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Update from

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on August 27, 2012

But Kenny, I thought there was no malware to begin with… 😉

Despite claims that Kenny paid money and “They not only removed the  malware…” (after Kenny claiming there never was any malware to begin with), loading his front page still yields the same signature of the code-injection exploit as it always has, on both header and footer:

When you see that garbage, and if you are on a PC, and if you’re malware protection is not up to date, you’ve already been infected. Since Kenny continues to play it fast and loose with his visitors security and safety, it’s probably a good idea to stay away from his site until such a time that he either fixes it, or you visit with a Mac or iPad/iPhone.

Undoubtedly, Prufie and his sockpuppet friends have no problems (Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho!)

If you visit his site, and end up with a bad infection, be sure to report his site to Google’s Malware Reporting service.

UPDATE 8/27/2012 : still infected, according to (the very site Kenny claims lists him as “not infected”:


12 Responses to “Update from”

  1. ASTTRU said

    When I pointed out Kenny’s mistakes and misleading statements concerning his Smartphone post, his denials were mostly harmless and it was amusing to see him squirm with each revision. This is an entirely different story and I find his conduct inexcusable and reprehensible.

    There’s no shame in admitting that the server hosting your website is infected with a virus and the security team is busy addressing the issue. Kenny weighed his choices and decided it was more important to protect his ego and appear infallible than it was to tell the truth and protect his reader’s computers. I find it very disturbing that Kenny chooses to first deny there was any virus at all and now attempts to provide half-ass excuses to cover up what is taking place. His choice of action is incredibly irresponsible.

    Enough of my rant. Those of you who have Windows on your computer that have visited BBK.COM in the past month, I suggest you go to the McAfee website and download their Stinger tool if your anti-virus program doesn’t check for the rootkit virus. Stinger is a free utility which will scan your computer for the rootkit virus and notify you if your computer has been compromised.

    • Thanks ASTTRU – agreed on all counts.

      I also recommend that everyone who has been infected or ad their system compromised report to Google’s malware link.

      Please note, due to Kenny’s inability to properly set up his site, you need to report both and – they scan differently since he obviously never heard of “aliasing” his domain.

  2. Graham said

    Oh his Tombstone… Kenny should have engraved ‘’.

    – he’ll have more chance of getting some visitors.

  3. Fake NoKeith/Ronru/MarcHolt posting as fake RDD said

    NO Bullshit Here!Watching Kenny squirm is the highlite of my life.
    Think I’ll go view the malware warnings and give myself a good spank.

  4. Fake NoKeith/Ronru/MarcHolt posting as fake RDD said

    NO Bullshit Here!For my 2 Hr. minimum consulting fee, I could have that sight up and running.
    Still wanking.

    • Sad that, typically, you can’t even spell common words – though, funny now that you’re too afraid to post on Kenny’s infected site, you haul your ass over here for your daily dose…

      Bye, then!

  5. Daffy,

    Who is your little friend posting over here? Some piece of shit from Teak Door?

  6. I find this hilarious

    “Once I removed the offending site from the blogroll”

    • Not the only guy who did, I’m sure. Kenny’s link network has dropped into the single digits a while back – and once you’re unlinked, especially for malware by being a POS administrator, others are unlikely to relink.

      What’s also funny is there have been repeated efforts by Kenny (and one other party) to ‘report’ our site, as carrying malware – which of course is a futile effort. (How’s things working for you, “SEO Master”?)

  7. Since the BigBabyKenny blog is basically dead. I have found a suitable replacement……………


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