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Virus Nest At BigBabyKenny

Posted by BigDummyKenny on August 23, 2012



  Word that your site is home to a rootkit virus spreads fast on the web.




Not much more can to be said, other than thanks to ASTTRU, who provided the screenshots of browsing and website scan results.


3 Responses to “Virus Nest At BigBabyKenny”

  1. Trip said

    Anyone who doesn’t have an anti-virus program with a browser shield should install AVG Anti-Virus. It’s free and does a good job of protecting your computer.

  2. Rootkit God said

    All Kenny needs to do is go to my Rootkit shrine and prey on and pick up a Thai girl with the anti-virus.

  3. See, what’s the funniest here is that I know *exactly* what happened, how Kenny got infected, and what the vector of attack was.

    Oh no, I won’t detail it here – except to say that if Kenny had followed my original, initial suggestion, when he had prior troubles, he would have avoided this entirely.

    Instead — Oh, look, his traffic is on a death spiral in the single-digits, and he still hasn’t figured it out.


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