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Live Blog : Dinner at Biergarten

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on October 7, 2012


The culinary reputation of Biergarten on Soi 5 something is unparalleled, so what more be added in a review?

The gentle notes of what is best described as Muzak (70s soft rock) lwaft through the air, accompanying the hundreds of conversation going on at the same time – most centering on, appropriately enough, footie and pussy.


The food was quickly chosen (Rad Nah), and delivered to my table under the watchful eyes of dozens of the Biergarten’s accoutrements – hungry for a drink and companionship.

It was still early, so the shelf-life of most had already expired, with only a handful of bright sparks amongst the coals.

I was hungry. So, I ate. Paid…. and left.

Cost : 155 baht


Live blogged in Bangkok by Daffy 7:52pm


6 Responses to “Live Blog : Dinner at Biergarten”

  1. David Shiel said

    Soi 5, what am I missing on this?

  2. SBDOTKU said

    What? you didn’t do your part for Thai we;fare and hire-a-slapper? I mean, it’s not just the young mothers you need to support. ; – )

  3. SBDOTKU said

    How’s Gulliver’s now-a-days? I’ve seen some great talent in there at times…

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