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A Stormy Tuesday Night – in Low-Res Pics

Posted by dapurplespy on January 27, 2010

Last night. Climax, Bangkok.

I was stoned out of my mind. And she was dancing lasciviously with me. Smelling lovely, and moving her shapely ass against my aroused, and Cialis-fueled gun. For a while, she was even running agile fingers against it, making it ticker. And ticker. And so damn ticker.

Then, she said: — I go toilet na ka?
Krap Krap.

30 minutes or so later — I wasn’t keeping watch of the time — she was still out-there, nowhere to be seen. Now, utterly bored to dance with her ugly friend, I walked suspiciously around the club. And I saw her. Deep kissing a fat farang sitting on a chair–their mouths glued together.

What?! I was ditched.

Pure anger possessed me. My lips tightened violently. My nose wrinkled hideously. My heart was beating as fast as a Savage’s drum in a full-moon party. Strident, thundering noises were reverberating into my ears, driving me wild and lusty.

My blood was running way too fast. And furiously. I was steaming — hands clenched into fists; jaw tightly shut; legs deeply rooted in the ground; eyes unable to stop starring at her lips locked with his.

Her ass was moving lustily with the rhythm. One shiny naked leg slowly waving against his tight.

Rape. Coming as fast as lightning, the thought of forcing my tongue into her vulnerable mouth crossed my mind. Yes! I’d wait for her — that treacherous Kissing Girl — to get away from the Fatso, and perform my diabolical deed in some shadows. Hehe. But anyhow, I found myself automatically on my way out, as if my fuming organism was now controlled by some remote device in my brain. Mmmm?

I hailed a taxi to Bossy…

Now let’s rewind a bit sooner into last night, so you guys can get how on earth I ended up ruthlessly shagging that busty gal for hours.

Around 20h00, I walked on Sukhumvit from the namesake MRT station to Gulliver’s (on Soi 5), where I was meeting a guy I kinda know.

One must be lucky now to find a good-looking, fun girl in Gulliver’s. But it’s a nice place to meet people and shoot some pool. I won about 7 games in a row, after which I was crushed out of boredom.

We had a cig and a Breezer from a 7/11 on Soi 11. And some charcoaled chicken on a stick.
When we entered Spice Club/Climax through the parking lot, as everybody does, we chatted with the band that will play later on, and ended up sharing a fat chicko somewhere I can’t disclose.

The green grass put me in a good yet dreamy, slow-motion kinda mood.

We then entered Climax. And I crossed paths with Kissing-Girl.

She’s very beautiful to my eyes. And really hot : fresh-skinned, perfectly slim, beautiful legs, and mysterious breasts I’d love to unveil. She and her friends were drinking whiskey; I had a beer, then some Coca-Cola and Soda. They offered me plenty of the liquor, but I declined.

The rest is *cough* history.

In Bossy, later on, I quickly found a 19 y/o little spinner, graced with an amazing pair of tits.

Really great breasts…. They made my night. They were well hidden under her clothes, in the club; I suspected them when she rubbed her body against mine, but I really realised I had found yet another jewel of God’s good work in my room.

Krap Krap! Tong thong!

What seduced me about that girl — and that alchemy turned my thundering anger into a happy lust — was the way her big eyes looked at me when we danced together. Locked into mines. We spinned together for hours. Not even one drink. I was feeling powerful and light as wind.

In the bed, she had a way of moaning that made me wild.
— I like. Your dick is good.
Cialis Excellencis, baby!
On the down side, I was sporting a condom, it was VERY hard for me to cum. After 3 hours, she was exhausted. To *finite*, as they say, I had to imagine her enter my room, unveil her breast, sit down on her knee, suck my cock silly with her lips and tongue, and make me cum on her tits.

Ouf! Okay. She felt asleep; and I took a quick shower.

We then slept side-by-side a little; after which I gave her a ride to MBK on my moped. And a well-deserved 1,500 baht.

She was jumping and giggling.

— You call me na?
Krap krap! Thong thong!

But I will dream about Kissing-Girl, no doubt.

On my way back to my room, I made a detour to the the Huay Kwang food market.

I bought freshly pressed 100% pure orange juice; and 30 baht worth of duck meat. Along with the mandatory fruits. And some grilled pork.


I then ate and blogged a little.

Now it’s time for a nap… I wanna feel good for the gym, and ready to perform other unforeseeable, amoral deeds tonite!


*** Also by Purple Spy : Photo-Diary of a Slut-Junkie ***


23 Responses to “A Stormy Tuesday Night – in Low-Res Pics”

  1. dapurplespy said

    I’m actually proud of one picture among those.

    Can anybody guess which one?

  2. doctorbond said

    You’re probably going with the hanging fowl shot? However, with a fine pair of nips on show – no contest

  3. Get rid of that Snap bullshit. I had pictures following my cursor around the screen and no matter where I clicked it still opened the picture.

  4. Baa loy yet mae said

    Warning Note from Da Purple’s Dummy Administrative Headquartahs : No vulgar language, ok Mistah? WTF?

    And yes folks, at BigDummy, we reserve ourselves the right to add some Editor’s *contents* to your comments.

    @Billy Bangkok
    I agree gives me the shits

  5. dapurplespy said

    Yes, Snap sucks.

    Especially when one surfs with a mobile…

    Get rid of it, BigDummy! Leo leo…

  6. LMW said

    I am extremely jealous of you purple. 😦

    I too shall be frolicking among the nubile waifs and strays of Climax and Bossy come March… but it’ll just be a holiday.

    Si I take it after hours is back up and running again?

  7. Purple Spy said

    It’s back up and running again indeed, LMW.

    Went to Spicy at 3h00 last night, and it sucked big time.
    Way too many sleeve-less big muscular Africans, uncool cheap-cologne- smelling Midlle-Eastern men, and awkward stinky pot-bellied mustachioed Indians for my taste.

    The place was packed with more men than girls; and the majority of the female were as ugly as your typical Tilac line-up. Maybe even worse.

    I went out half-disgusted 10 minutes after i went in — without bothering to order the *free* drink included in the TB 300 cover charge…

  8. SBDOTKU said

    Purple Perpetrator – You ROCK. Those are some great breasts. And at 19 I assume all natural? I only ask because they look PERFECT. And that is one of the things I LOVE about Thai women – those PERFECT F-ING BREASTS! It’s like they rub up under their little chins they are so gravity proof! Of course it may be that that is because all the Thai chicks I’ve slept with were under the age of 24 but I still think these things are in a more perfect orbit than Western girls.

    And yeah, you are OK with Bernanke. Now both Republican and Democratic leaders came out for him. He’s in, the rest of the them are just moaning to the cameras for good PR as they sell us out to the highest bidder… You’ve got me puzzling about what move you would make because Bernanke is reconfirmed. Interest rates would rise no matter who was in charge. Only mild slaps on the wrists for AIG and the Inv Banks no matter who was in charge. Glass/Spiegle act will not be reintroduced. The only limits to Inv Banks will be that they will have to have larger capital reserves to make the crazy bets they were making… In my head I can’t see how his re-appointment changes anything.

    But F all that, this is a blog about Thailand and Thai chicks and knockin’ boots until the break of dawn with hot Thai babes!

  9. SBDOTKU said


  10. dapurplespy said

    One more picture for you guys!

    And yes, they’re 100% natural.

    @tosh — I’m sorry about the quality of the light in this new pic, but such nible aesthetic consideration can be quite remote from one’s mind when a gal like that is sitting naked on your groin, and ready for a late-morning ramble! 😉

  11. dapurplespy said

    “You’ve got me puzzling about what move you would make because Bernanke is reconfirmed”

    I’ve bet on The bet was strictly on his being confirmed, on not. The odds dropped very quick when McCain did his stunt–he’s being challenged in a primary, so he needs to cultivate some populist fervor.

    • SBDOTKU said

      Ah ha! It was a straight-up bet. You pay your money and take your chances… got it. Well I’ll have to check that out, because the Dems are going to have troubles in this mid-term election guaranteed.

  12. 2 Cool 4 Words said

    Hey Purple Spy

    I seen the same thing and read on other blogs and bulletin boards others people see the same thing. ‘Cept in Pattaya replace the Africans with Russians. Seems to be a trend. With much of the West stuck with the crap from the financial screw up tourists from other parts are picking up the slack.

    As India becomes more modern and more wealth is generated you’ll probably continue to see more Indians in Thailand (not due to the draw of the girls or cheap food but because of the instinctive draw to the massive number of 7-11’s). 😉

    As for the Africans who knows where they’re getting their loot other than from oil and pirating ships off the northeast African coast.

    Oh yea, nice boobies there.

  13. BigDummyKenny said

    @ Doc Bond – It was most certainly a difficult decision.

    @ Billy Bangkok – It’s not bullshit. Bullshit is either the No Something or No Another Thing you see people post that gets the No Bullshit icon and red text.

    Was just watching a show on the Science Channel about super massive black holes. Reminded me of a girl I met at Climax for some reason.

  14. LMW said

    Good to hear after hours is back up. Wonder what the clamp down was about.

    I think Spicy will always have a special place in my heart. I usually end up having a chat with the large African/smelly Middle Eastern/potentially explosively violent looking Russian men. They usually wonder what I want from them… but it’s just fun to chat to random people.

    Has anybody noticed, this is from my last trip in October, lots of really fit Russian birds lining the side closest to the entrance at Spicy? Noticed that one Saturday night. Wondered if they were hookers or what.

    Anyway great work Purple. You are a hero, a role model and a scoundrel.

  15. Purple Sky said

    @ LMW

    A scoundrel, hey?

    Given that English is obviously not my native language, I had to google the word:

    Here’s what I found for *Soundrel*:

    — A villain; a rogue.
    — a worthless person
    — a wicked or evil person; someone who does evil deliberately
    — unwelcome person, persona non grata – a person who for some reason is not wanted or welcome
    — someone who is morally reprehensible;

    But by far my favorite definition is : Soundrel, –a person who deserves to be hanged


    Kapt Kun Kraaaap, LMW!

    P.S. Surely, LMW means “Let me Wank”, right?

    • SBDOTKU said

      Purple Penetrator,

      “Given that English is obviously not my native language, I had to google the word”

      Obviously? You had me fooled. I haven’t seen a slip that couldn’t be blamed on some 6th grade English teacher of a native speaker.

      Though I hesitate to put words in LMW’s mouth, here I think scoundrel is probably used as a synonym for incorrigible.

      incorrigible: free from moral restraint; uninhibited

      And definitely used as a compliment. 😀

    • Bear in mind – Han Solo was also called ‘scoundrel’.

      So, you’re in good company.

  16. SBDOTKU said

    Oh, and NICE new pic. Now THAT is cheesecake!

  17. Canadian Boy said

    I for one would like the nudity removed from this site.

    I think its about time blogs take responsibility.

    Eat my dick.

  18. Katechon / Purple Spy / DickStalker said

    “Eat my dick.”

    I might have, Big Boy, but those pustules kinda turns me off…

    I’m solly….

  19. Canadian Boy said

    Katechon, when your retracting it from your mouth make sure you glide your teeth along the surface of my pecker to scrape it clean.

    Now stop flirting with me.

  20. Canadian Daddy said

    Ok then, Cocky Boy. I’ll let you go for now.

    Have a short shag with one of the potato-shaped lasses with dry skin and shortish broken hairs that infest your country.

    Who’s your Daddy? Who’s your Daddy?


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