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BBK Assurances (just for the LOLZ)

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on December 21, 2012

I would also like to say that when I named this site “ Hidden Agenda, No Censorship, No Bullshit” I was serious.

I won’t delete comments even if they disagree with me and I won’t squash and end debate even when I am taking the worst of it.

If you have something to say you can say it openly and honestly without fear of censorship on No Hidden Agenda, No Censorship, No Bullshit!)

—-Professor Kenneth (Gookamonkey) Ng, 2009

(thank you BigBlackGulliver for digging this one up)


19 Responses to “BBK Assurances (just for the LOLZ)”

  1. When Kenneth Ng posts items like the one below. Who exactly is the audience? Not the people who know his history! Is this for the CSUN folks that are tuning in? Why the history re-write? I’m just asking?

    Truth Corrector says:
    December 22, 2012 at 4:24 am
    Kenny’s advice was always to go off “The Reservation” and date normal girls that had nothing to do with bars and prostitution.

    That was what angered The Big Mango owners. They were promoting prostitution and giving customers tours of sex businesses, while Kenny was saying find normal girls at the malls and Starbucks .

  2. Kenny Ng said

    @ fuckwit Truth Corrector – I’ve not seen one word of truth from you yet.

    I love the way you constantly accuse the Big Mango Bar of all sorts of things. It makes me wonder if you have ever been to Bangkok and if indeed you are aware of all the surrounding bars in Soi 4?

    • It’s not that he (Kenny / Truth Corrector) doesn’t know – he capitalizes on his intended audience (whoever he thinks that may be) not knowing and never having been to Bangkok.

      That way, he thinks, he makes it appear as if the BM is unique in that respect, representing a single ‘bad’ hooker bar, in a sea of legitimate and honorable bars and pubs.

      The problem with Kenny’s “strategy” is that with his blog in the current condition, his comments section has absolutely no credibility, seeing as how it is overrun by libelous and anonymous comments about nearly *everyone*.

      If Kenny were smart (Hahahahahahahaha – I couldn’t help myself!), he’d maintain a clean and moderated comments section, giving the appearance of a legit blog, weaving in legit sounding comments with a single focus.

      Oh, it’s easy to give this advice here :

      – Kenny never ever follows advice
      – Kenny has actually convinced himself that his blog and comment section are legit.

      Kenny and his delusional ego have effectively always been the instruments of his own destruction.

  3. JR66 said

    It takes work and diligence to adequately moderate a blog, as you can attest to.

    • Werewolf’s quote of

      “For an object lesson in what happens when a blog administrator abandons all responsibility for managing comments refer to the BigBabyKenny blog”

      could easily be adjusted to say

      “For an object lesson in what happens when a blog administrator abandons all responsibility for managing *content* refer to the BigBabyKenny blog.”

      Once in a while, for all his bad attitude and flailing fails, Werewolf’s had some good points.

    • Mickey Starr said

      Big Baby Kenny, isn’t that the idiot who contacted us at Korat Map trying to find a house for 20,000 Baht?

    • RealDaffyDuck said


      Do tell us the whole story, please!

  4. Britemann said

    @Mickey Starr

    Probably. Kenny went on record saying a bunch of stupid things about how much people should spend on hookers, trucks and homes, in that order.

  5. Dickie said

    Kenny knows everything. Just ask him.

  6. Tyronne N. V. Harpsedelian said

    Although I believe you to be a moron daffy and a life long internet troll, this is a good post. Although there is censorship here, at least you do not claim that there isn’t. And although Kenny’s claim makes him a hypocrite, your censorship just makes you annoying.

  7. Tyronne N. V. Harpfarhnfug said

    For the record I had one post removed from Kenny’s site that I posted yesterday. It was actually a post about him censoring posts. My posting asking if he had anal sex with a prostitute remains.

    Daffy, you’re such an idiot. I don’t know why Graham puts up with such a rock dense idiot as you. In fact, I’d give you about 95% of the credit for the feud that exists between the Big Mango and Kenny. Your pointless stupidity is…..pointless.

    Lifes are pretty nice, you should get one!

    • Maybe if you actually started making more substantiated statements, people would care … instead of your current obtuse and morose allegations.

    • Daffy Duck,

      Tyronne, he don’t want to post here any more. He is pretty upset with you. As you seem kind of like a troll maybe it would be best if you just calmed the fuck down. You know, there are book that can help you learn how regular people behave, is there a library near you. If there is you can just check one out and read it. They might even have one on tape so you can just listen to it. Although according to Tyronne, you don’t have a high level of comprehension.


    • Seriously, do you randomly look up names in the phone book to come up with your sock-puppet names, buddy?

      I mean, I understand – it must be pretty lonely over there at Kenny’s… 😉

  8. Pete said

    Doesn’t he block comments more than deleting them? I’ve made comments with references to this website and they were never released from moderation.

    There’s no better way to squash any discussions than never letting comments referencing cobtent you don’t like from being published.

    • Kenny’s interpretation of “no censorship” – it’s funny how he adopted that motto because he felt wronged by Big Mango, and now has become the biggest censor, and idiot blogger of the Thai blogosphere.

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