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My Trip To Khao Sok

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on December 6, 2012

by exclusive guest contributor BigBabyKenny

Hi folks, Kenny here, and thanks BigDummy for inviting me to contribute a special version of my trip report – exclusively on BigDummyKenny!


To my thousands of daily fanboys, who read every installment of my blog, you’ve already seen Part 1 of my trip to Khao Sok — and you will all have noticed that one relevant part was seriously missing from the blog entry. Yes, you guessed right – there were no pictures of your’s truly, the Professor of Porn and Social Studies on my article at BBK… because I was saving the best for my exclusive contribution to BigDummy’s blog. Thus, without further adee-oo….

I will spare you all the boring 45 minute video on the boat crossing a boring lake, and will cut right to the chase.

Here I am getting ready for the trek across the jungle – I told everyone that it was 10-15km of trekking, but really, the cave was just a couple 2-3km away from the shoreline – so, for normal people a leisurely 30-40 minute hike.

Nevertheless, throughout the hike, I was winded and had to stop and catch my breath several times. It probably has to do with that lake being at an altitude where air is rarified, so my optimally trained body had trouble adjusting to the lesser amount of oxygen. I’m sure those of you who are regular globetrotters, like Daffy, know what that’s all about — sucking wind is okay, when you’re in Peru or Quito, or the top of the 2nd floor of the econ building at CSUN.

315492_10150956354914118_396971658_n 376907_10150956362069118_1291632617_n

As you can see, I made sure that we took several pictures of crossing the same stream, giving the appearance of a much longer hike in my re-telling of the story. I sure had them going over on (hey, BDK, you’re not going to change any posted URLs, like I do over at, are you? Please, I need the traffic — I mean, that would just be the professional thing to do, you hear!)


A quick break to catch my breath to take a couple of more pictures – more world-class photography, exclusively on (and now also – heee here here!)


Finally, and none too soon, we arrive at our destination, the Nam Tavalu Cave in Pak Chok National Park. It has a beautiful sign up front that certainly impresses in its workmanship and the adroit manner in which the words are written.


See, it’s a real cave – with a hole in the side of a rock. We went in and it was dark, and wet, and cold. It was very exciting but I couldn’t take any more pictures of myself.



Fortunately, after this ordeal, lunch was waiting for me over at the lake – and I couldn’t get enough of it, so I had two dishes. Thai food is as exceptional as a Royal Flush in poker, it tastes really good, and stays with you until you hit the head.



Next time, more exclusive ground-breaking photography from BigBabyKenny, exclusively on BigDummyKenny!


10 Responses to “My Trip To Khao Sok”

  1. Oh my! Where does one begin with this?

    Let me drink a couple of beers, watch Barcelona win and I’ll be back.


  2. In a word: brilliant.

  3. “Cheap battery operated headlamps were issued, the girls stripped down to their bikini tops and short shorts, and we ducked down into the right hand opening”

    LOL……Kenny writes this as if he know these girls! He doesn’t…… the trip was taken with his friend MAH only.

    Kenn, does MAH’s girlfriend know she hangs out with a noted sex tourist?

    Well………she does now.

    [editor’s note: personal information removed. Kenny’s friend isn’t involved in any of this, and shouldn’t be dragged into it. I have removed and anonymized his name.]

  4. Kwnnys #2 Fanboy said

    Lets get a few facts straight.

    1. Kenny is not fat or out of shape. He is pleasantly plump and recently completed a 4 hour marathon. Ok. So it was a sexual marathon. Bu who am I to argue with kennys #1 fanboy Ronru. He had to stop several times because his butt was giving him problems.

    2. He coyldnt take cave photos because his flash was not working. Not because he was afraid of the dark.

  5. Graham said

    Picture 1 clearly shows Kennys man boobs!
    Picture 2 is showing fatboys flab poking out of his shirt
    Picture 3 see’s the tourguide telling his pals how fat Kennys arse is.

    Yet despite hit obesity, he still manages to run away from me and hides when I am out and about looking to ‘talk’ with him.

    I’ll catch up with him one day.

  6. Out of fear people are capable of impossible feats of strength.

    BTW does the pen in the pocket WHILE ON VACATION add to the whole “quality fabrics” thing. Just asking………….


  7. Professor Ng’s students are starting to rate his performance for fall semester, and they, as usual, provide a good chuckle.

    I especially like: “I did not learn anything from any of his lectures. He taught us how to get out of a DUI and witch doctors, but nothing about economics what so ever. The tests are impossible because none of the material is covered in any of the lectures. The average test score was a 30%.”

    It would have been great if the student recorded the DUI and witch doctor lecture.

  8. J.B. said

    Hi there Professor Gookamonkey.

    Did you ever figure out the name of the lake at the Khao Sok park or are you still convinced it’s Khao Sok Lake?


    • I would also like to say that when I named this site “ Hidden Agenda, No Censorship, No Bullshit” I was serious. I won’t delete comments even if they disagree with me and I won’t squash and end debate even when I am taking the worst of it. If you have something to say you can say it openly and honestly without fear of censorship on No Hidden Agenda, No Censorship, No Bullshit!)

      —-Professor Kenneth (Gookamonkey) Ng, 2009

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