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Just A Thai Massage – Please?

Posted by BigDummyKenny on January 22, 2013

Sometimes you just want a straight up massage.

Long day at the office or sore from the gym, whatever. You just want a good massage. This week I’m staying off Soi 23 and there are plenty of massage joints up and down the Soi. I know what goes on in most of these places. I was on my way back to my room and just wanted the standard Thai massage before I get back to finish paperwork.

Finding a place with girls available to give a massage is not a problem at 3:00pm, so I have plenty of choices. I know the MJs (Massage Joints) farther down have more girls on staff based upon other days, so I opt to pass by the ones close to Suk for one nearer to my place.

About 25 meters from my place I stop where there are 2 massage places close to each other. Passing the first one the girl with the pricing card is way to aggressive about having many young girls who will “take care” of me.

“I only want Thai massage.”
“Oil massage better. Can take shower. Come inside.”
“I just want a Thai massage.”
“Why you no want oil massage? You no like lady?”

Next. I keep walking. Now at the next place there are only about 3 girls and the girl with the price card just saw and probably overheard what happened. I explain that I only want a 1 hour Thai massage.

OK. No problem, she says. She asks me what girl I want and I ask which one can give a firm Thai massage. To my surprise, she points to the smallest girl of the group. “She is very strong. Can give berry good Thai massage.” My guess is she’s barely 40kg, maybe 20 y.o. and barely 5’3″.
OK, Let’s go. I go upstairs, get changed and am laying on the table face down and she comes in and gets to work. After 5 minutes I’m starting to drift off. She has very strong hands and knows how to work tense muscles. For a small girl of maybe 40kg she know’s what she’s doing. For the big muscles in my thighs she hops up on the table, puts her hands on the wall and takes small steps up and down the back of my thigh and my butt.

Halfway into the hour she asks me to “turn over please” and I do as requested. She massages my feet and works her way up to my thighs.

Up to now we haven’t spoken other than her asking me if I’m OK and me telling her she’s doing a good job. Now the questions come – where are you from, what is your name, what you do here in Thailand. The usual stuff.

“You want special?” – I just knew the question was coming. These girls don’t make all that much from their salary and tips, so “special” massages make the majority of their monthly income.
“No, just want a Thai massage today.” I can see the disappointment in her face.
“Why you no want special? I can do everything.”

It doesn’t matter what I said. That I was tired, didn’t have power or that I boom boom too much last night.

“It’s OK, I can give hand job and use lotion. You no sore and finish very fast. 500 baht ok?”
This goes on for about 10 minutes and all for an extra 500 baht. I don’t want to be rude, because she really is giving a good Thai massage. I’m concerned that if she gets put off that the remainder of the massage will probably be shit.

Finally I tell her that I just am too tired today, but that I will come back tomorrow for special. That did the trick. Knowing that there is the opportunity tomorrow will assure me that the rest of the massage will be good and that she’ll stop talking so I can get back to enjoying the massage.
One hour after beginning she has be sit up and finished on my shoulders and neck. She finishes and leaves the room. I change and go downstairs to pay the 300 baht. While I’m putting my shoes on she confirms again that I’ll come back tomorrow. “Yea, yea, I will be back tomorrow”. She ask me to promise and do the stupid high school pinkie promise thing.

It shouldn’t be so difficult to get a regular massage without the hassle. As much as I enjoyed the massage, the experience put me off.

Next time I think go I’ll tell them I want a special massage and point at the girl who looks most unwilling to go and the manager will tell me she doesn’t give special. Maybe that will guarantee I can get my straight up Thai massage without the hassles.


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