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Restaurant Review : Acapulco Mexican Restaurant

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 22, 2010

Acapulco Northridge


Our series of Thesis Quality Restaurant Reviews (TQRR’s) continues, with today’s visit to one of Bangkok’s most unique Mexican Restaurants – Acapulco’s, located in the Bangkok suburb of อุดร สัน, close to a local university, optical shop, massage shop, or something.

What a fun visit that was — I really feel like going back there, maybe even today, for lunch, since they had great food, good service, and they were located in a fun neighborhood, with plenty of uni students milling about.

Certainly a welcome location for aficionados of BBK’s unique style of pick-up.

Who’s game?

Dark clouds were milling over อุดร สัน, almost as if they were an omen of a bad fortune cookie future yet to come.

Beautiful signage, and palm trees out front, conveyed a fun atmosphere reminiscent of a Mexican Baja stand. Let's go in!

While the place looks empty in this picture, it was packed with a crowd of teachers and professors just earlier (they just cleared the table), and a gaggle of uni students was waiting to be seated next. It was really a lively and dynamic place.

What would Mexican food be without Chips and Salsa? The chips were crunchy, and the salsa was freshly made and tasty, with plenty of refills being brought by the attentive waiter (horchai, from Korat, I think).

The menu receives extra points for being in English throughout - without any embarrassing typos resulting in hilarity at the expense of the restaurant. Proper spelling is such an important facet of a business in the service industry, as the net GDP is inversely proportional to the gross literacy of the PR agency hired to produce literature. I can't think of a fitting poker analogy, though...

'Mexican' Caesar Salad, some fresh Tortilla Soup, and the Squid appetizer (what would a Thai restaurant be, without squid, eh? - I think the Thai word for it was 'Kalamary Damacy', and I am absolutely sure about the spelling!))

The Damage? A ridiculous 34 Baht! I left 35 Baht, for the extra tip, because the service was exceptional, attentive, and friendly. I will be sure to go back there, particularly during the week, when uni girls will undoubtedly be swarming the place. Now, if I could just find a nearby shrine....

This is a great place, and I’m serious, we should all meet up over there for lunch, and maybe have an impromptu ‘BBK Appreciation Party’, and share our joy with those present.

I think the place is somewhere around Soi Diphthong, right around from Thanon Ramaladingtong. I was thinking of swinging by for a late lunch, maybe sometime around 3:00pm or 3:30pm.

Who’s game?


25 Responses to “Restaurant Review : Acapulco Mexican Restaurant”

  1. Bored Silly said

    I’m waiting for the Monty Python guys to bust out and stop this for being so silly.

  2. trapshooter said

    u r fagit cuz evrybody now apaculoco iz ladyboy plaec so did u sux dix their?

  3. bigblackgulliver said

    Daffy you da man! I’m not sure what else to say!

  4. doctorbond said

    Fantastic – I love the way the Thais have elected to drive on the opposite side of the road – all for the sake of authenticity – marvellous

    • You are incorrect – this report is accurate and spot on. Obviously, you’re just another dedicated detractor and Mango investor, bitter over losing waaaaaaaaay too much money.


  5. Bruce said

    Monty Python? Never heard of ’em.

    Has anyone seen my friend Bruce?

  6. BangkokMilkshakes said

    you realise youre now stalking kenny…thats pretty pathetic

    • …only if I hadn’t actually been in that area already for other business. It was too good an opportunity to pass up as I was driving by.

      Now, if I camped out there during the week, then I’d be in trouble 🙂

    • Thai Pad said

      Being at the meeting place of the economics staff to observe the interaction makes DaffyDuck a stalker?

    • Hey, if I *were* there during that time, waiting for Kenny, and taking clandestine video of him, *maybe* the statement *might* fit — but I was there on a **SUNDAY**. Clue(y)!

  7. BangkokMilkshakes said

    ‘too good an opportunity to pass up’
    hmmm…yeah, if you seriously have nothing better to do than eat a meal, take pictures, and write a blog about a restaurant some sad sex tourist occasionally visits, just because its close to his place of work.

    youre not being paid to do this i imagine. whats your ultimate aim here? kenny makes a fool of himself perfectly well on his own. get a bit of perspective.

  8. BangkokMilkshakes said

    your one step away from ronru filming werewolf walking down soi cowboy. think about it

    • Damnit, you’re right – let me set up show there, in a hidey place, and secretly film Kenny.

      Dude, I think you’re obsessing a bit too much over this.

      “Next up – clandestine video of Kenny filmed in class.”

  9. Thai Pad said

    I thought the review was funny.

  10. BangkokMilkshakes said

    yeah it is funny. also obsessive and weird too. when you think about it. don’t really get the motivation – kenny is a pretty sad figure, not sure he deserves this amount of attention

    • Dude, fucking snap out of your self-righteous diatribe — I had some work I was doing in the area (Fry’s is one one freeway exit away, and a client of mine’s office was around the corner on Nordhoff – It was lunch time, and I got a funny post out of it.)

      Snap out of it, will ya!

  11. BangkokMilkshakes said

    why are you so obsessed though?

    • Maybe a misguided sense of justice?
      Maybe boredom?
      Maybe mischief?
      Maybe fun?

      I could similarly ask “Why are you posting on Kenny’s site? Why are you reading it?”

  12. BangkokMilkshakes said

    entertainment. youre a funny guy. other people on here are funny too. i understand the justice bit, but it aint your bar or business so i just wonder why you give so much of a shit you go the extra mile. i certainly couldnt be fucked… i know kenny started all this by being a tool, but seems a bit…daft. do you put this much effort into relationships with people you actually like?

  13. “but seems a bit…daft.”

    Think who you are talking to (points at avatar)

    ” do you put this much effort into relationships with people you actually like?”

    No, of course not — those are the people I take for granted (grin).

    Seriously, more so – Kenny’s not even at the level of a hobby — he’s a distraction and a convenient tool that allows me to get my chops in writing some funny (or, not so funny – you tell me) posts.

    He’s doing a well enough job self-destructing and making a total fool of himself – you are right on that, though I would disagree that he doesn’t need our help to do that. In fact, he craves the attention he thinks he is getting from any of us posting on his site.

    The Mango Boys understand that – which is why there is no mention of him over on their blog, and that is what drives Kenny over the edge.

    In fact, everything about Kenny is about externalization – in other words, he needs us acknowledging him, far more than we give a crap about him. It wouldn’t register as more than a blip on my radar if Kenny dropped off it; on the other hand, if all of us started ignoring him completely, he would go ballistic — in fact, the recent activity on his site is a good illustration of that.

    I’ve pretty much stayed away from it (except an occasional comment or two to Zero-Proof, and Zero-Prof), as have many others – subsequently, he and his muppets started a veritable firestorm of shit-posting over there, solely geared towards making some of us post back over there again – even to the point where Zero-Proof impersonated his own detractors to make it seem like there’s lively traffic. 90% of the ‘detractors’ all come from the same IP block. Makes you wonder, eh?

    Then, having failed to lure anyone back, he brings out the big guns (well, for him at least), Prufrock — who sadly achieved the opposite, as he mostly puts people to sleep, or drives them away.

    Which brings us to Prufrock — well, a short subject. Deeply, deeply troubled guy. Seriously in need of counseling – and as such, a perfect friend to Kenny.
    Back on topic — I have a bunch of extra stuff lined up in my DRAFTS queue that I am working through, none of which deals with Kenny — as I plan on not giving him any more attention in that regard (though there’ll be the occasional stab to poker references and bad economics theories).

  14. RealDaffyDuck said

    I’m really starting to like THE COLOR PURPLE. I nearly spit out several times reading his stuff – makes me forgive him for overwhelming the RSS feed. Too funny.

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