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Smile, Ronru, for the Camera!

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on December 17, 2012

RonruThe sockpuppet known as “ronru” (as well as several dozen other names),  a major contributing sockpuppet on assisting Kenny in his tireless attacks on business owners and writers, has now been revealed as 57 year old Melbourne native Mr. Kent Hammond – ironically himself a business owner, though arguably not much of a writer.

Mr. Hammond likes to describe himself as :

I’m young at heart, fit and active. I’m interested in people and there feelings, consequently long walks at dusk discussing philosophic possibilities, stimulate my sensitive and creative nature. I love adventure and travel extensively seeking new experiences and participating in Life. Sport has always been part of my life, and I appretiate fine dinning, wine and fun company. I would like to meet some nice lady between the age of 30 and 40 who is slim, active and with a possitive open mind.

… though, judging by his recent pictures, taken alongside Kenny at the Viu restaurant of the St. Regis hotel, it would appear that Kent/”ronru” tends to exaggerate his physique just a tad bit, for the benefit of the dating website.

Oddly enough, Kent’s sockpuppetry has gone very, very quiet as of late.


48 Responses to “Smile, Ronru, for the Camera!”

  1. Graham said

    Looks like that fucked up freaky-twat of a sexual predator in the movie Sin City. You know, the one that the guy with the bald head punched fuck out of.

  2. Graham said

    I think I much prefer my midget ‘Phil Collins / Bob Hoskins’ similarities to this arsehole.

    Where is he? He seems to have gone quiet? What’s the matter moRonru? Looking for a bigger monitor to hide behind?

    The problem you have now is… there is nothing you can hit us with.. as we’ve never been hiding.

    Good example of people living in glass houses me thinks?!

    Oh, and incase you missed it, I think you are a complete cunt and in need of a good kicking.

  3. No sympathy at all…….this guy has been making up stories and baiting people for 3 years now.

    • I wonder how much he’ll appreciate having his neighbors, family, friends and customers find out about his pedophile boastings?

      I mean, it’s something he always claimed to be proud of, and now that Kenny has been instrumental in outing his identity, wonder how he feels about his buddy Kenny now, and his assurances of “don’t worry” and “they have nothing on you” – remember those?

  4. Another victim of Kenneth Ng……first outing Prufrock, then publishing Werewolf’s real name and fucking email address. Now he has let XML files from his dead blog push Ronru’s real name and email address to the web.

    Nice job Kenny! Well done! Or should I call you speedy or killer?

    You might want to check that over when you get a chance.

    • The irony is that Kent has been pushing that *I* publish personal information after befriending people – when all this time, every single time, Kenny has been instrumental in outing his ‘friends’ identities online.

      As you pointed out, first Prufrock (John), then Werewolf (Bill), and now Ronru (Kent Hammond) – all inadvertently outed by Kenneth “CSUN” Ng… after he befriended them. Coincidence?

      I wonder who else ought to be worried?

  5. Since Kenny is too stubborn and ignorant let me help him out before he publishes more information to the web……..

    Think about it Kenny? BTW your a worse Economics Professor than a blogger and that is really saying something.

  6. Concerned Parent in the Melbourne Suburbs said

    I hope this isn’t the same Kent Hammond that used to teach the young ladies cricket and field hockey at Seda. That would be a travesty!

  7. adman said

    Hello Everyone. I was going to ask, “What’s new.”, but there’s no need.

    So this is the little prick who was using my name. If not Kenny, it was surely him.

    I’m due in Melbourne next month.

    Hope to see you soon Kent.

  8. Face Facts said

    How did Kenny meet Kent in Bangkok when all the delusional Australian twats tend to veer towards Phuket?

    Well if somebody has time in Melbourne then by all means get a home address on him, package the evidence and start mailing it to his neighbors. Also check and see if he has any professional memberships and make sure they get a copy. Also a word with the local plod noting him as a person with pedophile fantasies would be a step to the good and make sure to mention it’s offshore so they can review if it’s appropriate for him to hold a passport.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Hmmmm…. that certainly sounds a heckuva lot like what a certain poster named KarmaKO was suggesting at some point.

  9. Graham said

    From that idiot Protonic

    “Is it any mystery why there are a large group of people who hate The Mango Crew?

    Here they are outing their customers. Posting pictures of them on the internet, publishing their names, and emailing their families and friends back in their home country.

    Is it any mystery why the bar has no customers?

    What normal person would go near the place?

    Even if you are an Expat working in Bangkok, do you want your Thai employer to find his name and his employees name associated with a sex business?

    Maybe the bar should be renamed the The Big Mango Private Club-Members Only.

    Personally, I would never go near the Big Mango. Too dangerous associating or having anything to do with what’s goes on there.”

    – Protonic… who the fuck are the ‘Mango Crew’? The Mango Bar is a building. The only person on this site that frequents the Mango is ME.
    moRonru is a piece of shit that supports his even bigger piece of shit pal Kenny. They published names and employers – why not have a go at them?

    I personally think you are Kenny, or a complete cunt like him. Should you make yourself known to me, I’d give you 10/10 for bravery.

    Until you can man up and stop hiding, you are just regarded as a low-life fucking loser.

    • Remember “protonic” was an actual participant and reader of the site, and the current one is just another sockpuppet. Those aren’t the actual protonic’s thoughts or words.

      That said, it’s kinda funny that Kenny now claims that the BM outs and posts their customers’ pictures, when these are all pictures of people that aren’t Mango customers – mostly because they are all too scared to show their faces…. what’s even funnier is that Kenny’s continued efforts to damage the BM business have only resulted in bringing in waaaaaaaaaaay more customers, than they have “lost” (having “lost” Kenny, Kent Hammond and Prufie, at least 4 times that amount in new customers have been brought in by the “good” press Kenny has created – while it has cost Kenny his job and turned him into CSUN’s laughing stock.

      Seems like a good trade.

    • Lionel P. Cosgrove said


      Again you talk like a tough guy. Three times on one thread talk about a circle jerk.


    • Graham said


      I am more than happy to back up my talk. Why is it these pussies (Kenny et all) are hiding? Why don’t they come and sort out these issues?

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      “Lionel P. Cosgrove” – you really should just either put up, or shut up.

      You sound just like another sockpuppet we all know.

  10. “Seems like a good trade”

    At the core Kenny really does not realize that!

    This is sad!

    It is even more sad that someone is paying to be educated by this guy!

  11. Pork Bellies said

    Never knew “fit and active” could be used to describe someone with 38 inch man boobs gently sagging over a 40+ inch waist.

  12. Jimmy Boy said

    Kent all dressed up for date night.

    Kent Hammond Style

  13. Keith said

    Reminds me of the days when I exposed and destroyed my enemies.
    Good work Daffy.

    • Tyronne N. V. Harpsedelian said

      Destroyed enemies? More like caused enemies. Have you looked at the stuff they are saying about these guys there? That’s destroyed all right. No one seems to get it that the whole idea of all of this is just to have some fun. Sanuk. Yet no one gets over the way they are. What kind of person would create a page like this that serves no other purpose but to impute others integrity and cause strife? So Kenny wanted to pick up girls at a temple what, 4 years ago? And look what it has become. I think back to the ending of the movie Fargo and look at how little everyone here has failed to remember the lines.

    • Uh…. You may want to review the history and chronology of events just a tad bit, lest you want to appear as just another of Kenny’s sockies, doing the old passive-aggressive shuffle.

      … because that whole “I am just an uninvolved bystander, but let me slam only you” spiel is rather worn out….

    • Tyronne N. V. Harpsedelian said

      Real Daffy Duck,

      You remind me of the warden in the Shawashank Redemption, in that you truly are obtuse.


    • You may want to look up that big word you use, and while you’re at it, how about explaining why you have no disparaging words about Kenny’s site, Mr. Non-Caring Observer… 😉

    • Gee, where’d Tyronne go? Hunting for another proxy?

  14. Tyronne N. V. Harpsedelian said


    What exactly is the issue? This page outing a person and everyone jumping on his back in an orgy of hate in epic proportions? I find the whole thing very humorous, as Kenny’s blog is nothing, it has no suture, no readers, and no content. The Big Mango bar, is a place that I have looked for in the past but have never actually found. Yes, you have a website, and have people that read and contribute to it, but I would not call it thriving, in the same manner as the more popular places near Nana Plaza. Mind you, I’ve never seen your bar, so i could be off on this.

    So what we have is two non-entities waging a war that 9 people are watching over absolutely nothing.

    And Graham, I am most disappointed in you. You fall for the bait every time in a foul mouth tirade that is so completely off putting that it cannot have any effect but driving away costumers. I can not imagine anyone reading one of your comments here and thinking “Wow, this foul mouth bloke seems like a nice guy, I’ll go to his bar”

    As a non-caring observer in all this I find all of you ridiculous.

    • Graham said


      You are asking the wrong person the question. It is Kenny and his little pal moRonru that started this. The amount of lies they have told on his site is amazing. Why should I sit back and say nothing? They’re not big enough to face me, so a little rant on here is all I can do really.

      And as for the Mango, it has a good following. I am not going to lie and say it is bursting at the seams with customers, but I can say that I don’t really care! The Mango is a HOBBY. I am not in the Mango to make money. As long as all the staff and bills are paid each month (which they are) then I am happy. To be able to hang out in a bar where I don’t get hassled by girls demanding lady-drinks, where I can get some food and no have crap techno music assaulting my ears what I wanted.

      Anyone that knows me, knows that I am q very approachable and hospitable person. Having said that, I am not going to sit back and take shit from these assholes who continue to throw stones. Is it foul mouthed I am being? Well, this is the bar business… Show me a bar where they wear slippers and smoke pipes and I’ll change my stance.

      Besides, it’s good to let of a little steam every now and then!

    • Yeah, “Tyronne” – why don’t you head on down to the Mango and sit down with Graham to discuss all of this. You might be surprised…

      … or are you, maybe, worried to be recognized?

    • Insider Information said

      Tyronne’s comments are coming in through a proxy server. I wonder why.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Yeah, I wonder why….?

      Maybe Tyronne can explain it to us?

  15. Thai Pad said

    Tyronne, I’m curious why you have yet to make a single comment on bigbabykenny (using that name anyway) and choose to voice your opinion here? I find your characterizations to be a bit over the top (“orgy of hate”, “epic proportions”, “foul mouth tirade”). Those claims about this page are inaccurate and I find it contradictory to your claim of being a non-caring observer.

    • Oh gee, you think…?

      Yeah, “Tyronne” seems like just another sockie. Of course, I can’t exactly blame him – it’s not like there’s much of anything left to do over at Kenny’s site, and I bet it must be frustrating that there’s no response to any of his taunts over in that train wreck of a site over there….

  16. Under Aged Sex said

    Where does one find out about that?

    • Melbourne Sex Tourist said

      You should probably go to the archive on the Wayback machine website ( and look for posts and comments by Kent Hammond. He will be able to enlighten you on illicit prostitution with minors.

      You could also just e-mail Kenneth Ng for Kent’s contact information. They are good friends.

    • Kent Hammond Defender said

      On second thought I won’t defend him. Having illicit sex with underaged Thai girls isn’t something anyone should defend, except maybe CSUN’s Associate Professor Kenneth Ng.

  17. كيني هو خنزير said

    Fat Ass BBK and “ronru” seem to have vanished,I think it will be a long time before we hear from those 2. Disgusting pair of nonce’s!!!

    • Oh I doubt it…. I just hope Kenny’s friends will realize that knowing him is toxic. So far:

      – Kenny is losing his job
      – Kenny lost all credibility
      – Kenny lost all respect of his peers (academics, not fat, neurotic losers)
      – Kent is now pretty much following along that same path
      – Both are cowardly hiding behind multiple aliases, and are pretty much afraid to show their faces around BKK

      Now let’s compare that to Graham and friends of Graham, shall we?

      – Big Mango doing well
      – Graham doing well
      – Friends of Graham and Big Mango are doing well
      – All have a great time in Bangkok


  18. I wonder how many underage hookers “ronru” has on his Facebook page.

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