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Whatever happened to “Tyronne” / “Lionel Cosgrove” / SockPuppy…?

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on January 18, 2013

He appears to have tucked his tail and ran – as usual when the sockie thinks he’s been exposed.

Oh, the inhumanity!

Any guess where we can find him?




41 Responses to “Whatever happened to “Tyronne” / “Lionel Cosgrove” / SockPuppy…?”

  1. كيني هو خنزير said

    Just noticed fatmans done another 2 articles for his blog haha
    I wonder if ronrat will be back soon the filthy old peado.

    • Undoubtedly he’s hiding behind his proxy…

    • I do see that someone in Northridge continues to be terribly obsessed about Michael, and maintains the lie that he’s still an owner – despite all evidence (you know, those pesky “facts”) to the contrary.

    • The irony is that the most recent article (the motorcycle trip) is actually pretty decent – nicely told, with some self-deprecating humor, and some bit of usable information. Sadly, his continued insistence abandoning all responsibility for the comment section keeps his website in the also-rans.

      Oh well, after all, Kenny knows best …. how to fail!

    • Thai Pad said

      Mr. Duck,

      I just read Kenny’s article. Nicely told? Yes. Useful information? Well, somewhat. He’s right about the Route 3 (which is Suk. Road) frontage road though. It’s very dangerous due to heavy commercial traffic and potholes, But nobody in their right mind would take Route 3/Suk to Pattaya on a motorcycle. The main reason it’s the most heavily traveled commercial road in the Samut Prakan/Bang Na area (aside from Bang-Na Trat). It’s packed with buses, light trucks and semis carrying cargo containers. Especially semis because the majority of the cargo container shipping companies in Bangkok have their loading/unloading and container storage facilities in the Samut Prakan area.

      If you had a clue about the type of traffic on Route 3 and were starting near Asoke like he did, an educated person would go north on Asoke to Rama IX, to the Bangkok-ChonBuri Motorway (Highway 7) and then follow it on the frontage road. The heavy traffic is mostly cars, light delivery trucks and limited to Rama IX (and you don’t have the sun on you because you’re under the express lanes most of the way) and it quickly thins after you get to the merge on Highway 7. Because there isn’t nearly as much heavy commercial traffic on the frontage roads next to Highway 7, you don’t have the dust and potholes you have on Route 3. The road is in quite good condition (check the streetviews on googlemaps). Highway 7 ends right in Pattaya on Route 3, about 1km from the Central Pattaya. Also, as you get close to Pattaya, motorcycles are allowed on Highway 7. I’ve made the trip several times and the longest it’s taken has been 2:20.

      Even if I lived down near Suk 115 I’d go back up Suk to On Nut and take it out to Highway 7. It would take about the same amount of time as going Route 3, but would be more pleasant as well as a safer ride.

    • Mr. Pad,

      Thanks for the “review” and accuracy checks of Kenny’s article – much appreciated.

      I know what you are talking about – I prefer renting a car when in Thailand, as I find it much more fun (not to mention safer) to have 4 wheels carrying me around…. and I did the trip to Pattaya on my last trip a few months back, pretty much going by the way you described (or rather how Apple Maps guided me).

      I should see if I can dig up my pictures from the trip, and maybe write up something along the same lines.

      Again, thanks for the information, Mr. Pad.

    • Graham said

      Funny… the other week I wrote a little on riding in Samui. I recommended the Honda PCX instead of those little cheap ass bikes that Kenny has.

      In Kennys piece, he says that the PCX should be avoided.

      Was his selection based on anything other than being in disagreeing with me?!

    • Interesting context that certainly places Kenny right back, unfortunately, into the realm of spiteful writing…. and I had such high, albeit misplaced, hopes for that boy. 😦

  2. Are you sure the frontage road runs along the entire length of Highway 7?

    • Thai Pad said

      The frontage road has 2 or 3 sections close to Chon Buri where it’s not next to the highway and it more or less ends where the toll section of Highway 7 ends. I jump on 7 at that point. Otherwise I suppose you could follow the flow of motorcycles on the frontage road if you’re not sure or maybe get yourself a BBK GPS, complete with karaoke, gogo and g-club point of interest locations.

  3. Big Bangkok Biker said

    I saw someone commenting on the kenny site saying that this route is longer than taking Route 3. Let’s see what googlemaps tells us:

    Point A: Asok BTS Station Bangkok Thailand
    Point B: Central Pattaya Pattaya Chon Buri Thailand
    Route 7 – 141 km, 1 hour 35 mins

    By dragging the purple highlighted line, you can change roads used for the trip. Here is Kenny’s Trip using Sukhumvit/Route 3 142 km, 2 hours 23 mins

    1. Head southeast on Thanon Sukhumvit/Route 3 toward Thanon Ratchadaphisek
    Continue to follow Route 3
    18.2 km
    2. Turn left onto Sukhumvit/Route 3
    Continue to follow Route 3
    50.9 km
    3. Turn right toward Bang Na-Trat/Route 3/Route 34/AH123 (signs for ชลบุรี/Chon Buri/ระยอง/Rayong)
    550 m
    4. Continue straight onto Bang Na-Trat/Route 3/Route 34/AH123
    Continue to follow Bang Na-Trat/Route 3/AH123
    850 m
    5. Slight right to merge onto Sukhumvit/Route 3/Route 34/AH123
    Continue to follow Sukhumvit/Route 3
    67.3 km
    6. Turn right onto Pattaya Nuea
    2.0 km
    7. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Pattaya Sai Nueang
    Destination will be on the left
    2.0 km

    Central Festival Pattaya Beach
    333/99 Pattaya Sai Nueang
    Na Kluea, 20150, Thailand

    I’m sure those experts at BBK will be able to explain away how this makes no sense.

    • Didn’t he say that one route was preferable over the other because of the type of traffic on it?

      …or maybe it’s just because he got lost, and this is how he rationalized it.

      Which one is more likely?

  4. Survey Says said

    I’ll put my money on him being a wandering stooge without his GPS and he got lost.

  5. Tyronne N. V. Harpsedelian said

    I’m right here. Honestly I can look at this page one a month and that’s enough for me. Kenny posts some crap about a bike ride and you guys analyses it. Its like the notstickman when he would go through each posting with his own spin, the difference is that stickman posted quality stuff that could be useful. You guys on the other hand are analyzing Kenny of all things.

    Graham, you seem like a nice guy. As I am a sex tourist I am going to visit Bangkok next week and will make an effort to visit the Big Mango Bar. Do you have an expresso machine for coffee? If so I will visit in the morning. I will not seek you out however as I am what is called an ‘Independent Operator’.

    Daffy, you are as dense as Chengdeite. And I’m sure you know what Chengdeite is, as you know what everything is.

    • Uh huh, I’m soooo sure!

      Tricky finding a good proxy, Tyronne?

    • Thai Pad said

      Mr. Harp,

      Your comment is out of line. Having done the trip many times using Suk/Route 3 and Highway 7 by motorcycle, car and bus, my comment is about what I know to be a faster and safer way to get to Pattaya from Bangkok.

      I wouldn’t waste one minute of time trying to analyze Kenny. Then again, would it even take one minute?

    • Tyronne-or-whatever-your-name – why are you so damn desperate to try to bait people to go back over to Kenny?

      Oh, right – because it’s lonely, and *no one* visit over at Kenny’s anymore. Ciao!

  6. Kenny took the best route…..Sukhumvit Road from Asoke all the way to Bang Pakong and turn onto the access road for Route 34….this is the road everybody is bitchin about. You are only on it a little bit before heading thru Chonburi again on Sukhumvit Road. From there all the way down Sukhumvit to Pattaya.

  7. I drive from Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi at least three time per week on Route 7 in my truck. I have also got off Route 7 various places for various reasons using the access roads. Many place they are as bad as Route 34 in addition to meandering all over the place. Chonburi to Pattaya on Sukhumvit is safer, faster and less distance than taking Route 7 down. Driving through Chonburi city on a motorbike is also faster than taking the bypass road that you suggested. Kenny took the best route with a pal on their bikes to Pattaya.

  8. Big Bangkok Biker said

    I’ve never ridden to Pattaya on a bik (I have rented when I’ve gotten there though), so I can’t comment about the road conditions on the access roads. On the other hand, I like to look at statistics and compare them to my personal riding experiences and see how risky different routes measure up against each other when I just want to get from A to B.

    Based upon motorcycle accident statistics alone, by driving on highways with restricted access you reduce your chance of an accident by 90%.
    Looking at the 90% of motorcycle accidents happening on urban roadways, 1/2 happened at intersections.
    About 60% of all accidents happen on urban roads.
    Approximately 60% of all accidents were front to side, where either the motorcycle or the car crossed the path of the other vehicle, with 1/3 of them being right angle (t-bone) accidents.

    In other words, whichever road is more urban in nature, has more traffic and more intersections makes it statistically less safe for a motorcycle rider.

    As for my personal experience, it closely matches the statistics. Thankfully I haven’t been in an accident with another vehicle, but I’ve had close calls. Each time it was at intersections where the driver turned right out in front of me. Call me lucky that I didn’t hit the other car/truck.

    Those times I had accidents it was due to road conditions. Didn’t hit anything though. More luck I think. Ever stood on a throw rug on a marble floor and had someone pull it out from under you? That’s what my bike accidents felt like. Sand, water and oil don’t mix.

    If it’s me deciding on a bike trip to Pattaya and the alternate routes are all about the same distance, I’d take the road with the fewest intersections first and foremost, followed by best road surface and least traffic.

    BigBlackGulliver – If you’re to believe googlemaps, you’re 1000% wrong on the distance and fastest way for the trip Kenny took.

  9. Nope…..the route from Pattaya to Bang Pakong is just fine. Especially early in the morning. Fastest? I only said that Sukhumvit through Chonburi CITY is faster on a bike than the bypass. Bang Pakong to Bangkok on “old” Sukhumvit Road is a nice cruise the whole way. I say this riding a 125cc bike not a BIKE BIKE! LMFAO!

    • Big Bangkok Biker said

      BigBlackGulliver – My mistake. I thought we were talking about the entire trip. I don’t know shit about the Route 3 Chon Buri bypass. It’s been years since I’ve been through there.

  10. Professor Ng….could you please tell us the exact route you took to Pattaya from Bangkok?

  11. Uncle Frank said

    I almost hit a gookamonkey on a 10 speed once. Does that count?

    • Jamal Otis Anderson said

      Uncle Frank,

      Possibly you intended this to be a funny interjection however your abject racism is uncalled for. As a black man in America I can tell you that racism is not a pretty thing.

    • So, Jamal, do I assume correctly that you are roommates with Lionel Cosgrove, DeWayne, Tyrone, and of course, Raoul of Panama?

      How do you guys all fit into that tiny flat?

  12. Hi all,

    I got an email from Tyronne, he wasn’t really happy with the censorship going on here. He asked me to post this for him. He said he’s not going to post here anymore as his posts are just deleted. He had some words for Daffy Duck but they are not really fit for print.

    I don’t know what is going on over here, but Kenny seems like a pretty good guy that just posts once in a while on his website.

    Tyronne, says that he’ll stop by the Big Mango for breakfast next week. He is a sex tourist and will be in Bangkok.

    Thank for your time,


    • Odd, since none of his comments have been deleted… oh, wait, I get it, you’re just making stuff up, again.

      I take it, “DeWayne”, that you and “Tyronne” must be roommates, then? Twins, maybe?

  13. Mr. Obvious said

    Looks like the sock puppet parade is on an ethnic binge.

    • LOL!

      Yeah, pretty much. Just think of it this way, every sockie that comes here, a sockie on Kenny’s site loses its wings 🙂

    • Jamal Otis Anderson said

      Yes Mr Obvious as only white people can travel to foreign lands. As a black man in the US I find your post to be both demeaning and despicable. In reading various posts here I find there to be much latent hostility towards non whites. I’d like to think that we, not just Americans, the world wide ‘we’, have progressed beyond such things but this website has shown me that racism is alive and well. Faith in humanity is always a tenuous thing, especially among groups of loutish white people.

    • Mr. Obvious said


      I find your comment as nothing more than stupid attempt to troll, as you’ve most likely posted under other names and this is your latest creation. To which I’d like to add, “the ethnic parade of sock puppets keeps getting larger.”

    • Mr. Obvious,

      Facts would back up your assumption.

  14. Booker "The T is for Taliaferro" Washington said

    As a black sock puppet in cyberspace I find the comments by Jamal and Tyronne disturbing and insensitive to us minorities who live in a cyber reality.

    • George Washington Carver said

      I would like to share the sentiments of my brother Booker T Washington. As a frequently used minority sock puppet name, I find it disturbing that white men would hide behind ethnic names to promote their hate filled agendas. The agenda of these sock puppets make it all that more important that all true sock puppets stand together in solidarity and denounce those white hands that put on a black sockie to spread their hate and vindictive.

  15. Well Daffy at least we know what to do on a Sunday morning at 0600 in England……open another beer, rub our bald head, look at our tattoos, post some bullshit and wait for the footy to start.

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