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What’s next for Kenny…?

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on November 27, 2012

While it’s pretty obvious that Herr Professor is busy composing and performing his swan song (as is obvious from his desperate bait comments clamoring for significance),  it’s time to wonder what the future holds in store for him.It is really quite obvious his professorial career is going nowhere, as he’s been stuck in neutral for quite some time – and that’s a really kind way of saying the obvious.

His recent veiled allusions at “retirement visa”and his employer’s having hired a direct (and waaaaaaaay more popular and competent) replacement for his position are a pretty clear indication that he was given the face saving option of early retirement by his department chair (and former paramour).

What will that mean for the future of BigBabyKenny? More vituperative personal attacks, increase libel, and further digging into the doodle depth that he is so fond of? …. or will Thailand gain yet another incompetent English teacher? Well, at least Prufie will have company in the teacher’s lounge (when he’s not busy posting 9/11 inanities on Teakdoor). Well, at least we know that he likes to have fun with his students… or is it the other way around?

“Cmon guys, cut it out…!”

What does everyone else think will happen to Kenny next year?


23 Responses to “What’s next for Kenny…?”

  1. Graham said

    I think he’ll get his arse kicked when he goes back to Thailand.

    • Now, that’s just wild speculation, now, is it …?


    • Proffessor James B Dolman said

      Boy Graham, I really notice a lot of hostility in your posts. From what I understand this is an issue with the customers of the Big Mango. Who wants to spend time at some place with an angry pasty white white Brit Yob whinger? Not many apparently. Keep up the good work, and don’t let your mouth write checks that your ass can’t cash.

    • Graham said

      Prof fuckface…

      Bring it on. If I can’t cash the ‘cheques’, then why is it your fat pal is running from me? Why is it he is writing copious amounts of lies about me? And tell me, why is it the fat wanker called the cops when he saw me in a bar? Probably because he thought he was going to get the shit kicked out of him?

      I love that term ‘Boy’ Graham. Makes me feel young. Oh hang on.. compared to the Professor (check your spelling)

      I guess you love the term ‘boy’ as it sexually arouses you.

      Wanna meet?

    • Proffessor James B Dolman said

      You bet I want to meet you Graham. You stupid pasty white Brit whinger motherfucker, I’ll beat your stupid ass up and down Sukhumvit for the next two years.

    • Proffessor James B Dolman said

      Oh, and thanks for the use of the wifi, sucker.

    • Oh, and thanks for the use of the wifi, sucker.

      Freeloader? Unsurprising.

    • Graham said

      Prof gayboy.

      No worries for the free wifi – I like to do my bit for charities.

      And if you were in the Mango, I have a nice picture of you. We have security cameras for a reason dick-head.

      When and where for the meet. I’ll give you some time to round up some pals. In fact, I’ll lend you some of mine – as you’ll need them.

      I am guessing you’ll need to meet up during visiting hours at your hospital?

      I’ll even pay your expenses as I know your teachers salary is all accounted for.


    • My guess is Prof. Smarty-Pants will be squealing like a girl.

      Prof. Dumbass is our good friend from the 180.183.x.x IP range, i.e. Fake Daffy / Fake Keith / Fake Galt / Valentino Rossi also known as MoronRu. You know, the usual idiot who posts the same crap on Kenny’s site (but who might slowly realize that he’s lacking an audience, there).

    • “And if you were in the Mango, I have a nice picture of you. We have security cameras”

      Oh fuck not……if that is true please delete the shots of me hammered on Tiger Pints before picking up my customer at the airport. Not cool dude!

    • Graham said

      BBG… were you the one in the mini-skirt and high-heels?

      I don’t know any bar without cameras. Just because you can’t see them.. doesn’t mean they’re not there.

      With the amount of trouble-makers around these days, the bars need a camera incase they need to ‘deal’ with a drunken brave idiot – who then claims that he was beaten up for minding his own business when he comes to.

      Offer cheap beer, you are going to attract poorly educated professors who take it up the shit box and hide behind their monitors.

    • Proffessor James B Dolman said


      Please let me offer my apologies. I get mad when people like you are here in Thailand having fun, not a care in the world, go out socializing every night and have a whole bunch of friends, yet I am just a middle aged English Teacher who is not accepted in any social circle. Unless there is a fat-broke-ass-homo circle?

      I am finding it hard surviving in Thailand on my meager salary. I don’t have any friends as such, but I do have a little gay boy sleeping on my floor which I am grooming for future sexual activities. As soon as I shift a lot of this weight and get my fat-ass into shape I will come out of the closet and we can be a couple.

      Please retract your threats to kick my ass. I don’t use your wifi as Mango Bar is waaaaaaaay too far down soi 4 and I’d have a heart attack walking down there. Also, motorcycle taxis won’t take me due to getting one stuck up my ass a while back. It’s still there.

    • What coincidence – I was just thinking about Bangkok Billy. Has anyone seen him or knows what happened to him? He hasn’t been seen at the gym for a loooooooooong long time, so I’d assume he would be easy to spot by now.

  2. I think this says it all.

    Dr. Joon Y. Hur joins the Economics Department faculty this fall 2012 semester. Dr. Hur teaches ECON 161

    After 25 years of teaching the same 2 classes, never publishing much (other than a Thai hooker blog) and constant negative feedback from students CSUN finally wised up. Free market indeed!

    If Kenny wasn’t a state worker they would have fired his fat ass long ago! End of Story

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      “Dr. Joon Y. Hur joins the Economics Department faculty this fall 2012 semester. Dr. Hur teaches ECON 161”

      Well, congratulations – seems Econ 161 is an “entry level” class for new professors 🙂

      It’s pretty obvious, seeing as how his CSUNecon blog hasn’t been updated since June of this year.

  3. Proffessor James B Dolman said

    Dear Mr. Gulliver,

    I am glad to see that you have mastered the keys of a computer. Unfortunately you have failed to master the skills of both critical thinking and educational resource allocation. Just as your suspected homosexual comrade has been advised, please do not write checks with your mouth that you ass can’t cash. I don’t state words casually. I need you to understand just how ignorant you are and the level of homosexuality your writing portray. Thus, you are flammingly stupid. Your stupidity is at the level of a young man that provides his anus to his cohorts at a gloyhole. In fact I believe that is where I met you for the first time as I was writing a thesis quality paper on the psycho-sexual impulses of flamers in the homosexual community.

    • Well crafted…….I must have hit a nerve!

      Along with Prufrock’s daughter!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Yeah, an interesting diatribe – full of smoke, but typically, devoid of content or proof.

      Yes, BBG, how was prufie’s daughter? Still same bar?

    • Daffy,

      Like her father John, little Aum is a go-getter and has finally moved her way out of Soi 6. She is applying her many talents at the Daffy Duck Bar on Soi 8 now.

      His ex-wife unfortunately is still stuck at Z-Bar cleaning floors and stocking the bar. Occasionally sucking off the blind customers who wander in. Every 3 weeks or so she asks me if I’ve seen John at Tilac on Friday nights sitting in his usual chair.

      I always reply and and tell her he is taking his meds on schedule.

      I know its a lie……..but it makes her feel better.

      She’s had a rough life not because of the drugs, the booze, the smoking and the 25+ years of banging punters……but the 5 years married to John Roy reeeeeaaaalllyyy took a toll on her.


    • RealDaffyDuck said

      “but the 5 years married to John Roy reeeeeaaaalllyyy took a toll on her.”
      Spending any kind of time with that nutcase would take a toll on anyone. Just look at Kenny (or am I confusing cause and effect, again?

  4. LMFAO

    getting laid better, cheaper, and more efficiently

    working harder, smarter and more professionally

    You be the judge…………..

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      I wonder if Prof. Hur is using Kenny as a test subject for “Testing the Expectations Hypothesis in Continuous-Time” – it would seem a perfect match.

  5. Very easy to track down just give Zenaida Ehrlich a ring and she can let you know what building he is working in these days.

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