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Why it was NOT an inside job…

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on July 16, 2013

It’s always great pleasure to add another note to the “Prufrock Channel” — considering that Kenny’s site is now truly and veritably dead (one new comment in just as many weeks), even the trolls have abandoned it, so here’s something I stumbled upon today, during an unrelated read.

Prufie – look up “John O’Neil” – oh, never mind, you won’t – so here it is:

The relevant portion:

He looked for the most relevant post he could find in the private sector, becoming director of security for the World Trade Center.

He was killed when the planes flew into the buildings. He got out of the second tower — we know because he called one of his girlfriends on his cellphone — but he went back in to rescue more people and the tower collapsed.

After 911, the Yemenis — told of John’s death — invited the FBI back into their country and provided access to the prisoners O’Neill had been lobbying to interrogate. The prisoners knew the entire 911 plan, down to the names of every hijacker.

This story was detailed by PBS Frontline under the title: “The Man Who Knew

You can watch The Man Who Knew here (Flash required)


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