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Many of you know BigBabyKenny from The Farang Speaks Too Much.

BBK claims that after an unfortunate episode of censorship and some rough treatment were the reasons he stopped contributing to TFS2M.  He was banned for comments made under an article where he recommended people go to Thai shrines to stalk and pick up girls.

He claims he harbors no bad feelings or ill will toward the owners of the TFS2M and that they run a great bar, the owners remain honest honorable guys and that he hopes to continue being a long time steady customer of The Big Mango Bar.  The fact is he allows and encourages bashing the Big Mango Bar, it’s owners and customers.

So BBK decided to start his own blog with the hopes that becomes a place for those who love Thailand, especially enthusiasts of the Thailand Girl Scene, will come to share information, express their opinions, and debate their ideas.

He pledged to you that will be a place where everyone’s ideas are welcome and freedom of speech and expression are respected, protected, and cherished. But only as long as your ideas are in alignment with his.

His tagline is Hidden Agenda, No Censorship, No Bullshit!

I pledge this site will be the foremost parody of, Kenny and the daily goings on at his website.