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Sex Toursim In Thailand? Say It Ain’t So!

Posted by BigDummyKenny on February 12, 2016

I thought that with all the media attention sex tourism has gotten over the past couple years that most of these sites would have been gone by now , but apparently not:

The Ultimate Sex Travel Guide to Thailand
Thailand is well known to be one of the best sex travel destination in the world. Travelling to Thailand is a breeze, as the country has a tourist-friendly policy as well as a vast network of infrastructure and hotels that cater to a diverse array of business and leisure travelers. But before planning your next trip to Thailand, it’s good to know all the essential information about the country.
Tips & Tricks

Negotiate Price: Always negotiate price before heading to your hotel with your lovely Thai lady.

Valuables in the safe. When you leave the room and while you are showering. Hear many times of girls stealing money and cameras.

Lady drinks. Cut down on them, they are useless to the purpose of good fun and sex.

Go local – The easiest way to save money in Thailand is to simply live like a local. Take local buses, eat street food, and drink local beer. The average Thai lives on a less than 7,000 baht per month in Bangkok, even less in the country side. If you stay at cheap guesthouses and eat the street food, you can spend as little as $10 per day.

Runners (girls leaving early) have to be punished financially, otherwise you kind of confirm you’re stupid and she can just do everything she wants without any consequence.

The legal age of consent is 18 and you are strongly advised to stay clear of anything younger than that.

Thailand Sex Guide


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