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Guest Post: A Wake-Up Call

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on December 15, 2012

Exclusive from guest contributor Kenneth CSUN Ng Detractor.
(This started out as a comment, but we feel it deserves higher visibility – will be adding pictures in due time)

What up there Kenny and Kent. So guys, yea, we know you are all into the under age sex thing. If that’s your thing I guess you should go with it, but, you know, running the website and being a CSUN Associate (Never Full) Professor does have its associated risks. Kent, you should have known what you were getting into when you got into Kenny’s bed.

As much as you’ve tried to cripple the careers of anyone involved with the BM I guess you guys kind of forgot that you guys don’t exactly have low profile professions. I mean, guys! You’ve already done more damage to your own careers then you could ever do to them. I’d even say for someone like Graham, with him being an oilfield roustabout and all, it’s a bit of a badge of honor amongst his peers. Back slaps as he’s coming out of company meets and what not. Sheeet, he’s probably seen as The Man with all those girls back in Bangkok anxious to see Big Daddy come home.

I’m just wondering, what, exactly what, have you guys gotten out of it? People have figured you guys out as clowns. What student is going to enroll in your classes Kenny? The rate my professor site has you pegged as someone who can’t teach. The women at CSUN know all about your history. Dude, you’re laughed at when people see you on campus and it’s not even behind your back anymore. Come on Professor, you really think it’s just the BM crowd that goes onto your website to jerk your chain?

Kent Hammond, for a guy who should have a certain amount of worldly knowledge with the number of years you’ve been around it seems not much has stuck with you. What gives? Why hook your wagon to Kenny’s horse? Do you think it’s going to end well for you? Dude, seriously, what gives? Do you just not give a sheeeet anymore or is it something else? Maybe you’re so bored with your life it’s the only excitement you have anymore. Good grief, get a hobby. Something, anything has gotta be better than what you’re doing now. Think about it.

I know you check out this website every now and then and since you block my comments on BBK I’m posting here to make sure you see this and can’t say nobody pointed out that you’re screwing yourself.


24 Responses to “Guest Post: A Wake-Up Call”

  1. Graham said

    Kenny and Kunt tried to cause me problems with all their lies. As I sat in the Mango with my BOSS and work colleagues showing them the pathetic attempts by two aging homos – we all just laughed.

    After all, can you really believe a College Prof who has already been up on charges from one of his students?! I wonder how much he settles out of court for?

    Wonder if Kenny is still using his e-mail address ‘‘ ?

  2. This is one of those chicken/egg situations…….

    Did Kent Hammond develop the Mango hard-on after becoming Professor Ng’s buddy or did he have some problem before and joined forces with boxhead in this silly crusade.

    Either way Hammond/Ronru is quite silent these days! Being the pussy that he is!

    • Odd, that – didn’t Kourageous Kent, at one point, promise and threaten to kick all of our asses?

      What happened to all that Keyboard Kourage? Did all that bravado just go poo-poo?

  3. I still am looking for answer from Kent Hammond why he chose the name Ronru……must be some weird underage sex code.

    No wonder he is estranged from his son, a well accomplished cricket player who dates women his own age.

    He must be very embarrassed by his father Kent Hammond the sex tourist and doesn’t have anything to do with him anymore.

  4. adman said

    Am I the only one who finds it ironic that the harder Kenny tries to damage the reputation of others that it’s Kenny’s friends and acquaintances who turn out to be real scumbags who damage themselves worse than you guys ever could?

    • You are correct – the irony is bordering on the comedic, and clearly his latest strategy continues along that line.

    • adman said

      Daffy, any update on Associate Professor Kenneth Ng’s employment status?

      Is he still on staff or did CSUN cut their losses?

    • What do you consider “early retirement”?

      … or rather “early retirement … or we will start proceedings”

      Looks like he’s more or less being gracefully ridden out on a rail – what with his classes being pretty much empty, the university having hired a replacement, and Kenny relegated to just the online version of the classes… that are equally empty.

      …. But he’s picked up his retirement visa for Thailand, so we have much to look forward to.

    • Adman gets it!

      I continue to participate just to watch the wreckage!

      Customers at the Mango Bar don’t know who Kenny is or do they care.

      New owner group, new customers and the staff have turned over at least twice since then.

      The difference…….Kenny thinks its a war…..for most of us it is a couple of minutes free entertainment for the day.

      At his expense!

  5. Googling Sex Tourist Kent Hammond said

    Mr. Hammond’s name is now forever tied with fellow sex tourist Kenneth Ng. So says Google anyways.

  6. Kent Hammond Defender said

    He never said how young he liked the girls.

  7. Mickey Starr said

    14 years old? Damn that is some shit if you get caught at it!

  8. Mickey Starr said

    I bet the guy nearly shat his shorts when he got outed. Rightly so from the crap he wrote about other people.

    • Kent Hammond - Whore Chaser at Large said

      If the world was a perfect place I would write all the laws about under aged sex. In my world, the age of consent would be 14. That would be perfect.

    • Yes, this reads like a verbatim comment from Kent/Ronru – back when he basked in his assumed anonymity.

  9. Melbourne Hooker Guide said

    The best whores in Asia-Pacific are in Melbourne. But they aren’t underage like this sick bastard Kent Hammond would like them.

    That explains why he travels to Thailand for his underage sex fix.

  10. Hammond of Melbourne said

    I just hope I’m not related to him.

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