Kenny. I see his website as a complete disaster, yet at the same time he has a Phd. and he has published papers in scholarly journals, which, as a person who value education, is something to be admired, not mocked.

      Uh huh, suuuuure, Raul…

      “Bill”, this whole “I don’t really like Kenny, but….” argumentative style is quite transparent, particularly since you don’t really change your style.

    • ivelosttrackofhowmanytimesivebeenpublished said

      RDD: Transparent as hell. Plus, unless he had an axe to grind, why would ol’ Bill Wade make the unsupported (and unsupportable, not to mention false) claim that no poster or reader here has ever published anything?

    • Daffy, you are truly the best friend for some of these guys. If you ignore them for a couple days they come back like a hungry dog.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Days??? I haven’t bothered with these idiots, or the Ng-Meister’s website tour-de-force in weeks.

      In fact, I think I’ll pop over to see if these retards have changed their tune – though, if I were to make a guess:

      – posts claiming to be from me, with copy/pasted content from all over the web.
      – posts claiming to be from me, claiming to be gay.
      – several other regulars of this site impersonated.
      – the usual “the Mango trades in human flesh” that Kenny is so fond of repeating.

      Did I miss anything?

    • Amazing how right after the Stickman Weekly came out the hate on Kenny’s site picked up.

      And John Roy still has his hard on because his picture and name got released for public ridicule.

      Get over it boys….move on.

      Kenny, get back to recovering your career!

      John, get some help and get to recovering what is left of your life!

  3. Correction, Mr. Wade. Of the papers retrieved by my lovely and able-bodied assistant Lek, it appears Kenneth Ng only authored one paper all by himself (in addition to his unpublished dissertation at the University of Rochester in the mid 1980s). All others that were published in scholarly journals bear the names of Ng AND his co-authors, specifically Dennis Halcoussis and Nancy Virts. Even the co-authored papers stop entirely in 2003, which is nine years ago: a veritable lifetime in the publish or perish game at the more prestigious universities in the United States. Perhaps you did not read my analysis correctly. At Saphan Loy, we tend to take off points for reading comprehension. At any rate, we are not denigrating the value of academic publishing or those who do so. We are bringing to light the fact that Ng is no John Maynard Keynes, and his observations of Thailand are even more cartoonish, boorish, and unsound. Furthermore, we would be happy to send you copies of his absurd book reviews that not only reveal a poverty of intellectual gravitas, but also illustrate the flimsy arguments of someone who is, at his core, a non-intellectual flyweight in the field of economic history. And in the field of Asian Women Studies.

    • You can’t really count the one co-authored with Virts since that was his girlfriend at the time. Rumor has it that he never did much work, took all the credit and this led to their eventual breakup.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      …. and his current marginalization in academic circles, and soon to be retirement!

  4. Bill Wade said

    Of course Kenny is no John Maynard Keynes, I agree with you there. He is an associate professor at a fine State University in California, but not a top tier school. I just want to point out that he went and got himself a Phd. and he has authored, or co-authored, papers published in scholarly journals. And no one here has.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Uh, not to rain on your parade, but I have both a doctorate and a Ph.D. – so, where does that leave your logic?

      That’s “DR. DUCK”, to you, from now on.

  5. RealDaffyDuck said

    I think to get a good idea of the “work” of Assoc Professor Kenneth Ng, you just need to look at his BigBabyKenny website – where he continues to desperately lash out at, impersonate and encourage electronic impersonations of other users in order to attempt to cause them harm… yet, unaware that he and his acolytes have become the laughing stock of their targets.

  6. adman said

    Bill – You and I have quite a different view of how people work. For example, I don’t see carpenters or builders or accountants do outstanding jobs when their careers depend upon it, but then do shit work for themselves or friends because they’re not getting paid for it. Not the ones I know.

    His restaurant reviews are inaccurate and half-ass attempts. He loves to use phrases and terms that are overly generalized like “seasoned perfectly” or “fresh” or “expertly” and in most cases fails to describe the flavors, aroma or textures that give any clue as to how the food may taste. Yes, it’s personal opinion. But it’s half-assed because he makes no effort to provide details on why he likes it. Maybe he likes lumpy, salty mashed potatoes and then posts a review that the potatoes were “expertly prepared and fresh”. You think that is a review? The only review he provides that comes close to providing details on the food is his review of the Roast. Everything else is a half-assed attempt.

    You demonstrate you’ve forgotten the history of Big Dummy Kenny and Big Baby Kenny. You wouldn’t have made the imbecilic statements about master degrees and readers, knowing that Kenny and many of his fellow CSUN faculty read this site after the article was published in the Daily News (and your preposterous assumption was dis proven further by DaffyDuck’s comment).

    I surmise you have reading comprehension issues as well. As Saphan Loy wrote on his website and commented here as well, you have misrepresented Kenny’s credentials. Why do you feel we need to give Kenny admiration for a his education, publication (singular) and Master’s Degree? Simply because he has one? Most accounts of his performance in the classroom rate him as being very poor at performing his job which is a disservice to those seeking an education. Yes, he belongs in a classroom, but only as a student. Seems you are part of the majority PC group think crowd which now defines the USA: celebrate mediocrity. You may admire his effort all you want. I am appalled by it.

    Tell me, is your “Welcome to the internet” line considered cute in your circle of friends? I in turn would like to welcome you to the world of logical thinking, but to do so at this point would be premature.

  7. adman said

    A comment on Kenny’s site about the test score results and the skilled Professor’s teaching ability….

    “the average score was a 47”

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      That’s out of a maximum of 50, right?

      Oh, you mean, that’s not how it is?

      That’s probably another reason CSUN has suggested Kenny seek “early retirement”

      Can’t wait for his self-glorifying articles spinning that one….

  8. adman said

    Speaking of the “Work of Associate Professor Kenneth Ng”, let’s take a quick look at the reviews from the latest semester before Kenny whines to the administrators at and asks that they are removed.

    Econ160 Poor Quality

    DO NOT TAKE THIS PROFESSOR! His lectures are hard to follow and he goes off topic on these ridiculous examples. He does not apply the students for the assignments given and the live class is a waste of time. The work load is high and the grades don’t reflect ones true knowledge of the material.

    Econ160 Poor Quality

    I did not learn anything from any of his lectures. He taught us how to get out of a DUI and witch doctors, but nothing about economics what so ever. The tests are impossible because none of the material is covered in any of the lectures. The average test score was a 30%

    ECON160 Poor Quality

    My final is tomorrow & all I can say is this teacher is by far the worst teacher I have ever had in my life. His tests have nothing to do with the book. You will not learn one thing. Even if you have to take ECON wait till the next semester to get a better teacher. DO NOT SETTLE FOR THIS HORRRRIBLE CLASS. FYI look his name up on google…

    Econ160 Poor Quality

    So confusing. I’m a junior and just received my first C. I highly recommend not taking him. He will give you old tests to study, they are of no use really. The questions on the tests will only resemble them but the actual material will be completely different. Professor Ng, please learn new methods of teaching. Also remember this is a 100lev class.

    Then there is always a comment that makes you go “hmmmmm?”

    ECON160 Good Quality

    Recipe for success from a NON-ECON MAJOR – in other words, someone who wants to pass – take the hybrid class, don’t go to lectures except for quiz dates, do all of the online work, do the fairly simple term paper and exams – bam, you’ve passed. some questions he uses on tests are hard but c’mon he’s not that bad. I love his off topic rants lmao.

    Most people say Ng is terrible, average scores in the 30s and this guy is saying the tests were easy.

  9. Face Facts said

    Why the fuck bother with a piece of dung like “Killer” Kenny Ng? Seriously you people… get a life. Spend your time on something that matters. Kenny is beneath most of you. He’s a wannabe ephibophile, sure, but he doesn’t have the guts and never will. Let him drown in his own irrelevance,

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