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High-Up Lunch … w/ronru :-)

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on December 9, 2012

another exclusive contribution by guest author BigBabyKenny

The spelunking around the cave was nice, but I was sure happy to be back in Bangkok before long, where I caught up with friends, including the one known affectionately as ronru, on the 12th floor of the St. Regis hotel, at the Viu restaurant (see what those clever Thais did with the restaurant’s name – high up on the 12th floor, where you have a view, and it’s called “Viu” because it’s a tonal language, and … oh, never mind)


I pretended to eat little, claiming it was my diet and that I came from the gym… I don’t think they bought it, but who cares, as I made sure to stuff myself at Burger King on the way – ronru was with me, though he looks down on this kind of “Yank food” and prefers his vegemite sandwiches toasted – oh well,  that’s our little K&K secret. Promise you won’t tell anyone?!



51 Responses to “High-Up Lunch … w/ronru :-)”

  1. Daffy,

    Thesis quality reporting on what the power elite of Bangkok are up to.

    Once again….there is that pen in the pocket!

  2. Maybe……that’s a very developed elbow with all those years pounding that hammer, chopping on that butcher block and swinging that cricket bat. Maybe KLH will tell us someday how he came up with that Ronru moniker???????

    • Yeah, suddenly it doesn’t seem like such a good idea having written extensive posts and comments defending and about underage sex, and posting them on a website with notoriously weak security … I’m just sayin’

    • Graham said

      I can think of another reason his (right) elbow looks developed.

  3. Graham said

    He looks of advanced years too. The girls in the Mango recognized him from a year or so ago. Can’t confirm the ladyboy sitting next to him was ‘with him’ or not.

    Didn’t I read somewhere that he wrote about underage sex?

    I also read that he looking for girls around 30 on his dating profile. As he is what… 57 going on 70, I guess he is after a young girl to wipe his arse and cut his food for him?

    I was hoping he would be young enough to make the journey waaaaay down soi 4 so I could knock the cunt out. But I have a rule about beating up on old men. It’s just not right.

    It’s now quite clear why he is a keyboard warrior hiding behind his monitor.

  4. Holy Moly….what a Sunday………

    Jesus…….pray for the weak minded among us. I fear that one day we will see Werewolf and Penfold in the same scene.

    • I actually half expected it to be that dynamic duo, before opening the link.

      It finally surfaced that these two English teachers were of ‘questionable’ background, with a history of substance abuse – while the usual sympathizers are making apologies and whitewashing them.

  5. Graham said

    It is sad that Kenny and his gang keep pointing the finger at Mike (and Nick) when these guys have long since left the Mango. If fact, I think you’ll find that all the patrons of the bar don’t even know who Nick, Mike and Kenny are?! Let alone bother to post on his dump site.

    Shit, even WW has realized that he has no friends there.

    No, Kenny and his sock puppets refuse to believe that people dislike him.

    It’s also easy to attack Nick and Mike as they are no longer around (2 years now?) – yet I don’t see them coming to the Mango to have it out with me? Strange that.

    So, moRonru, you OLD fart – man up and come see me. Bring Kenny too. We can discuss why Kenny is so bitter about the Mango. Was it because we pulled his post? Or because his ‘advances’ were rejected by one of the staff?

    Is it because the Mango picked up traction and became a good social network for people to have fun – yet excluded Kenny because he has no social skills and grossed the girls out as he obese and sweats a lot?

    And why is it Kenny fixates on the Mango.. saying its a brothel and Nick and Mike (absent for more than 2 years remember) are making money from the girls? If they are accusing the Mango of this, then surely, they are accusing ALL the bars in soi 4 and the Plaza? The same places that Kenny and his pals frequent everytime he comes to Thailand. – Or should I say ‘did’.

    Tell me this.. Why would Kenny hang out in the Bier Garten on 7/1 on his own? I was drinking there with a pal when Kenny approached a group of girls and handed them money. Turns out the money was for the girls to go and get the cops as he was scared to get his arse kicked – the fucking pussy.

    I tell you what Kenny… come see me in broad daylight on soi 4. Lets have it out. Come on. Grow a pair. Bring a pal with you also.

  6. Graham said

    and another thing……… Who is this ‘Mango crowd’ that the fuckwit Protic refers to?

    From my last count, I am the only one here, there and everywhere who is connected to the Big Mango Bar.

    Who is this crowd? moRonru has been to the Mango, so does that make him part of the crowd?

    Speaking of moRonru, that reminds me, I must to more charity work for the Special Needs organizations.

    • You know – the “Mango Crowd” — anyone who disagress with Kenny, or who he doesn’t like.

      In his mind, he can’t fathom that people don’t like him, and thus anyone who has a disparaging word *must* (in his mind) be a sockpuppet for the Big Mango “owners”, because that’s what he would do, and that’s how he rolls. 😉

  7. Fact 1: “For the first couple of years, I patronized a Bangkok bar owned by two Americans”

    Fact 2: Professor Kenneth Ng publishes that the Mango Bar is a brothel

    Fact 3: Kenny was turned down by one of the girls at the bar

    Summary: This makes Kenny literally the guy who couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse.

  8. Gangnam Ng said

    Ronru is no longer the invisible man?

    Oh the humanity.

    • Graham said

      You should see his dating profile!!!

      “I’m young at heart, fit and active. I’m interested in people and there feelings, consequently long walks at dusk discussing philosophic possibilities, stimulate my sensitive and creative nature. I love adventure and travel extensively seeking new experiences and participating in life. Sport has always been part of my life, and I appretiate fine dinning, wine and fine company. I would like to meet a nice lady between the age of 30 and 40 who is slim, active and with a possitive open mind”

      – This is word for word. I have not corrected the spelling or grammar of this half-wit.

      I must say, what 30yr old girl doesn’t like long walks at dusk discussing philosophic possibilities?!!! Ha! Is this idiot for real?

      ‘Likes new experiences and participating in life’ – well, at 57, you certainly have participated in a lot of life,.

      ‘Sport has always been a part of my life’ – is wanking a sport now?

      ‘appretiate fine dinning’ – (you can’t spell for shit) yes, we saw your (sausage fest?) picture with Fuck Face Kenny.

      I think the name moRonu is better suited than your real name Kent Hammond from Melbourne Australia.

      – If you are happy to publish my name with many lies following, I think it’s only fair to reveal your name – however, I don’t need to lie.

      – You fucking retarded old man!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Now, that is unfortunate.

  9. The silence is deafening………as it should be!

    • There may be silence, but there’s some frantic re-arranging of the deck chairs on the BBK Titanic going on right this moment…. though “ronru” should know that it’ll all come crashing down around him due to yet another monumenal online security screw-up that Kenny is responsible for.

      With friends like Kenny, we don’t need to hire any private investigators. 😉

  10. Melbourne Sex Tourist said


    I’d like to thank you for the information on Kent as it’s apparent we have quite a bit in common. Besides being keyboard warriors and forging online friendships with lonely losers, we also have a common bond of enjoying sex with underaged sex workers.

    I’ll be sure to contact him in the hope of arranging a sex tour meet with him and Professor Kenneth Ng in Thailand.

  11. Pete said

    There is some frantic scrambling going on at BBK.

    I was about to comment about another comment, but when I went to review it Kenny had already deleted it.

  12. How do you spell DUMBASS? R-O-N-R-U said

    All my comments are now being filtered by Kenny. Obviously he wants to protect his kiddy fiddling buddy Kent.

    Hahaha hehehe hohoho

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Kenny’s just a one-man confirmation machine!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Oh no… and now, thanks to Kenny’s masterful failures at SEO, Kent Hammond’s name is starting to become synonymous with ‘sex tourist’ and ‘underage sex’. How horrible is that?

      (That’s what’s so funny – all those links not only point back to Kenny, but it’s Kenny’s site that has created all those SEO associations and links which are bound to potentially cause Kent quite a bit of trouble…. because of being so chummy with Kenny. Let’s hope that his other buddy Michael puts 2+2 together and pulls the rip-cord on the Kenny association.)

    • I guess Kenny’s not really good in spelling backwards. Too much fun.

  13. Mark Zuckerberg wanna be said

    You’ve been a bad bad boy. hehehehehehe

  14. Mark Zuckerberg Has Been said

    Yes I have been.

  15. Graham said

    Kenny and Kunt… please… do let me know when you are in town again – as I want to beat the shit out of you for promoting underage sex and providing GPS coordinates on where to get such services.

    Oops… is that a felony that I could be in trouble for (as Kenny once e-mailed me). Not really, of course I want to beat the shit out of the pair of you. I am sure I am not alone.

    And come to think of it, I’d happily stand up in court and justify beating the shit out of the pair of you for publishing GPS coordinates on where to procure underage sex.

    Tell us chaps.. how does that shoe feel now that it’s on the other foot?

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Now, now Graham …. That’s no way to bury the old hatchet…. Where’s your diplomacy?

    • Graham said

      Diplomacy is my middle name. Oh hang on… no it’s something beginning with ‘H’ apparently!

      I guess this is the most activity Kennys website has ever seen?

      As for moRonru.. hahahaha motherfucker!!

  16. This isn’t to say that Kenny isn’t providing what to write to a sycophantic sockpuppet known to use multiple alias, just so Kenny can sit back and rest on the technicality of being able to say “I am not posting under multiple alias’” – and he would be right.

    After all, why do yourself, what you can get your mule (Kent Lewis Hammond) to do?

    —— Daffy Duck, December, 2009

    • I bet Kent will be regretting his ghostwriter duties before long. Of course, he could choose to come clean, and expose and detail his complicity with Kenny – and all will be forgiven.

  17. “Of course, it would be easy to just delete their comments but that is the cowardly way out”

    ——-Professor Kenneth Ng, December, 2009

  18. Kent Hammond (ronru) says:
    Dec-10 at 5:50 am
    @Inqueering cunt,
    A mamasan once said to me “if the girl is old enough to bleed, she is old enough to work in the bar”.

  19. cluey says:
    Dec-12 at 3:23 pm
    If you must… and really really cant resist the tight body of a young, sweet 16yo go go dancer which you are dying to lick all over… use the upstairs room that many bars have.
    Costs extra 400 Baht but its safe and you are not going to get caught… small price to pay.

    BBG Comment: Remember folks, this is the pre-outing of Professor Kenneth Ng comments supported by his site. Nuff Said!

  20. Kent Hammond Cached Google Results said

    SEO results courtesy of

    Ubon Ratchathani : – Cached
    NGO’s Investigating Prostitution and Sex Tourism in Asia: Did someone say … Kent Hammond on a long walk wayyyyyy down Soi 4: I like walking alone at 4:30 …

    Udon Thani : – Cached
    16 Jun 2010 – NGO’s Investigating Prostitution and Sex Tourism in Asia: Did someone … Kent Hammond on a long walk wayyyyyy down Soi 4: I like walking …

    Gambling in Thailand – The Poipet Casinos : – Cached
    31 Jul 2012 – Stickman is interesting if you are a sex tourist or an expat whose life … Kent Hammond on a long walk wayyyyyy down Soi 4: I like walking …

  21. Thai Sex Tours said

    I think Kent should be laying low at the moment. He’s getting a bunch of attention on the BigBaby site. It’s not the type of attention that I’d want to be getting knowing Kenny history.

  22. Kenneth CSUN Ng Detractor said

    What up there Kenny and Kent. So guys, yea, we know you are all into the under age sex thing. If that’s your thing I guess you should go with it, but, you know, running the website and being a CSUN Associate (Never Full) Professor does have its associated risks. Kent, you should have known what you were getting into when you got into Kenny’s bed.

    As much as you’ve tried to cripple the careers of anyone involved with the BM I guess you guys kind of forgot that you guys don’t exactly have low profile professions. I mean, guys! You’ve already done more damage to your own careers then you could ever do to them. I’d even say for someone like Graham, with him being an oilfield roustabout and all, it’s a bit of a badge of honor amongst his peers. Back slaps as he’s coming out of company meets and what not. Sheeet, he’s probably seen as The Man with all those girls back in Bangkok anxious to see Big Daddy come home.

    I’m just wondering, what, exactly what, have you guys gotten out of it? People have figured you guys out as clowns. What student is going to enroll in your classes Kenny? The rate my professor site has you pegged as someone who can’t teach. The women at CSUN know all about your history. Dude, you’re laughed at when people see you on campus and it’s not even behind your back anymore. Come on Professor, you really think it’s just the BM crowd that goes onto your website to jerk your chain?

    Kent Hammond, for a guy who should have a certain amount of worldly knowledge with the number of years you’ve been around it seems not much has stuck with you. What gives? Why hook your wagon to Kenny’s horse? Do you think it’s going to end well for you? Dude, seriously, what gives? Do you just not give a sheeeet anymore or is it something else? Maybe you’re so bored with your life it’s the only excitement you have anymore. Good grief, get a hobby. Something, anything has gotta be better than what you’re doing now. Think about it.

    I know you check out this website every now and then and since you block my comments on BBK I’m posting here to make sure you see this and can’t say nobody pointed out that you’re screwing yourself.

  23. Graham said

    Oh what a wonderful life we have! – except if you are Kenny or Kunt. Yes, I will bitch slap you both when I see you. 😉

    The numpty on Fuck Face Kennys site calling himself the ‘Information Corrector’.. c’mon Kenny, that reeks of you!! Nick and Mike are well out of it. And there is no money owed. If there was, I’d pay it! You seem to forget, you fat fuck, that the Mango is a place to hang out. The Mango doesn’t need the money. If it’s not fun, then I’ll stop! But it is fun, and I am not losing money, so go fuck yourself you low paid piece of shit. When the time comes when the Mango is stopping me from turning left when I get on the plane, then I’ll think about my options. But get this… and this is a real gem……. even if I closed the doors, I could have the 5 floors as my own private bar for many years as the lease costs next to fuck all!! And there are many years left!

    I could use it as just accommodation. I could use it as my own private party venue. I could use it as storage – or I could even just leave it empty! Who knows or cares?

    But, as long as there is a Big Mango sign outside and aslong as your site is up, I know that you are seething!! You are fuming that I am still here and despite your best efforts – you’ve done fuck all to harm me! All that’s happened is that you and your little pal moRonru are scared shitless of getting your arses kicked if you show your faces anywhere neat the Mango.

    Who’s laughing now your fucking idiots?

    • Though, apparently according to the Australia Stalking Laws posted on Kenny’s site, it would appear that Graham has a valid legal case against Kent:

      Australia’s Criminal Code Stalking Amendment Act 1999
      359B. “Unlawful stalking” is conduct:
      a: intentionally directed at a person (the “stalked person”);
      c: leaving offensive material where it will be found by, given to or brought to the attention of, a person;
      e:causes detriment, reasonably arising in all the circumstances,to the stalked person or another person;

  24. Professor Ng's Sex Tours said

    Every single comment is being held in moderation at BBK.COM. This almost certainly means one thing: He’s on that bird to Thailand.

    Is that photo bounty still available and how much is it?

    • 20,000 Baht

      The rules are over at

      …. though I think it has a lot more to do with Kenny being scared crap-less over any more comments implicating and identifying his buddy Kent – unrelated, I wonder what alias/code-name BangkokBuddy has for Kent?

  25. […] been revealed, and with photographs of the two co-authors hamming it up in Thailand together (see Big Dummy Kenny), the mystery surrounding the commander of the “sock-puppet” army has been solved. […]

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