No Something. No Another Thing. No Something Else.


Posted by RealDaffyDuck on October 15, 2012


This is the end. The end of an era. The end of the Mango Boys.

Kenny wins.

(or maybe it’s just after closing time, and Kenny is still an incompetent idiot? You be the judge.)


36 Responses to “NEWSFLASH: BIG MANGO *CLOSED* !!!”

  1. Ernie said

    Both answers would be correct.

  2. Graham said

    Am I getting the wrong end of the stick here?

    Are we saying it’s the ‘end of the mango boys’ or –

    ‘maybe it’s just after closing time, and Kenny is still an incompetent idiot?’

    I get confused so easily!!

    If so.. apologies to Ernie!

  3. Stick in the arse said

    I do believe you got the stick in the eye. Which may or may not be better than one in the arse depending upon your YP lifestyle affinity index.

    hahaha hehehe hohoho

  4. It is sad that Kenny still continues to hide behind various alias’ (the latest being “NY Times Critic”) thinking people aren’t able to figure out that it’s him, based on his continuously same style and rhythm). He really is a dumb-ass.

  5. Raul Villegas said

    If this is not closed you think the owner of the place could maybe paint it of clean it up to look nice. It does not look nice. In my country of Panama we take pride in how are stores look. We keep them nice and tidy. If a store looked this horrible the police would come with dogs and beat the owner until it was cleaned up.

    And Mr. Graham. I think he is a very stupid man. He can not understand your bad joke or the joke of Mr. Ernie. He is a silly stupid man.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      I think the only stupid one here is the one hiding behind an internet alias, pretending to be someone you are not – n’est ce pas, “Raul”?

  6. Graham said

    Raul – it’s dark… it’s night time and all the lights are off. EVERY bar looks dirty. You are also too dumb to realize that its rainy season. The rain makes everything dirty.

    And people with half a brain – don’t apply paint when it rains. Cock.

    • Graham, why do you bother … with an illiterate sockpuppet from Indonesia, who’s never been to Thailand and never will be?

      Why waste your time on these guys?

  7. Graham said

    And please… I BEG of you… come with your dogs and beat me!!! But remember, bring a fucking lot of them.

    • Raul Villegas said

      Please do not allow your mouth to write such large checks. I don’t need no dogs for a thing such as you. Little boys like you think they are big because they are in Thailand. I come from a country where men are men, and little pricks like you are are gleeful entertainment. I think Kenny was right about you, you are filth.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Isn’t it amazing how Raul’s command of English gets markedly better when he gets excited about being noticed…?

  8. Graham said

    and who is this clown ‘Protinic’??

    “The Big Mango has failed. The doors are still open but Graham admitted on their blog that it is not making a lot of money. It will certainly close next year when the lease runs out.”

    How has the Mango failed? If a bar is employing people and not losing money, how has it failed? Prick.

    It’s obvious to all that these people know nothing. Lease expiring next year? Odd.. no one told me?

    I guess some people really are getting eaten up that they they are just cheap, broke ass teachers who are living on a shoe-string and hide behind their monitors.

    • adman said

      I wouldn’t be too upset.

      It’s likely to be another of Kenny’s sockpuppets.

    • Raul Villegas said


      You seem to not have any knowledge of business if your idea of success is not failing. That is called surviving, and yes that might be a good thing if you are a jew in a death camp, but that is a very low standard for someone running a service related business. But then of course I have eaten at the Big Mango a few times, and am well aware that you know all about low standards.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Adman, Raul is not penned by Kenny – this guy comes from another sewer altogether.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Graham, it’s just the same old losers, spewing the same old hate and vitriol, making up the same old fake stories, hoping to be successful in their fishing expeditions – all the while embittered and angry over being the losers that they are, eking out a miserable close-to-theline existence, having to depend on free hand-outs, chasing balloons, and the mercy and good-will of friends… that is, until being the assholes that they are, they irrevocably burn the bridges of their friends’ goodwill… something certain folks like lupine lycantropes would know all about, don’t you think so, “Raul”?

    • Graham said

      Raul, what is the opposite of failing?

      Daffy is right, I should just ignore these sex tourist who save their money all year round so they can visit LOS for a week.

      And when will people realise that the Mango is a hobby, a pastime for me to have in? Not all of us in Thailand are struggling on Teachers salaries.

    • Yeah, but some of those who do *hate* those of us who don’t – yet still remain virtually impotent to do anything about us!

      As far as I can tell, if anything, Kenny and his SEO mastery have only increased your business, and destroyed his own career.

      Indeed, who’s laughing now?

      I think, we are.

  9. I Wanna Know said

    Why are the bottom feeders that define BBK migrating to BDK?

  10. Raul Villegas said

    Graham, you are very much an idiot. And I notice that you resort to the last refuge of the scoundrel, person insults, you cock-sucking son of a whore.

    As you are the on running a failing business I guess I will let you make up your own definitions of what success is. I am sure in your family the bar for success is set very low but then high enough for your mother to crawl under and give blow jobs.

    A hobbies pimp, Graham you are amazing! Maybe I should give up fishing.

    • Isn’t it amazing how Raul’s broken English just miraculously “fixed” itself when he gets excited once Graham touched a nerve?

      Point = Graham.

      Listen, buddy, I’m sorry your life is crap, but don’t take it out on those who are better than you. Take responsibility for your own failures.

    • Graham said

      Raul, as you are keen to speak about Mothers… Does yours need a job? 😉

  11. Javier Noris said

    I see that Professor Ng’s replacement has been hired.

    • Yep, bummer that “electronic impersonation” and “psychopathic behavior” aren’t traits that evaluate positively during performance reviews — and Kenny’s ratings on certainly don’t help him (especially if the new guy gets awesome reviews).

      I guess that retirement visa will come in handy soon – that and his ability to suck at teaching should make him predestined to be an English teacher in Thailand, right along his buddy Prufie.

    • adman said

      Joon’s publishing credentials are certainly more comprehensive and contemporary than Kenny’s.

      Kenny is sure to blame the Big Mango guys for his professional demise instead of evaluating his dismal performance in the classroom.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      “Kenny is sure to blame the Big Mango guys for his professional demise instead of evaluating his dismal performance in the classroom.”
      Yet, clearly, does it matter, and does *anyone* care anymore? Even his sockies have abandoned him and are commenting over here (or, in the case of some, are desperately *attempting* to comment over here – Sad!)

    • adman said

      I just peeked over at Kenny’s site. Would it be correct to say the last few comments is him having a conversation with himself (again) about the Big Mango (again)?

    • You have to ask, when it’s so obvious… 😉

    • Bartman said

      There is one thing about kenny you can count on and that is he’s consistent.

      Dedicated Detractor #1.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      He’s certainly consistent about projecting, about being incompetent, and about shooting self-goals galore!

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