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Lunchtime in Pattaya

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on October 12, 2012


The area on Central Pattaya where I stated was surrounded by all kinds of little hole in the wall places and food carts – my favorite way to eat in Thailand, as the food is better better, cheaper … well, you know the drill.

Quality fabrics and lame poker metaphors optional.


4 Responses to “Lunchtime in Pattaya”

  1. WOW said

    Will you be having a live chat with Bangkok Buddy? Word is he’s going to be in Pattaya tomorrow.

    You can do some THESIS QUALITY ogling on the promenade.

  2. Raul Villegas said

    I imagine that if you were eating with Mr Graham there would just be bowls of semen placed in front of him.

    • …. and I would hate having to delete your literary works if you continue to spam any further. Whatever beef you have with Graham (I assume the usual, a hooker rejected you several times, just as Kenny), take it to him directly, instead of spamming all over other people’s websites.

      I understand that you feel you need to post over here, since even a nimrod like yourself has come to understand that no one reads Kenny’s trainwreck of a website any more (even Kenny has understood it, and abandoned it) – but unlike Kenny’s site, your crap will get deleted if you continue posting crap.

      Now run away, as you usually do…

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