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So, Kenny, how’s the site?

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on August 31, 2012

It was just a matter of 3-4 days for the rootkit virus to spread further throughout his site/server… and here we go again. The picture/links are broken again.

Same exact problem that brought his site down before he changed theme.

Shoulda listened to me, Kenny – and, of course, you still won’t.

That’s what makes this so delicious.

Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho!


24 Responses to “So, Kenny, how’s the site?”

  1. I can see the hate campaign at BigBabyKenny has stepped up again.

    How predictable…….he’s back in class, surrounded by people that have no respect for him and no access to any Thai hookers.

    You go Professor Ken, get em!

    You got outed as a sex tourist, live with it! Move on! Its Labor Day in SoCal and what are you doing?

    Sitting around that piece of shit condo tapping away on your computer directing hate at people that don’t even think about you anymore.

    For any CSUN fans reading…….. below is the proof that Professor Ng was creating supporting and maintaining his blog with CSUN resources.

    2007-09-11 08:52:19
    2007-09-11 01:52:19
    <![CDATA[I think it is pretty clear that Miss Udon is a farang Dude pretending to be a Thai woman.

    email me at is you would like a XML copy of this.


    • Oh, is he back to attacking his usual targets, and posting as Daffy again?

      Oh, I guess that explains why the lone IP accessing his site is the Northridge one again (I’m filtering your few and far apart hits from your IP – well, there’s *one* other lone BKK based IP also connecting – but that’s it.)

      Pretty sad, that and his near unlisting and down-ranking in google – oh right, he’s got ‘SEO Master’ working for him. Bwahaha … the guy can’t even update a simple script on his theme, and neither, t appears, can those malware experts he claimed he hired.


    • Well his site may be dead but if you google “sex csun” information about little Kenny displays first. Google “sex northridge” and fat boy displays sixth.

      You could write stupid restaurant reviews for years and not make this go away.

    • … but, I don’t understand… How can that be, with ‘SEO Master’ on his side..? Maybe, just maybe, he ain’t such a master of SEO as he thinks (considering all his jabs show up on page 6 of a Google search, yet ‘disgraced CSUN Economics professor” leads straight to Kenny… As do your search terms, and ‘porn professor’.

      Yeah, a lifetime of restaurant reviews won’t ever get rid of that.

      Well, actually there’s a pretty easy way to clear his results in less than 30 days…. of course, I won’t discuss that on here. 😉

      Why do you think I’m not concerned about what that joker posts about me over there 😉

    • Of course, even his sockie friend got scared connecting to his site, for fear of getting infected, after [xxxxxxxxx] pulled down one hell of a virus/malware to his PC from Kenny. I hear he wasn’t happy.

      So, as you noticed, he started coming over here and posting comments. Mind you, past tense. He seems to have a few problems making his comments stick, as of late. So sad!

      [editor’s note: personal information removed.]


    I know I am incompetent as a web admin, CSUN Professor, but why do whores turn me down? Maybe I’m not the handsome man with quality fabrics that I think I am.

    Now would everyone. Come back to my site? It’s. Safe now. I promise 😉

    Yours in mongering,

  3. Hahaha – for one, bright, shining moment, his pictures worked again … but of course, since he hasn’t actually fixed the vulnerability and infection on his site (yeah, $69 well spent dollars later), it got compromised again right away – and there he is, with broken images, again.

    As long as those images are broken, his site is spewing out malware. Just a matter of time until the text garbage in header and footer are back.

  4. Let’s see – pictures broken, again. (insert obligatory: “Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho!”)

    Site traffic, on Monday: 2 visitors
    Site traffic, on Sunday: 3 visitors
    Site traffic, on Saturday: 2 visitors.

    That’s counting my own visit to retrieve the stats.

    • I was the other person on Sat and Sunday. You do the math!

    • Not looking so good for Kenny, and his buddy “SEO Master”, is it?

      Odd how Ronru/notKeith suddenly stopped commenting here, as well… IP banning would do that 😉 I have a feeling he’s realizing that he’ll have to fill his addiction elsewhere. Surprised he hasn’t surfaced on BigDummyKeith yet… (I’ll probably shut that site down, before long)

  5. Graham said

    I only had 2 visitors on my site on Sunday.

    – Thousand that is 😉

    He who laughs last Kenny….. 😆

    • Yeah, that sure is one way to go out of business in style….

      … The irony is that, if anything, Kenny’s obsession actually helped your business significantly, aside from providing never-ending entertainment (how’re those broken pictures, Kenny?)

  6. FAKE Real Daffy Duck said

    NO Bullshit Here!*I* am the real XxxxX aka Daffy Duck, master troll of Thailand sex forums, obnoxious buffoon banned from all reputable Apple forums, & Kennys #1 stalker!
    Need I say more? OK yes I will. I see Kennys *FINALLY* sorted out his malware infected header & photos. I mean, *really*. If you want your blog properly sorted out Kenny then call my PA Vladi & we’ll fit you in when I finish my course of anal bleaching.

    • Just Another FAKE ReaIDaffyDuck said

      NO Bullshit Here!Nice to hear from you again NotKeith/NotRonru/MotMarcHolt/NotValentino

    • Whiskey Pete said

      Is that necessary Kenny? Being a miserable failure as a web administrator, restaurant reviewer, photographer, Professor and well, just about everything you do, doesn’t give you a pass for taking shots at people who point out the facts about your miserable existence.

      Shouldn’t you be prepping for classes? That’s right, you’ve been reusing the same materials for the last 15 years. I’m sure CSUN is proud of you.

    • LOL!
      Isn’t it funny that these same sockies are scared to log-in and post on Kenny’s site, but somehow can’t pull themselves away from providing their daily dose of hate and stupidity – I guess not much to do up in desolate N/E Thailand….

  7. [Same Fake, Just Envious of] ReaI Daffy Duck said

    NO Bullshit Here!Kenny, give me a ring.
    My rate has gone up a bit. Now charging 300$ per hour.
    Excuse me while I go jerk off.

    • Yeah, I kinda expected you’d try to “get me” all foaming at the mouth, after I pointed out what a sorry state your life is in. Don’t worry, it won’t get any better.

  8. John Galt said

    At least Marc is not here boasting of his exploits with 12 year olds.

  9. Daffy, you sure can attract them! Once again, who is your little friend from Issan? Teak Door? Addicts? Sub Zero?

  10. Meanwhile, back at – single-digit hits all week!
    I guess the loss of his sockies has really cut his traffic in half.
    He’d probably lose the remaining 8 hits if you ever stop posting ;-p

  11. John Galt said

    Please mark the previous John Galt post as fake.

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