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  1. Steve said

    There are situations in life when it is better to simply keep quiet and let things pass by. Kenny obviously never grasped this priciple.

    He defends something that he has already deleted himself. Not some outside forced took down his former blog content, it was Kenny who pressed the button. He he didn’t have the balls to keep his stuff online. Stuff of which he says himself it was totally ok to keep online.

    He is such a sissy. Aren’t homophobic people often actually gay themselves?

    • Rodru said

      “He defends something that he has already deleted himself. Not some outside forced took down his former blog content, it was Kenny who pressed the button. He he didn’t have the balls to keep his stuff online. Stuff of which he says himself it was totally ok to keep online. ”

      That’s another thing I find repulsive about the despicable, lying, bottom feeders who regularly comment on BBK.COM.

      They go on and on about things such as freedom of speech and taking a stand on the issue. Yet when push came to shove they fold. When Kenny’s financial concerns were threatened, he deleted all the content on his website: THE ULTIMATE FORM OF CENSORSHIP!

      Then you have back-woods goobers like Prufrock hailing Kenny as a defender of the freedom of speech. Please! Just go back to your little 911 truther’s clubhouse and refrain from the baby-babble you post that flies in the face of reality, ok?

    • “Then you have back-woods goobers like Prufrock hailing Kenny as a defender of the freedom of speech. Please! Just go back to your little 911 truther’s clubhouse and refrain from the baby-babble you post that flies in the face of reality, ok?”

      Classic! Well said.

      Not to mention that he’s too much of a sissy to openly come onto this forum and defend his whacko views – obviously he can only do so to his alter egos and alias’ on the same forum.

  2. Steve said

    I can literally smell it through my internet connection how much ALL of the stuff at CSUN want to kill/eradicte/dismember/annihilate Mr. Kenny Ng. They hate him so much that they even organize a forum to clear the now bad reputation of CSUN. Give’em one minute without laws and they burn that fucker and dance around his ashes praising the lord. They hate Kenneth Ng. They hate him so much.

    The provost surely thinks: “I wanna blow that fuckin asshole’s’s brains out!” But for the sake of social stability (lol) he just says something like “I thank Prof. Ng for taking down his site.” (which he didn’t) If I were the provost, I would be a borderline psychopath with murder fantasies. I feel true sympathy for him. So much hate at CSUN… sniff sniff.

  3. BigDummyKenny said

    Oh boy. Again? He’s written several articles about the old website and his perspective on his feud and now he feels the need to go to CSUN?

    He must be getting pressure from somewhere to be motivated to write (yet another) CYA article.


    • It’s probably no coincidence that his site’s content went ‘dark’ right around the time of the Symposium on Human Trafficking. I’m surprised he wasn’t a featured speaker.

      These kind of CYA articles don’t do him any favors, of course, considering that even the present BBK v2.0 is peppered with references from him about “getting laid, better, cheaper and more efficiently”, as well as regular mentions and comments of him about “I’d bang the one in the center until she begged me to stop”, or “She’ll do what you tell her to do, because that’s what you paid her for”.

      Classy, Prof. Ng, Classy.

  4. SBDOTKU said

    Sorry, please advise. To which article that BBK wrote are you referring? For the CSUN newspaper? Or something on his site? (I guess I may go look. It has been a loooooooong while.)

  5. uhhhh-huh said

    I like it!

  6. SBDOTKU said

    Revisionism thy name is BBK! I love his pathology. His passive-aggressiveness is boundless. He maintains his blog and allows his disturbed posters an open forum to spew their psychopathy yet redacts anything that lends itself to the fact that his site was founded as a sex-tourist site. I love how he was called out for attempting to obfuscate by claiming his site is not about “sex-tours” from countries near and far but instead the “dating scene.” Because we all know that “soapy joints,” massage parlors, ago-go bars and “freelancer zones” (all covered by articles written by BBK) are where every guy goes to find a girl to date. Unless your idea of a “date” ends in handing a girl cash after a couple of hours or the morning after, which would then speak to your own desire to self-delude.

    (who knows what this means)

    RealDaffyDuck says:
    December 19, 2010 at 4:15 pm
    Mr Cheesecake – the recent posts haven’t been made by me (the REAL DaffyDuck), that much should be obvious by now – I’ll post a confirmation on BDK to verify the veracity of this message.

    It’s pretty obvious that “Mr. Cheesecake” (with a full stop) and “RealDaffyDuck” (hard to screw that one up, even for an illiterate from Pak Chong) are one and the same person, doing his usual impersonation schtick.

    Sad to see that’s *ALL* the traffic Kenny gets these days – some illiterate drunk married to a hooker, and a bunch of crickets…

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Daffy, who is married to a hooker? I owe you a response. But stuck on “The Ko” right now.

      Happy Holidays to the folks on this Blog. Even to Crazy John!

      John, get busy grading those Midterm Exams!

      Peace and goodwill to man, even Kenny!

    • Confidential information, my friend. (but it ain’t John)

  8. It does appear that there’s an absurd desperation to attract commenters and posters from the BigDummy site, back to the BigDouche site again.

    I guess must be ratings week.

  9. That’s actually quite funny – just as we were discussing pathologically obsessed losers, we have this:

    It’s actually quite funny how continuously obsessed the high blood pressured hookered man is getting.

  10. Kinda sad, though funny, that your impotent spoutings are all the traffic Kenny’s getting these days (that, and Comment Spam, of course).

    Carry on. It’s really all you’re carrying on these days, aren’t you?

  11. Van Hoogstraten said

    to mamma gives it up 2 easy daffy.

    ‘ave a word.

  12. SPLDIPLODOTKU – message received, check your email. Good luck.

  13. Wow, RiffRaff / ronru has been busy — must be pretty bored these days.

    … kinda like we are, from reading his delusional crap.

    “predicament” ? “reap what we sow” ? Pretty delusional, like I said.

    The funny thing is that it’s all over a bar in Bangkok, and a couple of losers (Aussies/Brits – same thing) that get pushed over the edge by envy and jealousy over some guys who are far more successful than they are…

  14. Anyone up for Khao Yai National Park?

    In the Pak Chong district, Nakhon Ratchasima – I hear Khao Yai National Park is pretty nice, and there’s a sweet farm for sale near there.

    Anyone wanna go on a field trip?

  15. BigDummyKenny said

    Do you have a 1million baht truck with a GPS system?

  16. Big Black Gulliver said

    “If anyone like you were known to come anywhere NEAR a bar that I owned I would put a stop to it”

    Can you imagine what a bar owned by John Roy/Prufrock/Bill Simmons/Charlie Sheen would be like?

  17. Big Black Gulliver said

    Prufrock, what a fucking ego you have.

    “At this stage of the game I’d say that Daffy Duck’s connection with your bars through his “satirical” site is toxic and unproductive and if I were an investor I would question the benefit of allowing it to continue in any way shape or form”

    “Unless that is the reason you run your bar”

    “You decide here”

    You make demands of others to “decide here” and to do it through Kenneth Ng’s piece of shit blog.

    Hey John Roy…..Go Fuck Yourself

    • This *might* remotely matter if:

      – Prufrock remotely mattered.
      – Prufrock actually were an investor.
      – Prufrock had any credibility with investors.
      – Prufrock had any credibility.

      He has none of the above.

    • So, he claims to have received threatening and offending SMS’?

      Well, that ought to be easy to prove. Post a screen capture.

      I have an odd feeling that he deleted said SMS’ out of offense, and now conveniently has no “pruf”.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      No SMS pruf yet! But he is pretty much in overdrive on

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Their ‘new’ strategy would probably carry a lot more weight if they had a lot more credibility – but Kenny and Prufie writing under 27 different alias’ doesn’t exactly paint a credible picture – plus, if they are lecturing about illegal or embarrassing behavior, I would think providing instructions on picking up underage prostitutes (as BBK had previoysly published and defended) is a tad more “illegal and embarrassing” than running a bar in Bangkok, on the scale of things.

    • adman said

      Credibility and BigBabyKenny: two words which do not go together in the same sentence.

      You knew Zeropruf was lurking out there behind the sock puppets.

      You knew he wasn’t going to be able to contain himself much longer before he went postal.

      You knew it would happen. It happened. Ka-boom!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Yet, he maintains the charade of conversations among his different alias’. His “tell” is all over the sockpuppets.

      That guy must be some psychologist’s … thesis quality content.

  18. smelly farang said

    Finally someone tells it like it is but it really isn’t any secret is it?

    Professor Kenny Ng = = Advice from an idiot for idiots.

  19. I guess all these fine field reports being posted on BigDummy’s site mean that Kenny’s blog is becoming ever more irrelevant, superfluous – very much akin to a blog snickered by goats across Siam…!

    Someone on Kenny’s blog has realized the impending irrelevance – and desperation is setting in.

    I think they finally figured out that no one is bothering visiting anymore – because we’re having way too much fun over here.

    Just wait what’s next.

  20. SBDOTKU said

    Kenny who?

  21. Another BBK said

    10K baht REWARD!!!!!!

    Lost: Website traffic and readers

    If found, please contact

  22. SBDOTKU said

    ฿1 Millllllllionnnnnn! Or a very nice truck I have recently purchased.

  23. Must be getting ‘ronery’ over there, seeing as how Kenny has dispatched his scout.

  24. Thai Pad said

    Well Prufrock had an entertaining comment on BBK and it’s such a gem I had to
    post it here. I too, once commented on BBK but quit because I was regularly
    attacked.  You know BBK and pals don’t like it when you disagree or they don’t
    like the message. 

    So Prufrock, I think it’s quite hypocritical when you post
    a comment like this which is completely one sided and almost entirely

    Prufrock says:
    March 25, 2011 at 9:25 pm
    And once again daffy please answer me this one question:
    If it isn’t for the purpose of SUCKING UP to perfect strangers (who, if
    the truth be known, you are on record as actually first attacking until
    you got “straightened out”)  . . . . . .  if it isn’t
    for the purpose of attacking Kenny (whom you’ve never met) and “9/11″
    me whom you taunted into a meeting and did meet but whom you
    consistently refuse to debate in a civil, uncensored, 
    non-rigged forum . . . . if it isn’t for the purposes of sucking up to
    the principles in a very trivial spat  . . .WHY?

    Why? Why pretend to be stupid?  You know why.  He’s posted his
    reasons on this blog.  He said this is a much better forum
    because you can embed images and video into your comment and it
    supports direct response threads.  You’ve made it known that
    you refuse to comment here using your own name because you don’t want
    to give this website any traffic. It’s an invalid excuse. You’re
    confusing BDK with BBK.  It’s well known they couldn’t care
    about traffic and have openly posted screenshots when people have asked
    (unlike your hero’s site.).  You’ve had multiple opportunities
    to engage in debate on the Prufrock posts but have refused. 
    You should quit complaining Prufrock.  You know all this.

    Praytell  . . . . .  WHY do you spend so much time
    attacking all the people who post here?
    RealDaffyDuck claims he has not commented on BBK for over 3
    months.  I believe it.  Looking at the comments over
    the past month the only attacks are by you and the various sock puppets
    going after other people like RealDaffyDuck.  I mean, I can
    actually see reasons for the owners of the Mango to get pissed.And I
    can see why they comment and respond. It is in much the same way and
    for the same reasons that I respond to your ill-cobbled screen name
    posts on this site.

    Well, that’s your opinion, not fact, as you would so frequently point out in
    your boorish and repetitive comments on BBK.  If I go to BBK
    now I only see the attacks against other websites and TBM owners.  Why does
    BBK let it continue?  Same reasons as before.

    Might I just add that it is here that we can actually document many of
    your rampantly Keith Summer-like neuroses . . . your proclivity towards
    projection. You do little else BUT post under various names if the
    truth be known and yet youa are the author of this “sock puppet

    Look at your own comments lately?  So now RDD is behind the
    comment, where he’s attacking everyone?  Deny, deny, deny and
    counterallogate; is that it?  If what you said were the truth
    you’d posted it long ago.  But just like the
    mysterious threatening SMS messages, e-mails to Kenny’s CSUN account
    and other claims that you guys are the victims, they mysteriously never

    Sadly, somewhere back there in your tragic formative years you acquired
    the belief that your smears and your projections were more believable
    than the truth.  I can also see reasons for the odd poster on
    BBK to be angry with another poster and to respond angrily. But I fail
    to see is WHAT a douche-bag like you would think he had such
    deep-seated connections to  the fine minds and the righteously
    held fact and opinion of the good posters here on

    After reading the above I can’t control my laughing.  BBK.COM
    is a trashcan.  A garbage dump of comment and
    articles.  Other websites have said the same thing. 
    It’s beginning to sound like you’re trying to make out BBK.COM as some
    gathering of intellects.  It’s anything but!

    You guys go after anyone who doesn’t agree with you by leaving a trail of
    malicious and vile personal attacks. This is something you always
    always eventually resort to.  I’m quite sure you’ll get to
    that later in your comment.  The attacks on BBK occur on an
    almost daily basis.  As you say, it’s all up there.

    You came on here as the internet  bully you have always been.
    And you were getting so heavily pounded here that you had to rig up
    your own site.

    John, John, John, John, John!  You contradict yourself. 
    Above you claim, correctly, that he originally came on as a supporter
    of BBK now you flip-flop.  

    It is THIS SITE and your own stalker’s mental illness that keeps this
    silly feud going. WHy do you talk like you have some sort of stake in
    this  feud?  Like crazy Keith Summers, would you have
    us believe that you ae “rescuing” your friends??

    Let’s see.  Over three months since there’s been any comment by RDD
    on BBK.  Who are all the derogatory comments and attacks going
    after?  Looking at the last 100+ comments they’re all against
    RDD, Mango, Duke and various other people that you or Kenny have
    decided to go after.

    You entone your readers as if your opinion on all these things that
    don’t concern you is actually part of their day. – You think
    so?  Well, your opinion I guess. What is your stake? Since you
    do not have a stake in this spat, please enlighten us as to WHAT YOU
    STAND FOR??? WHY are you here?  Your information is ALL
    derivitive and copied and pasted.

    Much of the same could be said of you.  Interesting viewpoint, given nearly
    everything up to this point has been your opinion.

    You never add ANYTHING to the mix.


    Your snide comments are the stuff of schoolyard banter abd your “logic”
    is mendacious sphostry. So . . . . . . WHY oh why??? do you feel you
    have ANYTHING of value to say?

    Let’s revisit this statement toward the end of your comment, OK?

    Still you persist.Why?Why? I can only assume now that you will be here
    under your various made-up names posting your made-up points of view
    for your non-existant personal epistomology It’s your neurotic
    compulsion, your pathetic drive for relevancy that compels you, isn’t

    I could be wrong, but I doubt they’ll respond to you Prufrock. 
    It could change, but as it stands now it’s evident they’re not visiting
    the website and as for the attacking?  What I see is you and
    other BBK regulars who are still attacking everyone else.

    You’re like a tradesman who never gets to own the houses he
    builds.  You have nothing except paper money, stock position
    inApple Computer (a Microsoft-owned entity). . . . . . .  so
    you have engendered a your smouldering, unfounded hatred for ANYONE
    with the courage of his convictions.

    The best reason yet I’ve heard for someone to have hatred toward
    others.  You are genius!

    I am a skeptic of the US government’s 9/11 conspiracy theory. 
    You hate that.

    What terrible rational!!  So you claim that RDD hates everyone that
    is a skeptic?  No?  OK, so he just hates
    you?  Then it probably has nothing to do with 9/11 and
    everything to do with you, doesn’t it.  I hear in various
    Bangkok circles there is a reason people call you Angry John.

    I don’t buy it and I have the motivation to say so. You hate that.

    Again? For what reason? Look out people.  I sense a rant coming….

    I didn’t buy the reasons for the attack on Iraq . . . . . or Lybia for
    that matter.I don’t buy the proposed attack on Iran.

    (Rolling eyes due to the gross generalization of the statement.) Good for you.

    I don’t buy the bankster’s lies.

    (Rolling eyes due to the gross generalization of the statement.) Good for you.

    I don’t buy the self-interested claims and false reports
    now emanating from Japan because they put a trillion dollar a year
    nuclear pwer industry into question.I don’t buy man-made global warming
    as anything other than a push for nuclear and as a diversion through
    fear mongering from the REAL issues we face.

    (Rolling eyes due to the gross generalization of the statement.) Good for you.

    And I really don’t like being bunched into a smear category like
    “conspiracy theoirists” when it’s plainly obvious that the label is
    meaningless.  . . . . . . . . . All crimes are the product of

    (Rolling eyes due to the gross generalization of the statement.) Good for you.

    All investigators theorize as to their  real actualcauses.
    What’s wrong with THAT (unless you have a stake in the status quo – – –
    like the fear- addled goofs working for Chertoff’s underwear-bomber
    inspired TSA scam. . . . . . . or the neo-NAZI “Homeland Security”

    You may want to back up here Prufrock, you’re losing focus.  This was about RDD, remember?

    If you, daffy, and cowardly suckfesting fellow-mucklers to false
    consensus’s like you are not the whole problem, you  are a
    huge  part of it.

    Atta boy!  Back on track to slandering and attacking. 
    Watch out people, the wheels are coming off.  Everyone
    witness to how the train wreck begins.

    You and the cowardice of your ilk are the warp and the weft of the
    pathetic chit-chat that passes for real discussion and debate of the
    issues critical to our survival.

    Chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga, whoooo-whooooooo!  Outstanding. 
    Didn’t you say something about snide comments and attacks? 
    Yes,  It’s all up there.

    You are a retrograde McCarthyite, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Karl Rove,
    Judith Miller, Bill O’Rielly lying steaming pile of Krispi Kream
    foddered feces.

    The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round,

    You are that piece of fecal matter on the bum-sprayer in the toilet in
    the five star hotel.
    You are the shoe prints on that seat. Hey. I know.  Drill some
    holes in your cranium . . . . maybe . . . . just may

    After all the build up that’s it?  I had a few comments and
    observations to add, but damnnnnn, I really don’t need to.  

    • Thanks, Thai Pad – Comedy Gold, indeed.

      Did you actually post your reply at BBK as well? Responses to that ought to make for some stellar material.

      I still occasionallty check in over there, but there’ll come the day, pretty soon, when I won’t bother with that either anymore. I’m sure that won’t stop Prufie.

      Have you noticed that BBK is the only site he’s allowed to post anymore?

    • Soi Walker said

      Why is Prufrock bent over this 911 conspiracy? It borders on a manic obsession. What is his end game? Why is he so invested in it?

      To be honest, I find it quite fascinating.

    • SBDOTKU said

      Hello Soi Walker,

      I think you have, unfortunately, hit upon the answer yourself, though the exact diagnosis may be different than your description of: “manic obsession.” While it is humorous to watch Prufrock spin up, it feels a bit cruel to me (and yes, this coming from one who has spun the Prufrock top a few times in the past as well).

      I found this, which may shed a bit of light as to what I believe the problem is:

      “Those that are constantly voicing conspiracy theories that involve complicated plans against them are showing signs of paranoid schizophrenia. Hallucinations may be a part of these conspiracy theories such as people hiding behind bushes and people talking about them as they walk by.

      Their speech may not be easily understood. Where they were once excellently groomed they are now skipping showers and neglecting to brush their hair. Hygiene habits that were once a top priority are no longer a priority and this is usually the easiest symptom to notice.

      There is a lack of emotion from those with paranoid schizophrenia. The reactions they have are either non-existent or completely inappropriate to the situation. Such as laughing at tragic news such as a death in the family or when a horrible accident hits the news.

      When you monitor paranoid schizophrenia you might notice they anger easily. The anger is in sudden outburst that there is no visible reason for. The slightest thing can set them off which can cause them to be a danger to themselves or those around them.”


      While I am not a medical professional (nor Scientologist for that matter) in reading the description above I couldn’t help but notice the similarities.

      I truly feel sorry for Prufrock. From what I have heard, people who have met him in person and know him say he is / has been a very pleasant and, for the most part, mild gentleman. I sincerely hope he reads this and perhaps gives it a thought. Unfortunately it is very difficult for those caught up in a mental illness to be objective about their behavior because to them, the stimuli they are receiving perfectly warrants their reactions.

      Sorry, I know we try to keep it light here, but I’ve just been feeling this way for a while about Prufrock. I wish him the best.

    • Lunacy is always fascinating, from a psychological perspective.

    • Wombat said

      Personally, I enjoyed Prufrocks contributions back in the Mango Sauce days. Didn’t always agree with them but enjoyed them nontheless.

      Sadly, these days, the bats appear to be loose in the belfry.

  25. SBDOTKU said

    Thai Pad – your commentary had me doing the LOL! Great stuff, well said. Does anybody remember the Yancy Street Gang? They were comic characters in some old B&W movies. Their leader always used big words incorrectly and I can’t help but call him to mind whenever Prufrock starts ranting as he continuously misuses words in truly spectacularly, assumingly unintentionally, highly comedic ways like Mugs McGinnis of the Clancy Street Gang in the B&W movies of old.

    He is truly pulchritudinous in his rapsodificationalization of the arbitrary and obfuscated!

  26. SBDOTKU said

    Ah, thought I caught it in both places CLANCY street gang (not Yancy).

  27. I had to watch this twice to make sure it wasn’t a fake.

  28. BBG Exclusive. I have found video of Kenneth Ng and Prufrock discussing the merits of free speech.

    Also included is bonus footage of Kenny explaining the 1978 Pickup Truck in the 1969 picture he posted.

    • Damn, where did you find that? Uncanny!

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      I was at the Big Mango Bar the other day and there were two guys sitting in the corner on a laptop arguing about fake screen names or something like that.

      After three cold, delicious Tiger drafts (only 99 Baht) I began to realize who they were and the nonsense they were spouting so I had to take a video on my new iPhone 4.

      The last thing I heard as they walked out the door was something muttered about that “damn duck”

  29. Daywalker said

    To all the dumbass Kenny fans writing crap about Graham H Jones and listing a whole bunch of other people… please note that if you look at that picture, it is not me!! And the person(s) in the article are nothing to do with me!!

    Once again, Kenny publishing false information (again) about people who have no idea who the idiot is.

    Thing that gets me is that Kenny knows full well that it isn’t me. He’s seen me plenty when he runs away. Maybe I should refresh his memory when he is next in town.


    • Daywalker said

      I see Kennys crew are arguing on his site about….. ME!!!


      For the record, that isn’t me. I’ve never been to Washington.

      As for the Mango… opening very soon!! Looks pretty different inside now!

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @Daywalker – Are you sure you’ve never been to Washington? I look at the photos of you at the Big Mango and of you in your award photo and it sure looks like you 😉

      I also saw that you sold the Big Mango and made a hefty profit on it. Nice job.

    • Daywalker said

      Ha!! I saw that!

      Well, If the place is sold.. then someone really should let me know. As they might want my set of keys.

      This is official (to all those numpties on the Kenny site)….

      I am not Graham H Jones. What does the H stand for anyway? And the Mango has not been sold. Read the Mango blog. WE ARE RENOVATING! The best time to shut down a place to carryout work is during Sonkran when business is quiet.

      It’s not that hard to understand.

      The kitchen has been moved upstairs where there is more room and better extraction. Simple.

      The bar has been moved as many people didn’t like the viewing position of the TV’s. Simple.

      It was also a chance to service aircon units, rewiring of sorts and other maint jobs.

      Those of you who have a bar will understand. The haters have not got a clue how it all works, as.. well, they’ve not got a clue.

      See you at the next Mango party!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      DW, I think everyone here can understand, because we can read – an ability that appears lost to one isolated and irrelevant 3rd rate un-promotable economic professor.

      You better be making that short time room more comfortable 😉

    • Wombat said

      DW, bugger the short time room. Can I get a cold Beer Lao on Friday night?

  30. Prufrock said

    I never come to the duck pond to read Daffy’s comments.

  31. Big Black Gulliver said

    “please note that if you look at that picture , it is not me”

    Your right that guy is waaaaaaayyyyyy more handsome than you!

    • Daywalker said


      Bet you wouldn’t turn down a Graham H Jones and a Graham Jones sandwich 😉

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      I wouldn’t! But Kenny Ng might seeing how he worships the ground that you walk on!

      Kinda creepy huh?

    • Valid point – I fin it funny but that while some lone voice claims thatKenny is the rockstar, the only folks the socks appear to worship, all cult of personality like, are — us!

      Heck, Prufie must be thinking of my and spitting out my name nearly 24/7 — I bet his current bar-wife has asked him several times “why talk about duck so much, teeruk?”

  32. Foghorn Leghorn said

    I say…I say, has anyone here. I say has anyone here seen the King of Stoopid?

    Prufrock, get over her son, I’m talkin’ to ya. That boys about a subtle as a handgrenade in a bowl of oatmeal.

    Seriously, I say seriously now. Boy’s so dumb he thinks the Mexican Border pays rent.

    That boy, I say, I say that boy is about as sharp as a bowlin’ ball.

    Pay attention when I’m talking to ya, boy!

    That boy, I say, I say the boy’s got a mouth like a cannon, always shootin’ off.

    Now son, ya know when ya talkin’ all the time, I say when ya talkin’ all the time people stop listening to ya. I-I-I know what you’re gonna say son. When two halves is gone there’s nuthin’ left – and you’re right. Two nuthins is nuthin’. Are ya listenin’, I say are ya listenin’ son? That’s mathematics son. You can argue with me but you can’t argue with figures. Two half nuthins is a whole nuthin’.

    Yaw built too low son. Tha’ good ones go right over yaw head. All the time I keep a-pitchin ’em and you keep a-missing ’em. Pay attention son!

    Yaw know, I say you know that 9/11s done played out. Boys as noisy as two skeletons havin’ a fit on a tin roof! Boy-I say, Boy… What yah doin readin all them LONG HEAD BOOKS? A boy, I say a boy your age should be runnin, and playin, and doin other things, more productive things that is…

  33. Foghorn Leghorn said

    That boy reminds me of Paul Revere’s ride; a little light in the belfry.

  34. Daywalker said

    Kenny is once again talking to himself using various different aliases.

    To be honest, Kenny must think his fans are a bunch of idiots if they believe the drivel that is on his site.

    The Mango is not advertised forsale. It is not on Sunbelt. It has not been sold.

    Where Kenny gets this stuff from I don’t know.

    The bar described in the advert is nothing like the Mango!

    We’re still here Kenny!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Kenny believes that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.

      What he tends to forget is that the person repeating the lie needs to have a minimum of credibility, and he has none : professionally, personally, and academically, he has no credibility.

      Of course, he thinks he does – which makes this whole exercise so much more entertaining.

    • Daywalker said

      If he wanted to, he could simply call Sunbelt and ask them.

      He doesn’t because he knows it’s not the Mango.

    • Fact checking? For Kenny? Facts has nothing to do with economics, as many economists of Kenny’s caliber (ie, failures) believe.

    • Fans I think its been pointed out there are about 3/4 people that post on that site. The rest is Kenny and John Roy making up names and having fake conversations. The best response to Kenneth Ng is to ignore him.

      I looked at the site yesterday and see that I am still being impersonated over there and being baited into having a conversation. Sad.

    • That’s pretty much it – bait. Kenny hopes to bait any of us into responding via either verbal assaults or by impersonations – while at the same time presenting his blog as having lots of traffic, by “making pretend” the people from this site post over there.

      Of course he’s (as usual) betting on the wrong horse and trusting an “SEO guru” that is neither, and is only actually hurting his site’s standing. Why do you think I sit over here on this site, smiling at lot at his “efforts”? (hint : Google knows! and so does Yahoo…)

    • Robert said

      @BDK – I’m afraid you’re wrong on all counts and I’ll try to make myself clear the best I can. You seem to think that I support Kenny blindly but let me make it very clear that this is not so and I have several of my own issues with him. The main one is allowing a dangerous madman, full of hate virulent anti-semite to continuously and freely post on Nazi style propaganda, incitement and disinformation.

      I’m not suggesting for a second that Kenny supports those views but the fact that he allowed his blog to became the mouthpiece for an evil man got on my nerve.
      Yeah I know, The U.S first amendment, freedom of speech, blah blah and all the bullshit but in many western countries this kind of scum ends up in jail !

      Anyway, take heart because all is not lost and I stand up alright to the cunt but the problem is that Kenny keeps redacting *personal information* from comments concerning the madman’s wife and daughter….

      Have a nice day too.

    • Nice try.

      I noticed you’ve decided to post this from home.

    • Robert said

      Daffy – you appear to have a strange obsession with tracking down commenters IP and any other possible personal information. OK, whatever makes you happy.
      To allow you better sleep at night I’ll reveal that few of us, all regular commenters on various Thailand blogs, are sharing occasionally the same computer.

      And is there any particular reason why ALL comments from this I.P go straight into the moderation bin ??

    • To allow you better sleep at night I’ll reveal that few of us, all regular commenters on various Thailand blogs, are sharing occasionally the same computer.

      Damn, you must really believe that people are stupid, for trying the same “it’s my roommate” spiel again.

  35. Daywalker said

    RS Accountant says:
    April 22, 2011 at 11:03 am

    Oh Yeah.

    Speaker’s Biography

    Graham Jones graduated in Chemical Engineering from London University and joined BP working in design and Operations. Since 1991 has worked extensively overseas in the Middle East, Far East and the USA, before joining SAUDI ARAMCO in August 2000. Since joining SAUDI ARAMCO has focused on integrating Engineering and Business software across the complete Supply Value Chain.

    – You know, I am extremely disappointed that no one has complimented me on going to Uni when I was 12 and graduating at 16 (in 1991)

    I guess I must have more brains than Kenny?!


  36. Jesus, a fucking brutal attack of a poor expat living Udon Thani by MongerSEA. No punches spared here. Maybe Kenny had a point about expats attacking each other.

    Hopefully Manny will not be so brutal on Sugar Shane tomorrow morning which I will be watching for free (PPV is the states) on Channel 7.


    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Oh, c’mon, the “Gauleiter of Isaan” reference was priceless.

      I enjoy m’sea’s writings, he just doesn’t write enough.

      Speaking of writing – are we EVER going to see a continuation of your story? I’m guessing “no” 😦

    • Raider said

      Can’t say that I often have any reason to agree with what BBG writes, but I do this time. One more re-printed article plus comment from MSEA, the guy who seems to have little meaningful and nothing positive to say about anything. The most valuable contribution he could make to the internet would be to stop writing and keep his *opinions and ideas* to himself.

    • Isn’t that what a blog is all about – sharing Opinions and Ideas ?

    • Robert said

      “Sharing opinions and ideas” – sure Daffy. As long as they all happen to agree with yours otherwise its the chopping board. You’re a see through conniving scumbag.

    • Really? What has been deleted, altered, or censored?

      I await Robert’s absolute silence when tasked to support his statement with facts.

    • Robert said

      As always your pathetic replies are predictable and so full of shit. Many times, you little fuck, admitted to blocking unfavorable commenters I.P’s

    • Incorrect – we blocked *one* Ip, and it resulted 6 abusive commenters all claiming to be different individuals, simultaneously disappearing in the same puff of smoke – almost as if they were all one and the same person. Odd, that.

      As for our infrequent and rare curating of comments, when we consider them to be abusive and written with offensive intent – that is the whole point behind a moderated blog. In fact, it was much better said by Muncie of “mundane Bangkok”:

      If you don't understand the need for moderation of comments, visit for an object lesson in what results when an administrator abandons all responsibility for managing comments. Complaining about moderation will not change anything. If you don't like it, go elsewhere.

      Glad to see you managed to get yourself a new IP – now, maybe if you could manage to communicate with a tad less abusive and offensive language – though I understand that, holding hands with Prufie, that kind of lack of class can rub off on you.

    • Robert said

      Sure Daffy. It’s your blog, you are fully entitled to do whatever you want and I don’t have any problem with that. Doh!
      With the exception of all blog administrators moderate comments but the difference is that they OPENLY admit it while you keep LYING and try to mislead readers to believe that there is an open debate and exchange of ideas here. All while heavily “curating” / censoring / deleting comments and blocking I.Ps for the sole reason that they oppose your view, don’t pat you on the back and / or say what a clever dick you are. And P-L-E-A-S-E don’t put me in the same basket as this lunatic Prufrock ! Is wasn’t me Daffy who organized a meeting with him in Bangkok, sat at the same table and talked with this full of hate, dangerous madman. I wouldn’t spit at this piece of shit. What’s next Daffy – shaking hands with Ahmadinejad ? Their views are identical.

    • Of course I wouldn’t put you in the same pot as Prufrock – albeit I’d toss you in along with ronru and van Hoogstraaten and a plethora of other IDs you’ve been using before. What’s that about bemoaning a lack of honesty?

      Oh, and claiming there’s no censorship going on at Kenny’s blog??? Oh, moronru, you certainly don’t change, do you?

    • Robert said

      You know damn well Daffy that DOES NOT censor comments and is the only Thailand site which allows a true, full, frank and open debate in real time. Kenny only “redacts” personal information (but we all know that Prufie is married to a cock sucking bar whore) and does not moderate or delete comments just because they oppose his view – something which you Daffy in the habit of doing. Surly you understand the difference.

    • Robert said

      And what was Ronru, van hoogs and others *crime* that you blocked them from commenting here ? Because they called upon your shit shilling for the Arab and his rip off bars in Soi Cowboy ? At least Stickman gets paid for writing positive reviews – you don’t !

    • adman said

      Robert, words do matter, right? Then don’t say “shill” in one sentence and then say that nobody got compensated in the next. Idiot.

      Another correction. I wrote the article, not Daffy Duck.

      So you don’t like the Arab bars? Fine. Get over it.

    • SBDOTKU said

      Well, the little boys over at bbk’s site have finally realized that if you spew enough excrement you’re left playing by yourself in your own mess.

      “Robert,” one question. If you hate us (and particularly Daffy) so much, why are you here? Go find some other people with whom you could go have an enjoyable conversation. As you can see, your posts remain. But believe me, if it were up to me I would have deleted all of your posts. You see the difference here as that we like CIVIL discourse. You won’t find us calling each other expletive filled names nor implying deviant bodily practices. As above, BBG can express his negative opinion about MongerSEA’s commentary without implying that he is either deviant or psychopathic. It is an interesting concept. Perhaps you could try it?

      And for the record, BBK deleted some of my posts when I pointed out things he and his sycophants had lied about something. I also would write and advise that things written under my name were not me and to please delete / reclassify and he did neither. He also wouldn’t do something as simple and easy as KEEPING gravatars on (he actively turned them off) so that his sycophants could falsely post as others.

      Here, at least I know when it is actually “RDD” posting as “RDD.”

      In short, you don’t have to agree with us to post here, just be polite. Second, at least SOMETIME try and have something positive or enjoyable to say. C’mon, whaddya say? Give it a try! How could it hurt?

      Looking forward to your next post about a funny incident that happened to you on your first trip to Pattaya ;-D

      Chok dii!

    • Robert said

      @SBDOTKU: 1. Before you come here and criticize my comments, you better have a good look at the thumbs down ratings YOUR crappy comments receive from readers of this site. 2. I have no say or influence on Kenny and the way he runs his website but I truly sympathize with you and understand how annoying it must be to see your name on comments you didn’t write. 3. In two months time I’m off to Pattaya and Bangkok. I’ll be happy to provide accurate live, blow by blow, feeds in real time about what’s happening on the ground. It’s up to the administrator.

    • Robert said

      Ha ha Daffy schmuck, you’re truly a moron ! Your bullshit awards are NOTHING but your own irrelevant, dumb opinion. What counts now is READERS OPINION and the thumb up for my comments speak for themselves. Hahaha hehehe hohoho

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ Robert – Enough nonsense. You’re the one offering your opinion. An incorrect one at that. Several people have mentioned seeing comments removed, personal information being removed for BBK’s friends, yet information about other people remaining. I’ve personally seen it. It may be difficult for you to accept but it’s fact. It’s what BBK does.

      If you’re offended by these facts that’s not our problem. There are a number of comments on Kenny’s blog where people have pointed out inaccuracies or errors. You can look at the Duke of Wellington post and the other about an ad to sell a bar on Soi 4 being the Big Mango. Both are absolutely untrue. Both have comments which have been removed or have editor’s notes that “personal information” has been redacted when there was none.

      I received an e-mail from another reader about BBK being wrong in his Smart Phones post. He said he refuses to write there because he’s notified BBK about incorrect information in the past and BBK does nothing. I make these points because that’s the type of blog you’re defending.

      Please don’t let my comment or that of others on this blog discourage you from drinking more of BBK’s kool-aid. If you enjoy it that much then bottoms up, but don’t expect everyone else to join you.

      One last note for you. The up-down voting on the comments was an experiment to ferret out a bit more information on the visitors to the website. I’ll be writing the findings soon enough and can almost certainly guarantee you won’t like the results. But don’t worry, I won’t publish any personal information, as I wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone 😉

      Have a nice day!

    • “The up-down voting on the comments was an experiment to ferret out a bit more information on the visitors to the website.”


      “I’ll be writing the findings soon enough and can almost certainly guarantee you won’t like the results.”


      Looking forward to your follow-up, as I have no doubt that it will be entertaining.

  37. BigDummyKenny said

    @ RDD – I see you are as popular as ever on that other website. You’ve made 4 or 5 comments there the last couple days! I thought you stopped commenting there?

    Kenny and his sycophants still believe the best way to get a stream of comments is to post a few negative comments using the RDD, BBG or Adman names.

    Funny isn’t it?

    (Insert Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho here)

    • … and what’s even more funny is to see that a loser still reads our site and doles out ‘thumbs down’ ratings, while gritting his teeth. Yeah, that’ll surely show us! Don’t you think that’s kinda childish, especially for someone that proclaims never to come over here, or read this site.

      Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho – indeed.

    • 4-5 comments? Damn, what’s giving it away????

    • Robert said

      You are a retard Daffy. If its “that loser” who is clicking all the thumbs down icons then it surly must be you who is doing the opposite but you fucking know damn well that nobody can vote more than once. Don’t you get the message what readers think about this waste of time piece of shit blog ? Imbecile.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ Robert – Yes, you can vote more than once.

    • Robert said

      Will you please share your secret with the readers because I certainly cant vote more than once.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ Robert – It has to do with the time between visits and browser cache. Maybe you can’t because of the browser setting on the phone you’re using?

    • Rondo said

      Testing… testing… 1…2…3…

      @BDK, If it was possible to vote multiple times then the thumbs up / down count would have been in the thousands by now !

    • Rondo said

      Yep, still blocked.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ Ron – Your opinion on the matter doesn’t change the reality.

  38. Daywalker said

    I think you’ll find more than 50% of the posters over there are Kenny.

  39. Daywalker said

    So Kenny is in town. I’ve been doing the rounds… not seen him yet.

    He better keep moving.

    • I doubt it – the old BangkokBuddy decoy.

      Almost guarantees you that he’s not really in town. He’s done that same thing before.

    • CSUN Academic Calender

      May 27, Friday – Last day of 2010-2011 academic year


      Fat boy still has a little work to finish yet.

    • Rondo said

      Wrong BBG. He’s already in town.

    • Writing up grossly incorrect information about Internet data plans for smartphones doesn’t qualify as “being in town”. Surprised no one has corrected him on any of that yet.

      790 baht for “unlimited” GPRS / EDGE data only, via the the slowest, most unreliable data provider? What an idiot.

      I’m paying 599 for my unlimited iPhone data plan through TRUE, and getting real 3G service while in Bangkok, Hua Hin, Pattaya and Phuket – and decent EDGE speeds everywhere else. TRUE even gave me the opportunity to combine my iPhone and iPad under one data plan (extra iPad SIM for 100 baht, no extra cost).

      Good thing there’s no audience over there – so, not like he’s misleading too many others.

  40. Happy Hunting! Or should I say let the pussy hunt begin.

  41. Prufrock said

    daffy duck . . . . everyone’s X-box hero.
    daffy’s self-hyped, self-touted ”consulting skills” amount to two or three 10 month gigs designing craft-skins for space ships (oops sorry, sorry the *battle* ships) we saw for three minutes in a barely-remembered, thinly re-called, politically troped sci-fi series.
    He also pesters people on Bangkok forums.

    Funny that years later, this “skill” (3rd rate cut and paste collage art at best) would once again “emerge” in daffy’s “designing” of that now famous airplane wing whopper artifact.

    Like all of the figments of daffy’s imagination, while its existence was fantasy only, this must have been a truly amazing aircraft. Complete with double sliding glass patio doors so we can photograph (in focus) the registration numbers while at the same time determine the shadow lengths and thereby the time of day , and get the portrait shot of daffy’s the sleuth’squarry Keith Summers. . . . . and all in focus. The keith-shot / the airplane window (in this case, a double-wide pair of sliding glass patio doors and that tell-tail wing. Yep, ad to this a couple of tippity- taps to world-wide meteorological sites, a couple of clickety-clicks to “Thai flight paths” DOT COM or some shit like that and a couple of more ploppity-plops of steaming bullshit and super sleuth daphne had cracked that keith summers case. Bwwaaaaahahahahahaha. Un-flipping believable.

    D’ya um, think Mr. Make believe was trying to impress me. 😉 . . . . . to scare me 🙂 the way he had impressed and scared (for under three minutes) a generation of trekkies ?? With a space-ship kin strop that had already been satirized and had already been ridiculed in the epic “Spaceballs” starring Canadian cinematic icon and media mogul John Candy.

    daffy, the work (albeit “appropriated” and, well, slightly derivative was quite good. But wasn’t that all about twenty years ago ?? In the early nineties?
    New job opportunities await.
    Hey everybody, if you wanna meet the biggest arsehole BULLSHITTER wanker that ever trolled a Bangkok blog just look for this waste of space dork in the fun-spots of Pratunam.
    Or trolling all the Thai dating blogs as a world class liar well, some gamer-tech he was famous for appropriating twenty years ago.
    No copy-cat law-suits, or threats of law suits were there ;- ?
    No. All your work is original.

    (sigh) mountbank, liar, fantasist, internet pest, bullshit artistes . . . . . daphne
    the daffy duck brand (“appropriated” as well but since the logo is past its due date
    he’ll win that one
    Let’s have your explanation of that steaming wing-whopper daphne

    The world awaits.
    post it 🙂 . . . . if you actually have it I’ll barfine your dreamgirl out of Temptations . . . fuck man, I’ll even pay for the room.

    Post it.
    Hey, you blabby ol’ gasifier, It’s like the 100,000 THB 9/11 bet . . and the debate on facts . . . YOU WILL NEVER SHOW UP because, as in most everything except the rudiments of X-box tech, nd iPad gossip, you are on the wrong side of the truth. 🙂

    • Wow, he sure is just a *tad* obsessed, isn’t he?

      What is he blabbering on about a pic that Summers sent me? I have made very clear to Zero-Proof that the image in question was posted by Keith Summers to his own original blog as part of a post called “Going Home”. It’s kind of amazing to see, in live demonstration, how the guy’s memory is like a storytelling machine. Scary, only when you think about the other stuff he talks about as facts.

      Almost makes me want to dig up the picture – but of course Prufie would never honor his claim of paying a barfine.

    • Also, kinda fascinating where he gets the whole “spaceship designer” crap from – really an active imagination (or terribly failing memory). Actually, it’s more like his “sources” are quite amusing. Shouldn’t trust pissed off Venezuelan “entrepreneurs” (you know, Raul)


      Proofie has got to be the loneliest SOB on the planet and he owes Daffy a barfine.

      Prufrock, a thousand of your potential grandchildren died on your daughters forehead last night.

      And ps……fuck that old man!


    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ Big Black Gulliver – Are you still commenting on BBK? If not, someone’s making sure you’re not forgotten there. 😉

    • Again? I think its obvious that Kenny and John are the only contributors there.

      What ever happened to ronru?

    • What do you mean – you’ve seen “Robert’s” posting here, and his incessant pushing of the “thumbs down” button at every computer in that internet café… 😉

  42. adman said

    BigDummyKenny, Robert is full of it and I’m calling Bullshit on his comment that BBK does not censor comments.

    I’ve seen countless comments censored which he claimed was personal information and it was not. BBK selectively censors personal information about some people but not others.

  43. I keep forgetting to mention the NEW BIGBABYKENNY.COM – it’s a hoot, indeed!

  44. I’m gonna drop this one right in the middle of the Duck Pond.
    There are some dickheads that want my name and picture. Tell ya what pussies I will be at the Z-Bar on Saturday on Soi 6 in Patts. Around 2 pm or so. Tell the cashier you want to talk with Doane Boy! Bring your camera…..I’ll be in the St Louis Cardinals Cap.
    Lets Talk!

    Show up, bring your camera and tell me your a Big Baby Kenny Contributor……..I’ll buy you a drink.

    Kenny, your welcome to a sit down also. If you have the balls to show I’ll buy you whatever you want for the entire day!

    This Saturday, Z-Bar ask for me……don’t hang out across the Soi at Sexy in the City and take my picture. Come talk with me!


    • I’ll bet you a 1000 Baht that the one who wants our pictures is too much of a coward to actually come and meet you – won’t even try to catch you clandestinely, but instead will just not show up. You know, cowards, and all that…

    • And all that………as Graham likes to say “keyboard warriors”. Either way I’ll be there Saturday. If you want my picture show up, introduce yourself and you can have it.

      No need for the spy novel shit!

  45. slam dunk said

    You guys really did a job on the BBK website. There is nothing going on there. Unless you count Kenny’s comments about the Mango under a collection of different names.

    Speaking of the Mango, I’ll be in Bangkok next week and plan on making the detour waaaaayyyyyyy down Soi 4. I hear that a few more bars have opened up that way.

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