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The (new) State of 3G in Thailand…

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on October 13, 2012

This is going to be written mostly from the perspective of using TRUEmove service, with some details about other carriers thrown in (I use TRUE). This is a follow-up to an earlier article about 3G+ changes in Thailand, which can be found here:

While I could probably write a long, drawn-out diatribe full of technical inaccuracies, personal attacks, while throwing in disparaging remarks about other platforms and manufacturers in, in a futile attempt to garner traffic and popularity like another Thai blog has-been, I won’t be doing any such thing here.

Just some simple advice, based on experience, on how to get your iPhone working with 3G in Thailand. Just as we’ve always done here  (thanks AASTRU):

The short form, 3G with true works well, and I have seen consistent and continuous coverage from Bangkok to Pattaya, including all the way en-route. This applies to *all* 3G capable iPhones, albeit iPhone 4S and above will have an extra advantage.

There have been some changes to the 3G coverage and system since my last visit, as I noticed when I first tried to re-activate 3G internet coverage. Read on…

In a nutshell:


If you are just looking to get temporary coverage, nothing has changed. Pick up a new nanoSIM from a TRUE shop, any of the millions of mobile phone shops, or even 7/11 in some cases. I grabbed mine from the “flagship” TRUEmove store at Siam Square (BTS station SIAM). I picked up a pre-paid iPhone SIM for one of my iPhones, total cost 99 Baht. Then loaded it up with 1,000 Baht, in order to add an internet package. I opted for the 599 Baht, monthly unlimited (which means it gives me 2GB of use, and then throttles me to slower speed).


If you have an existing TRUE plan, dating back to a year ago, then it will no longer support 3G service, as TRUE has partnered with CAT in order to use and support a different, faster 3G frequency and service. This service is known as TRUEmove H, and is not supported on older plans.

In order to get 3G and maintain your existing number, you will need perform a migration to TRUEmove H (basically, a process known as ‘mobile number porting’ in the USA and other western countries. Whereas porting takes minutes in the West, I was informed that the migration can take 3-10 days (it was actually completed in about 5 days).

The process is simply to fill out an application at the TRUE store, make sure you tell them you want to maintain a PRE-PAID service (they appear to automatically try to move you to post-paid). You will then be handed a new SIM package, and told to wait until you receive a notification SMS. You can continue to use your iPhone (minus 3G service) until then (that’s why I just loaded up a new iPhone with a temp virgin plan to use in the interim.)

3-5 days later, you will receive an SMS informing you that the migration will be completed the next day. The next day, you will most likely wake up with your iPhone showing NO SERVICE.

Now, swap your SIM, and you should see the TRUE H service indicator.

You can now top-up the account with whatever you need for your desired plan. I chose the Netplus650, which for 50 Baht more than the 599 plan, provides 3GB of 3G access. You can activate and order these plans either by calling TRUE customer service (1331) or by keying in special short codes.

Thus, you can also order the 599 plan via short code


or by sending an SMS of V599 to 9789

Likewise, you can order the Netplus650 3GB plan via short code *900*34#

NOTE: in the case of shortcodes, you need to type them exactly as given into your phone number dialing screen, making sure you end them with the hash character.


You should receive a confirmation SMS within minutes, notifying you to wait for another confirmation SMS for activation of the plan. This follow-up SMS usually arrives within 45 minutes, often much faster.

Now would also be a good time to power-cycle the iPhone, or to use the RESET ALL NETWORK SETTINGS feature (which I needed to do, in order for the network to be recognized).

Once you have received confirmation, your mobile internet access should just work.

They also have an iPad plan/nano SIM, which is data only. More on that separately!


14 Responses to “The (new) State of 3G in Thailand…”

  1. SBDOTKU said

    Uh, that’s all really interesting and all, but how ’bout some pix of some of the cuties?

  2. Beelzebub's Appretence said

    You lie!

    Kenny says it can’t be done with an Apple product.

    That’s all I need to know.

  3. Raul Villegas said

    What a silly post you have posted. Oh the wonders that are on the telephone thanks to 3G! Oh I am so happy that I will not beat my dog today. My generente is so happy he will not beat me today. Oh, and lovely that you give me information by using the largest city and the largest tourist destination int he country and they are 100 km from each other! Get off the reservation and try that stuff. Tells us something interesting like Mr Kenny! Your are a fraud.

  4. Raul Villegas said

    I am sorry if you don’t understand me Mr. Duck but English is not my normal language. I am from the country of Panama and here we speek espanish. But you understand what I say, you just want to stick your head int eh ground and pretend you don’t. I think Kenny is correct about you. But because you don’t seem to be as smart as Mr. Kenny, let me tell you what I said. I sad that you are a piaso by making statements about 3G networks from such a limited experience as you have described. Before you make your statements you should have more knowledge than just what you get from a trip to Pattaya.

    But Mr. Duck. I have much time for doing this today as in My country today is a holiday. It is for the Virgin de Hualtenango. But even though I have time on this very special day when I make a post here I feel all dirty. This webpage reminds me of the floor of a cinema that I worked at in New York City when I was in the University. In the cinema men would go into a booth and masturbate and the semen would be all over the floor. I didn’t have to clean up the semen but I would see it. And looking at the semen covered floor and looking at this page is very much the same thing. Just a mess of filth and stupidity. The semen is your 3G claim and just swimming on the floor.

    Make your silly post now Mr Duck. Attack me and saw that I am a sock puppet. I am not. I am raul and I have my own mind and body. I like the webpage of Mr. kenny as it was fun before, but this page as always not been fun. Attack me because I am from a country that speeks espanish. I don’t care because you Mr Duck cant.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Well, first of all, shouldn’t you be able to at least remember the email address you use, from comment to comment?

      That is, if you were actually who you claim to be?

      That said, shouldn’t you be using the sort of avatar that includes a chimpanzee named Wilson? This is far too easy.

  5. RealDaffyDuck said

    The comments or addendum invites contributions from readers – it would be great to get a contribution from AASTRU, and maybe Raul can tell us some more about mobile 3G service in Venezuela, or maybe even Florida.

  6. Raul Villegas said

    I would love to make a post at the webpage Mr. Duck as I find this to be an a place of gentle amusements, except for the pimp Graham,who seems to have a belly so full of semen that he now shits liquids only. But for the record I am from the country of Panama. yes, at one time we were part of Colombia, but never part of Venezuela. In fact, I have never been to Venezuela or Florida except when I was working as an able-bodied seamen.

    I further ask the question, is a man limited to only one email address? I was not aware of this subsection of the law. But thank you for pointing out the errors of my way. My report will be coming forthwith.

    • You can skip the charade, buddy, really, you should.

    • SBDOTKU said

      Hey “Raul” you are both transparent and just plain ignorant to think we don’t realize you are one of the 3 people that ever posted on Kenny’s site. The fact that you try to “disguise” yourself is the ultimate proof actually. Your attempt is ludicrous as I both speak Spanish fluently and speak daily to natives of Latin American countries in both Spanish and English. Your attempts to appear authentic are more of the sub variety of “gringo thinking how Latinos speak via old Looney Tunes cartoons”. Please, stop. If you want to discuss something like a human being instead of a twit and tool, be our guest. Just don’t be surprised to be banned if you are an ass. Or what seems to be even more frightening to those sycophants of Kenny, shown to be a liar and not allowed to hide behind sock puppets to agree with yourself. Via con Queso, “Raul”.

    • Cue usual comment response about rabid dogs needing to be put down, in hees nateev panama.

    • It’s really kinda unfortunate that Mr. sockpuppet is unable to just have a fun time chatting about Thailand (well, rough if he’s unable to be there).

      On the other hand, Sock Prime (ie Prof of Porn) did look kinda nervous at Acapulco the other day… though funny that he has no clue what I look like. 😉 (pictures next time)

  7. Sockpuppet Foot Fungus said

    In Cambodia Raul would not have any street dogs to kick because the Chinese there eat them.

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