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R.I.P. Eric Porter 1965 – 2012

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on December 12, 2012

updated: Laid in Rest at the temple

updated: Laid in Rest at the temple

Thailand’s expat internet forum community paid respects to one of their own today as they bid farewell to Eric Porter, also known by his internet handle Dirty Dog’, co-founder of the TEAKDOOR.COM Thailand forum.

Porter, a 46-year-old contractor from London died of throat cancer in Bangkok, after a lifetime of smoking and heavy drinking.

His real-life appearance belied DirtyDog's keyboard warrior persona.

His real-life appearance belied DirtyDog’s keyboard warrior persona.

He is mourned by the core membership from the forum he founded, TEAKDOOR.COM, albeit his often foulmouthed diatribes also rubbed a number of people the wrong way, who had nothing kind to say.

The vast majority of Thailand blogs and forums, on the other hand, hardly took notice.

It remains to be seen what will become of, now that it’s founder is no more. His cremation will take place on Saturday at 2:30pm.

Eric leaves behind a wife and children. Our condolences to them.


11 Responses to “R.I.P. Eric Porter 1965 – 2012”

  1. Keith said

    I hope, when I die, people will be nicer.

  2. Nicholas Pascale said

    I knew Eric since he was 16, I am good friends with his mom and sister. I live in New York and all I can say is I was heartbroken over his death! My heart and prayers go with Eric. May his soul find repose!

  3. Face Facts said

    So Nicholas, was he always a useless piece of shit or can you point to the moment when he started in that direction? Should you speak to his mommy please ask her what degree of responsibility she accepts for producing such a foul-mouthed cretin. And do ask her if fetal alcohol syndrome might have been a problem because Dirty Dog was the mental equivalent of a thalidomide baby.

    As to the funeral it needs to be noted that he was cremated and the only unfortunate thing about it is that they didn’t do it while he was still using his body. People like Eric are truly the ones the phrase “die in a fire” was made for. He was a loser and the world is marginally better for his demise.

    • Nicholas Pascale said

      See the difference between the generations is this we “older” people have class and remember the maxim: “IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY – SAY NOTHING” in your case FACE THE FACTS this should have been done! Has it ever occurred to you his mother and sister maybe reading this? You say he was a foul-mouthed cretin – well what do you think you are? The man is dead let his soul rest. You nor I are to be his judge which is what you have done. To say he was the equivalent of a thalidomide baby is not only a dishonor to Eric but his mother as well! You young fellow have a lot of growing up to do. I hope and pray when you die and you will die we all die no one says the things you just said. If you and he didn’t agree, if you and he had an argument, if you and he exchanged words this is the time to as they say: BURY THE HATCHET! One can tell it is your parents who did not raise you correctly. Speak you your mother and ask her why she birthed an empty shell a man without the feelings of,others! YOU!

    • While I would like to not take sides, FF has some valid points – and it has less to do with DD having been as foul-mouthed and knee-jerk as they come, but he prominently enjoyed making fun of the deaths and misfortunes of others (not to mention bragging about beating his son to within an inch of his life).

      As such, your effort to portray him as some kind of saintly good guy, for the alleged benefit of his mother (?), seems ill-fitting and misplaced for those who ad interactions with him.

      “Speak no ill of the dead” is a rule Eric didn’t follow, so why should it apply to him?

    • Nicholas Pascale said

      A few comments on this Real Daffy: examine these statements: TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT. Of indeed Eric made foul comments or spoke ill of the dead – GOD (or the powers that be) will judge him. If he is in the chain of reincarnation his next life will reflect this one and have to pay and rectify what he did and didn’t do in this life! His role as a father will also be judged not by me. not by you. I am not saying Eric is a saint NONE of us are. But his soul deserves rest as all ours do upon our demise. From what I understand his cancer saw to this. He paid the fee of KARMA there was a balance – now we move on. And because you quoted: ” speak no ill of the dead” what do you think FF and now you have done…? SILENCE IS GOLDEN, I hope I do not have to explain this one! And to all those he caused pain to —he is not alive…HE CAN DO NO MORE HARM! So let his spirit rest. If any have problems they should seek professional help. Show maturity, show compassion and it will be returned unto you. We are taught as Catholics to FORGIVE OUR TRESPASSERS where is your forgiveness? We are taught to forgive those who hurt us! But Jesus on the cross put it so well: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” and in Hebrew Scripture it is said: “Have faith in me and I will make your enemies your footstool.”

      If you cannot pray for him—pray for his mother and sister. You seem worried about his alleged “beating” of his son so pray for him pray that all find peace!

      For Eric:
      Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. thy kingdom come they will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us,. for thine is the power, the kingdom and the glory.

    • Can you explain how this whole “his soul rests” thing works? There’s a dead, lifeless body, now ashes. There’s no “resting” – just non-existence.

      Resting implies consciousness. There is none here.

    • Nicholas Pascale said

      To begin with go to: and you will find out what a SOUL is. I finally can agree with you you have no consciousness no belief in a power greater then you so just how can one explain the metaphysical plane to you? You were never taught about a belief system, I wish I could say – this is the problems with atheists but most AMERICAN Atheists I know are gentlemen or ladies and know how to let “Sleeping dogs lie!” We will NEVER come to an accord we come from two different perspectives but let’s end this with a positive note. SILENCE IS GOLDEN! Be grateful I never let my Italian side nor Brooklyn boy side out – not all of us older people are dead.
      I work with suicidal Hispanic youth – they want to commit suicide because they discover they are lesbian, gay, bi, transgender ed or transexuals – this is a big problem in the Puerto Rican community. I think you’d say: Let them Die!” that doesn’t make you a man or human!
      so show your humanity…if you have nothing nice to say SAY NOTHING!

    • a) I’m not American.
      b) I know about the mythological concept of “soul”
      c) I was certainly taught about it, seeing as how I grew up in a catholic culture.
      d) I have absolutely no idea why you introduced your ‘troubled youth’ story – certainly no one here would say “let them die” in response to the emotional hell and rejection your backward superstitious religion puts them through. Your stepping in as some kind of “do gooder” to clean up the serious damage your superstitious bullshit has caused these youngsters to start with, is just more sanctimonious pretense.

      You certainly are laced with the same major issues that most religious self-important brats are full of.

  4. Daffy, I can’t believe you did this!

  5. Lionel P. Cosgrove said

    Most of deaths like this guys and Mekong Kurt’s I look at as suicide. In reading Mr. Drummond’s piece I was struck by this passage in the comment section:

    “That while they post anonymously they post into a real world where real people are damaged and that every action can have an equal and opposite counter-reaction.

    In journalist on investigations the first questions to ask oneself: How much damage is this going to cause? Is that damage justifiable?

    What’s the heat going to be? Is it worth it?”

    I read this blog, and I see many similarities to this and teak forum.

    I’d also like to note that maybe this guy would have celibate my death if it came from a tall building in Thailand, but, we are not required to stoop to his level. My actions, and my thoughts are not tied to his actions or thoughts. In this case a man has died, and I hope he left his family well prepared for his predicted death.

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