No Something. No Another Thing. No Something Else. Speaks No More – 4/23/2010 [02:00am]

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 24, 2010

The blog is gone. Kenny turned off his website last night and deleted everything—the ultimate form of censorship, and Kenny’s ‘statement’ regarding his closure is the ultimate form of Bullshit. (I’m sure BigDummy will be having a field day with the red bullshit marker on it).

I recall no so long ago, Kenny having predicted : “You are not going too far out on a limb to predict the Big Mango Bar will close soon too.” – yet, here we are, Big Mango (and Duke), and their blog are thriving, and BigBabyKenny is gone.

One might argue that one of the sad things is that all the people who took their time, creativity, and made the effort to write for the blog have lost their work—vaporized because Kenny decided to go off on a jihad, and ultimately forced to close up shop. For the people who only recently contributed the closure would seem particularly unfair.

I’m sure the sockpuppets can find a new home — no one here will miss them. I’msure BKKSpy / iDuck can find a Starbucks on Melrose to hang out and drown his sorrows, ronru can go back to trolling the suburbs of Melbourne for internet cafés, and Cal, Tez, and NZ-boy can slither back to BTF, lick their wounds, and consider their failures.

I wonder what Kenny’s next venture will be? Teaching English in Thailand? There’s always that sure-fire venture of running a rakeback room in a rented house in Thailand. Best of luck, Prof. Ng!


21 Responses to “ Speaks No More – 4/23/2010 [02:00am]”

  1. Daywalker said

    I feel a drinking session coming on…. anyone?

    • I’m buying? You’re buying?

      Seriously, I feel like buying a ticket to BKK right now and heading out for the weekend (a project I’m working on over the weekend doesn’t allow that, but heck, let’s shoot for next weekend.)

  2. robert said

    OK, is this another one of his April Fools jokes?

    I know it’s not April Fools Day but it didn’t stop him last thime either.

    • Well, he is making a lame attempt at relevance by activating the site again, and posting his shutdown statement, essentially soliciting sympathetic comments from sock puppets.

      The things he does for his ego…

  3. BigDummyKenny said

    @ RealDaffyDuck – Nice going Daffy. 😦

    Now who am I going to parody with his site shutdown?


  4. SBDOTKU said

    Ok. The funniest part is the parody site has outlasted it’s source material. A bit like Jon Stewart being more popular than the evening news…oh wait, it is. 😉

  5. Werewolf said

    Once he started, and refused to stop, attacking the Big Mango and its owners, this was never gonna have a pretty ending.

    This was fairly predictable.

    So, BDK, the question looms large… what are you going to do with THIS site now? Is the raison d’etre gone, or do you feel that you have a reason to morph the site into something else? I mean, it’s already gone well down the path of becoming a site with content independent of anyway.

    IF you decide to shut down, at least you’ve got a really juicy closing statement to use for your parody.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ Werewolf – I’m not sure at this point. To me it doesn’t make sense to continue a site called if the original parody source is gone and we start to parody other websites content 😉

      Certainly PurpleSpy has developed a following and people enjoy his posts. Maybe a rebranding of sorts is the way to go. I was already contemplating a site redesign, so I’ll give it some thought and get some feedback from the contributors before we decide what direction to take it.


    • “… To me it doesn’t make sense to continue a site called if the original parody source is gone and we start to parody other websites content …”
      Oh, it seems to me that the required fodder will continue to be around:

      It’s his response to the statement from the CSUN Asian American and Women’s Studies about

      Might as well have entitled it : “You’re wrong, so STFU, bitches, I’m invulnerable”

      No shortage of material to parody — well, at least for probably another week or two.

  6. tweedle said

    Only thing I liked about this site was daPurplespy. His lifestyle: gambling, whoring and baby fathering was interesting. If this site does go down I hope he continues.

    Although we haven’t heard from him in a while – I guess he’s sweating bucket on the UK elections.

  7. Big Black Gulliver said

    Classic Kenny Ng, an asshole to the end…..maybe! I’ve told many he will rise again. Not with his own named blog but as some new moniker blasting sites about Thailand.

    What CSUN should look at is the amount of material this guy created on his blog in the timeframe he had and the ratings/comments he gets from students. There is a direct effect here.

    CSUN will put him on an HR path that he will not enjoy believe me! There is nothing bureaucrats hate more than being put out in the sunshine like he has done to them.
    He is not dedicated to his profession and has rarely published anything other than how to negotiate prices with Thai Hookers and some really stupid restaurant reviews. He even did that badly!

    I read most of his postings…finished reading the Khon Kaen series of three just last night! Read Kenny’s version vs. the Stickman version, you’ll see the difference immediately. Stickman gives you more information in one posting than Kenny did with three plus look at the pictures inside the club. Stick shoots the shot cool as a cucumber while Kenny’s hands are shaking with his nervous excitement.

    The demise of BigBabyKenny was due to:

    1. He attacked legitimate business owners in Thailand threatening their livelihood. AKA he started the outing and “fucked with another man’s rice bowl”

    2. He never corrected or changed his posts when everyone knew he screwed up. The moving to Issan stuff really hurt his credibility

    3. He talked down to his audience as if they were his students. They give the same feedback BTW

    4. You can’t claim to be an expert on Thailand when you’re never here! Sorry, laying down your money and buying a motorbike is not being an expat! I don’t read the Werewolf Blog much but this would be an example of an expat blog….the little things that occur in Bangkok over a period of time, not cramming material in during your 3 weeks per year in country

    5. The sock puppets – they still continue on (see Dr. Love still being posted) stupid and unnecessary

    6. Kenny never taught us anything! He never showed results! I never learned from him to bang better, more efficiently or whatever his stupid tagline was! If anything he seemed to spend way too much money for girls that didn’t look that great

    7. Kenny has one of those personalities that people just don’t like. People are intrigued by him at first, the weird clothes, the camera and the authority on everything language. He mistakes this for being like-able and interesting. Maybe his greatest flaw!

    Kenny’s goal was to hurt The Big Mango Bar, it never really happened! He failed again! I’m the perfect example….never heard of the bar if it weren’t for Kenny’s site and now I eat there for lunch a couple of times per week and do work for the company “offsite” There are others who discovered the bar via BigBabyKenny I’m sure!

    In the end Professor Kenny Ng is a character that is to be pitied, 50 years old, never married, no children living in a small condo in SoCal. He is disliked by his co-workers, his students, but lives in his own little world and doesn’t realize it!

    His great escape like many was Thailand where his dollars could buy him sex, attention and make him feel important by having the girls ask him for money! But like many, Thailand and Bangkok in particular led to his demise!


    Fuck it, I need a Jalapeño Burger with grilled onions that cost me an extra 10 Baht!

    Take care everyone and good luck with the blog I hope someone remains dedicated to it with a dedicated “ronru” section of course!

    • Yeah, ronru… Whatever happened to that little cherub?

      Does this mean we won’t be seeing him around these parts anymore? Awwwww!

    • mongersea said


      1. He attacked legitimate-seeming business owners. You don’t know whether or not a thorough examination of their business practices would exposed any illegality, like nominee shareholders or under-reporting on taxes.

      The “rice bowl” bit is ridiculous as only Westerners were involved here. If you want to adopt the full-contact Thai rules, you’d have to conclude Kenny went easy on them. If a Thai wanted BMB gone, it would be gone.

  8. Wentworth said

    Right on Big Black G.
    After I read your post I looked at my twitter stream and saw this;
    “Long-term study of borderline personality disorder shows importance of measuring real-world outcomes”

    ARLINGTON, Va. – A long-term follow-up study of 290 hospitalised patients with borderline personality disorder characterised by unstable interpersonal relationships, chronic unhappiness, frequent changes in mood, cognitive distortions, and marked impulsivity revealed that 10 years after hospitalisation, 86 percent of the patients had sustained symptom remissions.

    Sounds like Ng to me.
    The Asian American Studies Departmentand the Gender and Women’s Studies Department at CSUN will make his life unbearable now I suspect. My question to you Kenny is was it worth it? All because someone called you creepy.

    If only you’d listened to that other Kenny
    “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em
    Know when to walk away and know when to run
    You never count your money, when you’re sittin’ at the table
    There’ll be time enough for countin’, when the dealin’s done
    Every gambler knows that the secret to survive is
    Knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep
    ‘Cos every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser
    And the best that you can hope for is dyin’ in your sleep”

    • “My question to you Kenny is was it worth it? All because someone called you creepy”
      All because of 10 small words … It seems these Keith Summers types are all the same. Constantly looking for external conflict to define themselves, but all they end up doing is destroy themselves, all on their own.

      Indeed, was it worth it, Kenny? Not just the personal and professional shame and humiliation, but the entire raison d’être of your whole campaign has failed as well – the Big Mango is doing well, and better than ever, and it’s patrons are laughing at you (except Twoser, maybe). At this rate, you’re lucky if you’re not already on a US and a Thai watch list.

      Indeed, was it worth it?

  9. Big Black Gulliver said

    And then there will always be the liberal white American girl responses to this horrible situation……

    She got propositioned three times in six months? Can you say fat white and ugly. Now I remember why I work in Asia!

    I just got done teaching for six months in Thailand, and I feel emotionally damaged from seeing this shit. I was in a city with no tourist appeal whatsoever. Every white person I saw was some 60 year old teaching there with a young Thai girl on his arm. My coworkers (all male) spent office time deriding their Thai wives for their stupidity. The Thai girls I hung out with turned out to be prostitutes on the side. I myself, who am obviously not Thai, was propositioned three times, once by a Thai man, twice by white guys.

    If I ever meet a guy who’s spent a lot of time in Thailand and loved it, I will judge him SO HARD.

  10. Big Black Gulliver said


    “He attacked legitimate-seeming business owners”

    – Don’t care one way or another the beer is cold the rest is their issue not mine

    “The rice bowl bit is ridiculous as only Westerners were involved here”

    – I agree with you 100% and don’t think Asian’s should use any Western sayings from this point on

  11. dogofwar said

    One word about him that is mentioned over and over here by people that know him and the students writing reviews is the word: creepy.

    You know his students are writing accurate reviews when they mentioned him going on and on about poker.

  12. MongerSEA said

    I wasn’t asked by Kenny to post this as the “lost” BBK article…

  13. Action Joe said

    No more. Yuck yuck yuck

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