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Kent “ronru” Hammond is considering relocating..?

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on January 27, 2013

Nan Students Make Good Money Selling Sex

A 22-year old university student and a 16-year-old teen girl were arrested separately on prostitution charges by Nan police in the north Thailand province. They said many classmates are selling sex for money to buy nice things. Their customers include government officials, politicians and police officers.

NAN – January 26, 2013[PDN]; the arrest of a university student for prostitution was announced by Pol. Lt. Saravuth Khlahai, investigation officer, Nan police station, Nan province. Assisting police on the case was Ms. Paphaorn Sanviriya, a social worker from the office of the development of society and the stability of humans in Nan province.

The suspect was identified as “Ms. Fa” (alias), age 22. She was arrested at a hotel in Amphur Muang, Nan province. An earlier investigation by the detective police team revealed Ms. Fa had been illegally selling her sexual services.

After her arrest, Ms. Fa confessed to being a part-time prostitute for quite a while. She had a mama-san named “Rerai,” who would call her when she had customers wanting sex. The customer would pay 1,000 THB each time, which was split evenly between Ms. Fa and the mama-san.

Ms. Fa said there are many university students and teen students in Nan who sell sexual services because they can make a lot of money that way. Their sexual services are much wanted by the government officers, local politicians and vendors in Nan province and other provinces, she said. Officers made notes for evidence and will investigate Ms. Fa in detail again to find the mama-san.

However, the selling of sex by young females in Nan province is not uncommon, according to Mr. Aphinya Dechartwong Na Ayudhaya, a member of Meuang Narn municipal council.

He reported another case of a teen girl being busted for prostitution while broadcasting the news on the radio program, “This is Meuang Nan” on radio station, Thananchai radio F.M., 100.25 MHz.

Mr. Aphinya reported that on January 24, police raided a hotel room where amphetamines were being consumed and sexual services were taking place. Several teenagers between the ages of 15-16 were arrested. Police discovered they were students at nearby high schools.

One suspect, “Ms. Anne” (alias), age 16, revealed that she worked for a mama-san named “Ning” who would call her to have sex with customers in several hotels. The men would also pay 1,000 THB each time, with the money split between Ms. Anne and the mama-san.

Ms. Anne said most of her customers are police officers and vendors in Meuang Nan, and they always tipped the girls extra money. She showed police a list on her cellphone of the names of her regular customers, including a prominent Nan citizen.

Mr. Aphinya said most of the teen prostitutes were students in secondary schools. They had been persuaded by their friends to sell sexual services, because they lacked the money to travel and also buy extravagant goods like mobile phone and clothes.

He urged teenagers to quit this kind of illegal work and change their materialistic attitude, before it is too late to solve the problem. He is asking the related organizations to coordinate to work together to exchange information and assist to solve this social problem of Meuang Nan society and the children of Nan people.


9 Responses to “Kent “ronru” Hammond is considering relocating..?”

  1. Tim Armstrong said

    The shame an hypocrisy of the posting of this is astounding. What the fuck does it matter to you who Ken Hammond, or who ever is? Can’t you just mind your own fucking business and not hunt out and drag out shit that no one but you care about. I don’t care about it, I just find it interesting what a complete asshole you are Daffy. Honestly how do you like your name being dragged through the mud on Kenny’s site all the time? I think its complete fucking bullshit what you are doing here, although I don’t expect much more from a low life fucking internet troll suck as yourself.

    Now post some spiffy reply to this when what you should be doing is deleting this post, and many, many others on this page, then crawl back into your hole and die.

    • Oh, the irony…. Projecting, much?

    • Tempted to clean house, block the sockies again (it’s all just one IP address, again) but it’s such a delightful trainwreck to watch… not to mention the awareness how desperate they are for attention, they are getting none on Kenny’s page. 😉

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      “Tim Armstrong” spouts: “Honestly how do you like your name being dragged through the mud on Kenny’s site all the time?”

      Seems to me like you enjoy bragging about that, just a tad bit too much. It’s just a question of time until Kenny screws you over, again, albeit your anonymous dedication to him is admirable.

  2. كيني هو خنزير said

    I would put money on it, that Kenny and ronru are looking up hotels in that area and are already arranging a little trip there in the future.

  3. Ng’s website offered tips on how to pick up women, negotiate prices with prostitutes and even procure the services of a transvestite in Thailand. “Sometimes you want to get it on with a girl,” states one post. “Sometimes a man seems like a good idea. Sometimes both have their own unique appeal.”

  4. One post on searching for women outside Bankok states: “Valid driver’s license, new car, a full tank of gas, and a police and fine free highway in front of you. Let the pussy hunt begin!”

    • كيني هو خنزير said

      Yip the guy is a sexual predator, at times i’ve been gobsmacked at some of the stuff he has posted in the past.

  5. Keith said

    Same same in every province.
    When I lived in Thailand there were loads of girls under 8 years old available. I didn’t approve of that.
    15 years old is acceptable, right?

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