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BBK REPRINT: The Dummies Guide to Negotiating Price with TG Working Girls by BigBabyKenny

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on June 26, 2012

Today, we have a real gem on tap for our readers – another oldie from Kenny’s original contributions to TFS2M, back when he thought the world of the Big Mango Bar and the guys running it, and made no secret of it… This is the original “The Dummies Guide to Negotiating Price with TG Working Girls” with Kenny providing his version of guidance on how best to negotiate prices with hooker – clearly something a Disgraced CSUN Economics Professor should know about.  It’s long, so it’s broken up into 4 pages – so, without further ado…

The Dummies Guide to Negotiating Price with TG Working Girls by BigBabyKenny

(courtesy of the BigBabyKenny Historical Archive)

This essay probably shouldn’t be written. (1)

If The Big Mango Blog becomes popular enough and read widely enough, working TG’s will lose billions of Baht each year.

The economic ripple effects as nail shops, hair salons, body lotion factories, Plexiglas high heel shoe manufacturers, micro mini skirt designers, trashy lingerie purveyors, and tattoo parlors experience decreased demand, lay off workers, and go bankrupt will make the economic carnage inflicted on the Thai people when a group of generals with a 7th grade education choose economic advisors with a 10th grade education to set economic and immigration policy and the same generals place a geriatric dufus who doesn’t know how to check his email in command of the internet pale in comparison.

If the Big Mango Blog becomes popular enough, and this essay read widely enough, countless babies fathered by scofflaw Thai jerkoffs, born out of wedlock to exotic dark skinned teenaged Issan super hotties will go hungry, numerous couch potato Thai parents forced to actually work for a living rather than pimping their daughters for noodle money will stroke out, and a plethora of good hearted hard working hard bodied exquisitely breasted and nippled TG’s will end up black eyed, bruised up, and beaten when they come home to their alcoholic, abusive, barely literate, unemployed Thai mini BF’s with short money night after night.

Maybe some things are better kept secret.

OK. Just kidding. This essay is about salesmanship so I thought I would inject a little salesmanship of my own before starting. ☺

When a farang first arrives in Thailand, the critical tool missing from the toolbox is the ability to negotiate price with working TG’s.

This is understandable. Where else except Thailand are you forced everyday to argue price with a half or sometimes fully naked teenage girl who in exchange for $3 has just spent 45 minutes expertly gyrating her flawless, marble smooth, delectably squishy g-stringed ass on your defenseless half and then fully inflated package—-a TG who negotiates price day after day after day and where negotiating well feeds not only herself but her baby and her extended family.

There just isn’t much opportunity to practice and hone this critical skill back in The World and when you are forced to go up against an expert the financial consequences can be devastating (OK. it’s not that bad just injecting a little more salesmanship here). ☺

Let’s start out with a little abstract theory before getting into the nuts and bolts of actually negotiating competently.

What exactly are you trying to achieve when negotiating price with a TG?

A useful way of thinking about the situation is to think of the negotiation as a game.

Inside her head the TG has a number called the Minimum Willingness Accept (MWA) and the game is to figure out what this number is despite the TG’s best efforts to disguise, beguile, and obfuscate.

The MWA is the amount of baht where if she had no alternative she would walk away from you and say I’d rather go home alone, go back to the chrome pole, go back to eating noodles at the bar, or go back to just waiting for another customer rather than banging you for that amount of money. Unless you use coercion, e.g. put a gun to girls head or drug her, the MWA is the lowest price the TG will voluntarily agree to no matter how brilliantly you negotiate.

The MWA is a dynamic number constantly changing as external forces impinge. 30 minutes to closing or the end of the month and rent is due the TG’s MWA will drop. 8PM and the GoGo is packed or the girl has already ST’ed 5 times tonight the TG’s MWA will bump up. If running around naked in a room filled with horny drunk men grabbing her ass, rubbing her breasts and manipulating her nipples interspersed with undulating like a snake with her private parts pressed against a cool shiny smooth metal pole for 6 straight hours has made her really really really horny the TG’s MWA might drop to zero.

When the MWA goes negative, this means the TG would pay you to bang her. This is like the legendary Unicorn—often talked and written about but never seen in real life. (3)

You can only guess what a particular girl’s MWA is at any given point in time. In the game you are playing a TG’s MWA is her most closely guarded secret and, of course, she won’t voluntarily reveal her MWA. If she does you can be sure she is lying because the TG’s has a financial incentive to lie about her MWA—pretending it is higher than it actually is.

Some farangs are under the impression that their behavior, appearance, and demeanor can cause the TG’s MWA to fall (2). We’ve all been forced to endure a Know It All Cheap Charlie Expat or wannabe Lotahrio pontificate about how they are such smooth talkers and so good looking, etc. etc. etc. that they caused a GoGo girl to go temporarily insane and agree to bang for half her normal fee. Personally, I do not hold my skills in such high esteem. Although I have met some pretty smooth operators in Thailand, IMHO, a TG’s MWA is overwhelmingly determined by external factors beyond your control e.g. how good looking the girl is, how pleasing her personality is, how she carries and presents herself as a woman, what price she is getting day after day, etc.

You can usually make an educated guess about a TG’s MWA. The 12th best looking girl in a GoGo with 25 girls, will have a low MWA. A TG sitting in a group of 5 Gulliver’s TG FL’s among whom she is the 4th best looking—same principle. A TG sitting in the Biergarten for 3 hours and who hasn’t been approached by one farang has a MWA at the bottom end of the Biergarten range, i.e. about 1000 THB.

The game you are playing with the TG is to negotiate in such a way, that first a deal is struck and second that the negotiated price is very close to the TG’s MWA. The closer the negotiated price is to the MWA the higher your score in the game and the more money you win.

There are many ways to negotiate well and no best negotiating style. Negotiating styles are as varied as people’s personality and what works for one person may not work for another. We all know a superbabe back in The World who gets everything she wants from guys by dressing provocatively and just smiling. If we tried the same strategy we, of course, would get squat.

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27 Responses to “BBK REPRINT: The Dummies Guide to Negotiating Price with TG Working Girls by BigBabyKenny”

  1. Graham said

    Epic!!!! 😆

  2. SBDOTKU said

    Hey, unless you have a trust fund, I get the general idea of not overpaying. My thing is, if I give the girl 2000 baht or 3000 baht, the extra 1000 really doesn’t affect me that much but usually causes her to be very happy to see me in the future and prefer me to other guys who want her favors. Do I always “overpay”? No, of course not. A bad experience earns the bare minimum. But I never cheat them.

    This policy has led to me having almost uniformly great experiences and some longer friendships with some of my new met friends.

    At the end of the day, I just can’t get too worked up over $20 or so bucks which I would pay for 1 1/2 drinks in a bar in the U.S. for some OK looking girl with no guarantee vs. some gorgeous, tight-bodied, young Thai cutie that is guaranteeing to put out.

    You can argue different and I won’t fault you, I’m just saying what has worked for me and what my feeling is on the whole “negotiation.” In actuality I have never pre-negotiated a price, I just pay them what I want to pay them in the morning and none have been unhappy or refused my advances at a later time. If the girl dives right into price negotiation it is actually a huge red flag for me and I release her back into the pool.

    Anyway there’s my song satang, your experience guaranteed to differ somehow.

    But just think about how GREAT it is we can even have this conversation.

    • Indeed, and you just nailed the major difference between Kenny’s blog and here – conversation. Actual conversation!

      Ditto in agreement with you – I don’t bother negotiating, just pay the known rate at the end of the night, and have never gone wrong, and have always had happy repeats. General rate of 2000฿ for 24 hours/overnight – albeit I have been known to throw in an extra 1000฿ for spectacular performance (like my favorite PSE, ChaseSomeButt).

      As you observed, at the end of the night, it provides for a much better experience to me, when the girl is comfortable and satisfied. Good times!

  3. Graham said

    You guys just don’t appreciate what the good Professor is teaching you god damn it!! It is an essay after all.

    NEGOTIATE!!! A better price. After all, we wouldn’t want the girls earning too much money, thus not having to sell their bodies as much.

    Thanks for the tip ‘Professor’ cheap bastard.

  4. Visa Runs said

    I don’t know if I should think that Kenny’s claims that his blog wasn’t about sex tourism is funny or pathetic. Nearly all his content was about picking up women in Thailand, or as Mr. Kenny Ng said, “Here we try to blow away the smokescreens other sites are blowing to obfuscate the truth. All to serve the higher purpose of getting laid better, cheaper, and more efficiently.”

    Who did he think he was fooling? I can understand him wanting to protect his job, but the people at CSUN aren’t stupid.

    • Good thing that IT’S ALL UP THERE!!!!!

    • Lemon Twist said

      I just checked your “IT’S ALL UP THERE!!!!!” link. All I can say is: WOW!

      It looks like a “BEST OF” compilation for the old BigBabyKenny website. Ya got some of Professor Ng’s classics, including a few that I’d forgotten about (like Under-Aged Sex in Thailand by Ronru). Including all the information on where to find and “How To” advice on negotiating with hookers and regular girls looking to make a quick baht. I just don’t see how anyone could label his blog as dedicated to sex tourism.

      Doesn’t dedicated mean 100% and he did have a few restaurant and movie reviews in there.

  5. smelly farang said

    Its about time someone did the research to find and bring back all the old BBK.COM sex posts. Doesn’t matter one way or another if Professor Big Baby Kenny is or isnt a sex tourist. Whether you love him or hate him, whether you think his stories are bullshit or they aren’t bullshit, its hard to deny they werent entertaining.

    Its too bad that CSUN put the pressure on him to take it down from his website. Maybe once Kenny retires from teaching hell decide to put all the old posts back online.

    • Oh, I’m looking to compile them and release them as a book.

    • That is an excellent idea. Since BBK has decided to disavow all of his earlier writings, then odds are he doesn’t consider them copyright protected by him, meaning they are now in the public domain as orphaned works. You could conceivably put them into an ebook, publish it, and earn a revenue based on your now de facto copyright. It would essentially force his hand, and he would likely have his dime-store lawyer (if there is one) argue that the writings do in fact belong to Big Fat Baby Kenny Ng. Even if you made a dollar for every copy of the ebook, a seething Big Baby would have to weigh the costs and benefits of claiming ownership of the orphaned works. If he did so, then CSUN would be in a far stronger position with regard to BBK’s claims that his site was “never about prostitution”, or whatever ridiculous lies he has told them.

    • Yes, quite the conundrum for Kenny, now wouldn’t it be?

      I will *gladly* allow him to claim full ownership of the materials, and I’m sure not only CSUN, but every publication that every reported on him would love to read the outcome of any such communications.

      Oh, and finally, there’s always the “The Oatmeal” gambit, to keep things interesting. 🙂

  6. Hmmm….?

    BBK Partners?

  7. CSUN Associate Professor Kenneth Ng was/is a sex tourist and this is one of several articles which rebuts and argument he has to the contrary. After all, his site’s tagline was “All to serve the higher purpose of getting laid better, cheaper, and more efficiently.”

    The only question I have is how many Thai hookers he took back to his room in the name of “research”? (wink-wink)

    Now he travels Thailand and publishes sanitized content that he knows won’t get him in trouble. No doubt he has another digital folder of his sexual encounters during these trips that will be published in the future once he is not concerned about the response from Cal. State Northridge administration.

    Nice research project you have going Big Baby Kenny

  8. Censored Comment said

    How much research did the owner of the BBK blog conduct in order to give readers all the ins and outs about paying for sex with street walkers and gogo whores in Thailand?

    How much of a total professional failure is the owner of the BBK blog, to the extent that he was caught stealing content from colleagues and claiming it to be his own.

    How badly did the owner of the BBK blog want to come across as the expert on picking up girls in Thailand in places such as university campuses, coffee shops and shrines (although he couldn’t discern Buddhist from Hindu) but never once picked up a girl from any of the places he wrote about.

    The word is the owner of the BBK blog hasn’t had a steady girlfriend for over 15 years and the only way he can get sex is if he pays for it. This is a classic example of a miserable failure in life.

    Yes, that’s Professor Kenny Ng of CSUN, the owner of the BigBabyKenny (Ng) blog.

  9. RGAL said

    Just to make it clear that I no longer comment on the BigBabyKenny blog and haven’t commented on his site for months since he deleted and censored my comments.

    The comment made today was probably by Kenny himself to give the appearance that his blog is active

    • This is all too common – I know for a fact that I haven’t commented on Kenny’s site for ages (going on well over a year) yet comments in my name, and the name of other contributors on here (and other blogs) keep appearing over there.

      Most recently someone over there seems to live an elaborate delusion that I am BigBlackGulliver & SaphanLoy, and several other people. Must be some interesting stuff they are smoking over there.

    • Graham said


      If Kenny is using your name, then he is obviously reading this!!! He is a fucking loser. I can only assume the jealousy of not fitting in anywhere or having any friends is eating away at him.

      He keeps saying I am a sex trafficker? Really? Kenny, the Mango bar is a bar. Yes, there are girls in there. There are no quotas, and as you know too full well, if a girl doesn’t want to ditch her shift and spend time with you, she doesn’t have to. I am sorry your pride was hurt when one of the Mango girls rejected your offer of money to go with her. It happens. I am sure its happened to you many times.

      Also note that The Big Mango operates in a similar fashion to most of the bars in the Nana area. So are you accusing ALL THE BAR OWNERS in Nana ‘sex traffickers’ and saying they are forcing girls into going with customers? Or are you saying that the Mango is a unique bar? Be careful how you answer that one Kenny.

      I have answered any questions you have. You constantly avoid my as you know I want to punch your face in. – and before you start e-mailing me telling me that’s a felony (again) – lets be clear… it only said I ‘want’ to, I also ‘want’ to marry Britney Spears. 😉

      Answer me this Kenny… what is a SINGLE, OVERWEIGHT, 50+, TOURIST who visits the sex capital of the world, who created a website to tell people how to negotiate cheap sex with prostitutes and published gps coordinates on where to find underage girls – doing in Thailand?

      Tell us Kenny.

    • Oh my, there’s one comment that’s certainly worth cross-posting to his site 😉

      Kenny will continue to hide behind plausible deniability, claiming he is not posting any comments on his site, and he is not responsible for any comments posted. Actually, under SB1411 in California, he is, and so is his ISP.

      In the meantime, Prufrock continues posting away Kenny’s libel under various IDs.

      Of course, in the meantime all that’s left to him are the hinterlands of Thailand, as he can’t show his face in cowboy or anywhere on Nana, lest he risk someone collecting those 20,000 baht.

      Make sure more flyers are put up. It just takes Kenny’s picture, and the words “20,000 baht” in Thai. Maybe put a couple up at his apartment?

    • RGAL – Kenny sure is using your alias to post up a storm of libelous comments about Graham and the Mango. You have a recourse regarding this kind of impersonation. Let me know if you are interested in pursuing it.

    • Graham said

      The more Kenny ‘shouts and stamps his feet’ over there… the more he is just letting us know he is crying like a little bitch!!

      I can picture him crying into his bowl candy bars in the morning… thinking about how his world turned to shit and how we are all laughing at him!

      All he can do is ‘throw some rocks’.. but no one is reading his shit! hahahaha

      RGAL? Reality, Grahams Always Laughing.

      I’ll be there soon Kenny.. be sure to stay the fuck away from anywhere I will be. We don’t want you shitting your pants and have to call the cops to protect you again because you spot me in the same room!!

  10. Daywalker, are you telling us the Lil Kenny sent you an email stating that beating the shit out of him is a felony? Really? That is some really pussy shit fer shure!

    Big Baby indeed!

  11. “I can only assume the jealousy of not fitting in anywhere or having any friends is eating away at him”

    1 friend……I guess so!

  12. adman said

    I caught a glimpse of someone who closely resembled Kenny on Monday at Terminal 21.

    I’ll be making the rounds with a co-worker this weekend.

    Camera will be loaded and ready for a quick photo op.

  13. BigBlackGulliver said

    Every comment just proves how Kenny still feels he is on the losing end of the situation.

    The lies, the backtracking, deleting his content and being outed as a sex tourist.

    I can only imagine the look on his fat face with that stupid grin as he was sitting in the Dean’s office that day.

    Still hurts huh Ken?


  14. Proof Positive said

    Sounds like a post on how to be a sex tourist to me!

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