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Antedote on Thai Bargirl Attitude On Sex

Posted by BigDummyKenny on July 22, 2015

Amazing Attitudes from Bar Girls

I’ll give you a little anecdote; I know this is true because it happened to me. I moved to Bangkok and bought a bar on Soi 33 in the Sukhumvit area of Thailand’s capital. I was not happy with being perceived as some kind of pimp, so on the first day in charge I got all the staff together, there were about 10 girls, and had a meeting. I told them that I didn’t expect them to have sex with customers and I would never force them to go out with customers. So they no longer had to go with men. They had a little meeting and then the nominated spokeswoman said, “sorry boss, but we all leave.” When I asked why, they wanted to know why I was stopping them going with customers. I pointed out that I wasn’t but I could not be the kind of boss who forced his staff to do it, or cut their salaries if they didn’t. They had another meeting and she said, so we can go out with customers if we want?” I said, “Well yes if you want”. They all screamed and jumped up and down. I rang the bell bought them all a drink, and grew up fast. From that point on, it was kind of just done, and I didn’t really want to know.

I spent hours talking to my staff when we were quiet and you get quite an insight. For the vast majority of them, sex is just something they did and they loved it. They all tried to get the boss into bed, it’s a way of scoring points, but any bar owner will tell you, you aren’t go there. A few also had some regulars who they would phone up if they didn’t have a customer so they could sleep with them, for free. Whilst some would even ’look after’ each other if they didn’t have a customer. It was the craziest 4 years of my life and it changed so many of my preconceptions.


The entire story is available at


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