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Official Update from BBK about his malware infected website

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on August 24, 2012

As if we didn’t see this one coming – the short version: “There is no malware, Google is mistaken, move along!”

Indeed, Kenny – this isn’t code that was injected into your header.php file (which is where it ended up) – and all the “knowledgeable specialists” at your hosting company can’t find *any* malware, anywhere on your website…

Well, we all know the rather strenuous relationship the good professor has with the truth… so, let’s just leave it at that.



7 Responses to “Official Update from BBK about his malware infected website”

  1. The malware warning did disappear for a brief period yesterday. But, lo and behold, it is back today. While the warning does not appear on the search results, it appears only after you click on the site. Does Professor Ng even know what a rootkit virus is capable of? At Saphan Loy, Lek and I have resigned ourselves to the fact that this is likely the death of, and we’ve moved on to figuring out who (among so many people he has infuriated) may have been behind the attack. Could it have actually been the Thai government?

    • There’s no reason to assume conspiracy, mischief, or nefarious actions by third-parties, when “incompetence” (of Kenny) is a far easier and better explanation.

      Websites get compromised all the time, and most of the times they fall victim to automated processes, scanning the web, scanning websites, and detecting vulnerabilities – and I know of at least 4 vulnerabilities on Kenny’s website (including his that have most likely been exploited by Russian or Chinese rootkit hacking groups.

      These efforts by scum-sucking script-kiddies in third-world countries are on-going, and all it takes are incompetent web-admins, like Kenny, that don’t know what they are doing, and fail to apply regular security patches, updates, and security scans.

      As always, Kenny has no one to blame but himself… Plus ça change…

  2. NoKeith/Ronru/MarcHolt posting as fake RDD said

    NO Bullshit Here!This is soo much fun, Kenny having technical problems. I think I’ll go wank off.


  3. This whole malware thing probably couldn’t have come at a worse time for Prof. Ng. If I were a student at CSUN, I don’t think I would have much confidence accessing the site in order to obtain a copy of the syllabus (and instead downloading a nasty trojan). By the way, he seems to have polished that site up a bit, and even now includes a picture of himself (in his best JC Penney suit) linked to his Facebook account.

    • He always uses the same theme for both sites – doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make the connection.

      … and of course, his site continues to be blacklisted, and while Google will remove him from the blacklist for complaining, as long as he doesn’t actually do anything about removing his rootkit infection, and clear up his server, he will continue to trigger blacklists.

  4. NoKeith/Ronru/MarcHolt posting as fake RDD said

    NO Bullshit Here!Professor Dummy Kenny doesn’t even know what a rootkit virus is. LOL.
    I still am available for my standard $250 / hour.

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